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December update (Finally have some time)

Been a month since I started my new job at SHI.   Been spending my time getting acclimated to my new position and have been learning a lot.  Been a bit strange going into an office and getting back into the … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Thursday

On the way to Physical Therapy for my back this morning, there was a full moon along with some hot air balloons against a pink sky. It was an awesome site to see and I wish I could have taken … Continue reading

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Richard Hatch on Survivor Season 41

Came across this You Tube video by Richard Hatch, the winner of Survivor Season 1. He has a really interesting perspective on Survivor and host Jeff Probst. I always liked Richard, and found his take very refreshing. As a non … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Xavier for winning Big Brother 23

What a great season of Big Brother. Really enjoyed watching this season and was glad to see Xavier be chosen as the winner. I want to also congratulate all other members of the cookout alliance (Derek F., Azah, Kyland, Hannah … Continue reading

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What would I do if I won Survivor

Survivor returns September 22nd for Season 41. As you know I have never missed an episode in all this time – 540 episodes. I will be back in front of my TV on September 22nd to go on another journey … Continue reading

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