A Beautiful Thursday

On the way to Physical Therapy for my back this morning, there was a full moon along with some hot air balloons against a pink sky. It was an awesome site to see and I wish I could have taken a picture. After my PT, since it was so nice out, I headed to Round Valley Reservoir for a nice walk (One of the perks when you are not working). I used my phone to take the following pictures.

Was another great episode of Survivor last night. Its a bit strange that 1 tribe has eliminated 4 of there 6 people, while another tribe has not even been to tribal council. Reminds me of when Stephenie LaGrossa from Survivor: Palau was actually the only person left on her tribe before the merge. Will be real interesting to see if this effects the game in the long run. Will the 6 members form such a tight bond that they stick together to the end, or will the 2 players left in their tribe no be free to play an individual game sooner, and thus be able to make more big moves.

After Survivor, I watched the returning CSI:Vegas. I remember when it premiered in 2000 (along with Survivor) and how they quickly became and still are 2 of my favorite shows of all time. I really like how they combined the returning Gil Grissom (William Peterson) nd Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), and Lehigh Graduate Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) with new characters. Now all they need is to bring back Nick Stokes (The great George Eads) and I will be a happy camper.

Going to see the new James Bond movie this evening and looking forward to seeing it as the reviews have been good (Not that that reviews really matter, unless a movie is universally panned) Will let you know my thoughts tomorrow. Always been a fan of the James Bond movies and am interested to see how they go forward with the departure of Danial Craig).

I am also really looking forward to the new Ghostbusters movie that comes out in a few weeks. Will try to catch that in the theater as well.

I usually don’t post or comment about politics, and want this blog to be mainly about things I hear, see, and enjoy doing outside of politics, but my daughter texted me a story about our local school board and how there are a group of parents that are looking to have several books banned from the High School library because they have LBGTQ themes.  I have never been to a Board of Education meeting but think I will attend the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 26th to observe and see where this leads.  My opinion is that the banning of books is not what we need to be doing, but instead encouraging curiosity and then having open discussions about the material

Sorry to bring this up, but its just how I feel.

More to come

AverageAndy – An Average Guy still waiting for the producers of Survivor to reach out and talk to me about becoming an contestant on an upcoming season 


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