Average Andys Favorites

Updated September 1st, 2021

Here are a few of Average Andy’s Favorite Web Sites, YouTube Pages, and Podcasts, and Sports Teams.

Web Sites (Card Colllection)

Non Sport Update Magazine  (Card Talk)
Rittenhouse Archives
The Trading Card Database
Jeff Allenders House of Checklists

Web Sites (General)

NY Radio Message Board
Ted Talks
Wait But Why

YouTube Pages

Cracking The Cryptic (Solving Soduko Puzzles, Highly recomended)
Sea of Tranquility
The Food Theorists
Mind Your Decisions
The Charismatic Voice
Stand Up Maths
Tom Scott

PodCasts  (I listen on OverCast)

Star Wars Card Collecting – The Sorting Tray
Phil Keoghan – Buckit Podcast
Malcolm Gladwell – Revisionist History
This American Life Podcast

Sports Teams

Baseball  – NY Mets, Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates
Football – NY Giants
College – Lehigh Mountain Hawks, Seton Hall Pirates, Penn State Nittany Lions

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