Average Andys Favorites

Updated June 2018

Here are a few of Average Andy’s Favorites

WebSites, Podcasts, Bands, Hobbies and Sports Teams

Web Sites

www.ted.com                                     Ted Talks
www.aintitcool.com                         Movie / Entertainment News

PodCasts  (I listen on OverCast)

Malcolm Gladwell – Revisionist History (Season 3)
This American Life Podcast

The Eddie Trunk Podcast
Rob Has a PodCast

The James Altucher Show


www.marillion.com                     Marillion’s Official website
Fishheads Club                              Fish’s Official website
www.eddietrunk.com                  Eddie Trunks Official Website

Card Collecting

www.nonsportupdate.com                              Non Sport Update Magazine
www.scifihobby.com                                         Rittenhouse Archives
http://www.cardboardconnection.com         CardBoard Connection

Sports Teams

Baseball  – NY Mets, Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Pittsburgh Pirates
Football – NY Giants

College – Lehigh Mountain Hawks, Seton Hall Pirates, Penn State Nittany Lions


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