Start new job on Monday

After being unemployed for a while, I will be starting a new job on Monday. Looking forward to getting back into the so called real world and interacting with people. It has been a interesting past 8 months, with lots of ups and downs, but I weathered the storm and feel I am in a lot better spot.

It will take a bit to get used to having a set schedule after being off for a while and getting used to schedule things like meeting with friends, or doctor appointments without worrying about if I was free. I do see that scheduling doctors appointments, returning phone calls, or taking your car in for service could end up being a big hassle when you are working.

Quick word on the NY Football Giants – They had a nice win against the LA Raiders and no stand at 3 – 6 going into their bye week. There next game is next Monday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which will be tough. But after that their schedule is not so bad, and they should have an opportunity to win a few games and who knows, maybe get themselves into playoff contention. As mentioned before, I don’t want to get my hopes up to high because recent history has shown that the Giants are an inconsistent team who like to tease everybody.

Lehigh Football actually won a game and now stand at 1 – 8. Hopefully they can win against Georgetown to have some momentum going into the Lehigh / Lafayette game on November 20th – the 157th game in college footballs most played rivalry. And a shout out to Lehigh’s Basketball team that opened there season with a tough overtime loss to Rutgers. Hopefully keeping the game close against a Big Ten opponent will give them lots of confidence going forward.

Another good episode of Survivor. Thought the challenges were fun. I loved seeing Jeff break the 4th wall and hid an advantage right before the challenge started. They way it was edited I was sure Xander found the clue, but then they showed Jeff pulling it out from its hiding spot and telling everybody it was a missed opportunity. Great TV. The one thing I don’t like is all the scrambling at tribal counsel. It just seems to contrived. When I’m a contestant and go to tribal, I hope I will have been able to work with people to have a plan and then stick with. With all the advantages and idols floating around, should make for some fun tribal counsels going forward. Hoping they have the Ponderosa Videos this season as I really like watching the players reactions and how they interact after being voted out

Happy to see that The Amazing Race will be returning in January 2022. Will be interesting to see where they were able and allowed to go due to the ongoing pandemic, and to see how other countries are handling things. And Survivor Season 42 will be premiering in March 20202.

Have to admit I am not a fan of Celebrity Anything so will most likely no be watching Celebrity Big Brother. Sorry, but its just not my thing

And finally, I continue to listen to all types of music and hope everybody cant find some times to just sit back and relax and listen to some music themselves. Try mixing things up by only playing 2 or 3 songs from an artist at a time, and then move on to the 1st band that comes to mind.

Thanks for reading and hope everybody has a fantastic day

Average Andy

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Lots on my mind

Went on a walk the other day, and decided to listen to music instead of a pod cast to mix things up. Started by playing the new Marillion Song “Be Hard On Yourself ” from their upcoming album An Hour Before its Dark. Then listened to the new Men Without Hats EP “Again, Pt. 1” which includes a cover of the David Bowie / Mott the Hoople song “All the Young Dudes”, as well as a reimagining of their classic “Safety Dance”. I then decided I play the next song that came to my mind just to mix things up (This is where my subscription to Apple Music comes in handy). Ended up listening to The Grateful Dead, Harry Styles, Brighton Rock, Adel, La Roux to name a few. It was a very exhilarating to get lost in the music and not worry about things. I truly recommend everybody take some time, and simply play a bunch of random songs that come into your mind. Not a playlist from your songs, but completely random like an old AOR radio station.

Despite all the negativity I have seen I am really enjoying this season of Survivor. Do a like all the new twists and turns, no, but that’s only part of the game. Also all the talk of the show trying to hard to be politically correct, or not allowing players to where bathing suits instead of underwear have more to do with the current times we are in, and less about the integrity of the show. The world has become an open forum for everybody to express their opinions (just like I am expressing mine) but now these opinions are broadcasted freely across the internet, and taken actual new. I try my best to let most of this go in one year and out the other, and not let it effect my enjoyment of Survivor, or any other show, song, movie.

Back to Survivor, the back in time twist is actually quite interesting. In the current game it seems like a no brainer to smash the hour glass, since Erika is an odd man out. But I could see in future episodes where the correct choice would be not to shake things up if some of your former teammates were on the winning team and you wanted to keep them safe. With all new ideas, some work, some don’t, and some need more time, but I applaud the show for taking chances and trying new things.

I was a big Ranger fan back in the days, but must admit that I have not really followed them (and the NHL) for possibly the last 15+ years. I do keep an eye on the standings now and then, and will kind of follow the play-offs, but its on the back burner and I won’t go out of my way to watch.

That said, when a story like the Chicago Blackhawks sexual assault situation comes along, as wells as the mess with the Washington Football Team, I can’t help but take interest and conclude how some of the commissioners, owners, and coaches in all sports league are hypocrites and sadly a microcosm of our society. They all pretend to care about sexual assaults but really could care less as long as they are making money. If they do get caught, they say and do the same thing that big corporations do, say they condone such behavior, and we will work hard to put things in place so this doesn’t happen again. This is complete bullshit, and they really just hope the incident goes away. Sooner or later the public needs to realize that there are still a bunch of older assholes in high power positions that do not think sexual harassment is a problem, and its always the victims fault. They see it as a disruption to their old boys network, and just a nuisance. But until there are significant penalties (Forfeit and entire season, lose 5 years of draft picks), they will hid behind their lawyers, and continue making money from the fans and others.

I’m partially to blame as well, as I still root for and watch my sports teams each week. I justify this by separating the games from the people in charge. Going forward I need to do better myself. Not sure of the best way, but I will start by writing a letter to both the NHL and NFL explaining my feelings. I may also write a letter to some of the corporations that sponsor the Blackhawks and Washington Football Team and let them know I will no longer be purchasing anything from them unless the publicly denounce the teams and pull some of their sponserships.

Saw a story about the UN World Food Program and Elon Musk

The UN World Food Program put out a tweet asking for the top 1% to donate 6 Billion Dollars to help combat world hunger.  ELon Musk responded that he would sell 6 Billion worth of Tesla Stock right now if the UNWFP could show where the money would go and what would be done.  Lets hope both sides can come together for the greater good and get some kind of deal done.  I have always thought that the truly wealthy people would want to help the less fortunate by donating some of their wealth.  They are free to do whatever they want, and I realize there are a lot of scammers and jerks out there looking to sucker the rich out of their money.  But for the top 1%, they must be smart enough (or have people that are smart enough) to weed out most of this and help those who really need it.   John Oliver had a great piece on homelessness, and John Stewart talked about the inequality between the rich investor class and the poorer working class on his new Pod Cast.   It just seems there should be a way to help reduce a lot of human suffering issues if there was more discussion between the rich and poor.   

Somebody from the UNWFP should have already been on a plane to Elon Musk’s headquarters with an outline of what they do, and how his donation would be used.   This could be the start of some great things if both sides agree to work things out.   Fingers crossed

I voted today in my local elections.  Every time there is an election, I tell myself I should be more informed (especially for the local positions like the school board).  Some of the people running didn’t even have an opposition.   Seems crazy to me that their is really nobody they can find to represent their party.  I think I will see what the position entails, and what is needed to get on the ballot

I have more to say but need to take a break for a bit.

If you have any thoughts / opinions / ideas / suggestions, feel free to leave a comment, or send me an email at


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Its Wednesday, and that means another episode of Survivor is on tonight. Based on the preview, it looks like they are doing some sort of tribe restructuring. Will be interesting to see if they move from team play to individual play, or stick with teams for a few more episodes. It will also be interesting to see hoe all of the idols / advantages play out, especially with the condensed season. Choices will have to be made much quicker without extra days to gain more info and see where you stand.

I did catch the new James Bond movie last week. I really enjoyed it as it was kind of a throw back to adventure type movies. No Superheroes, No crazy CGI, just plain old fun. There were some things that were a bit over the top reminiscent of some of the older Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger moves, where there James Bond is surrounded by bad guys firing machine guns at him and they all miss, while he picks them off one by one. Other things that I thought were a bit crazy was when they shot up James Bonds car but he survived due to the worlds strongest bullet proof glass. Wondered why they just didn’t shoot out the tires, or the engine. Also James love interest ran around with white pants and they never got dirty. I cant go 5 minutes without something spilling or splashing on me.

Over all I would recommend it to all James Bond fans, and people who want something different then another Marvel move. – As a side note, will be interesting how they move forward with the franchise; At the end of the credits they put up the line “James Bond will Return” so we will have to wait and see

I did attend the North Hunterdon-Voorhees Board of Education meeting last night. Just wanted to see in person how they would handle the current uproar over the request to ban LGBTQ books from the North Hunterdon Library. They did open the meeting for public comments, and it was interesting to see and hear what people had to say. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of students and teaches that took turns telling the BOE Members why they thought that the books mentioned did way more good then harm, and should not be banned, but be available for kids (especially LGBTQ kids) to read and reference. There were a few who said that the school was forcing pornography on the kids, and a few audience members who interrupted some speeches by yelling, but overall things went smoothly.

As a personal opinion, I realize that there are rules and procedures that need to be followed by the school, but the times are changing and the old ways may need to be tweaked and adjusted. There should be some way to use common sense to resolve these types of issues without it taking months and getting multiple parties involved. Will keep you updated on what the school board eventually decides.

The New York Football Giants actually won a football game last Sunday. Like the past few seasons, every time they win a game, they give me a slight hope that they have finally figured things out, only to go back to there losing ways. Maybe this time will be different. I can only continue to hope.

Listened to a lot of Fish songs on my past couple of walks. Always been a fan of his since back when he was the lead singer of Marillion, and continued listening when he put out solo albums. Listening to his body of work, I realized how good him and his band actually are. Song after song, I was like, this song is really good. Highly recommend people check out his work (along with Marillion who have continued on with singer Steve Hogarth (h.) and continue to release excellent new music as well).  Will try to export the list of songs I listened to, or see if I can post a link to play his songs

Enjoy the day


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A Beautiful Thursday

On the way to Physical Therapy for my back this morning, there was a full moon along with some hot air balloons against a pink sky. It was an awesome site to see and I wish I could have taken a picture. After my PT, since it was so nice out, I headed to Round Valley Reservoir for a nice walk (One of the perks when you are not working). I used my phone to take the following pictures.

Was another great episode of Survivor last night. Its a bit strange that 1 tribe has eliminated 4 of there 6 people, while another tribe has not even been to tribal council. Reminds me of when Stephenie LaGrossa from Survivor: Palau was actually the only person left on her tribe before the merge. Will be real interesting to see if this effects the game in the long run. Will the 6 members form such a tight bond that they stick together to the end, or will the 2 players left in their tribe no be free to play an individual game sooner, and thus be able to make more big moves.

After Survivor, I watched the returning CSI:Vegas. I remember when it premiered in 2000 (along with Survivor) and how they quickly became and still are 2 of my favorite shows of all time. I really like how they combined the returning Gil Grissom (William Peterson) nd Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox), and Lehigh Graduate Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) with new characters. Now all they need is to bring back Nick Stokes (The great George Eads) and I will be a happy camper.

Going to see the new James Bond movie this evening and looking forward to seeing it as the reviews have been good (Not that that reviews really matter, unless a movie is universally panned) Will let you know my thoughts tomorrow. Always been a fan of the James Bond movies and am interested to see how they go forward with the departure of Danial Craig).

I am also really looking forward to the new Ghostbusters movie that comes out in a few weeks. Will try to catch that in the theater as well.

I usually don’t post or comment about politics, and want this blog to be mainly about things I hear, see, and enjoy doing outside of politics, but my daughter texted me a story about our local school board and how there are a group of parents that are looking to have several books banned from the High School library because they have LBGTQ themes.  I have never been to a Board of Education meeting but think I will attend the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 26th to observe and see where this leads.  My opinion is that the banning of books is not what we need to be doing, but instead encouraging curiosity and then having open discussions about the material

Sorry to bring this up, but its just how I feel.

More to come

AverageAndy – An Average Guy still waiting for the producers of Survivor to reach out and talk to me about becoming an contestant on an upcoming season 

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Some random thoughts on a October Monday

Had a great time at the 75th Philly NonSports card show on Sunday.   The show, which has been held at the Merchants Square Mall in Allentown, PA the past 10+ years, was moved to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Valley Forge PA.  This was a good move as the new location was a bit more spacious and an overall better experience.  Its a bit further away from my home in New Jersey, so ended up getting a hotel for the night which allowed me to attend the Card Talk meeting before the show.

Picked up some free promo cards (Thanks to Rittenhouse Archives and Cryptozoic) as wells as some other promos from some of the many dealers. Following the increase cost of sports cards, the cost of Non-Sport cards (especially sealed boxes) have have also gone up significantly, so was not able to justify buying some of the things I bought in the past.  Hopefully the costs come down a bit for the next show in May.  Asking around, dealers were even surprised of the prices of things, but its what the market is allowing at the time.

Today is the 5th Anniversary of the premier of SiriusXM Volume 106 (Feedback with Nik Carter and Lori Majewski, Eddie Trunk, and Debatable with Mark Goodman and Alan Light). I have been a listener of all 3 shows since they started and have really enjoyed all the talk and music over the past 5 years. I want to thank all the on-air personalities for being there every day, helping me getting through my daily commute (when driving to and from the office before Covid-19), as well as when I was sitting in my office and working from home). If you have SiriusXM and haven’t given the channel a listen, I recommend checking it out. You will be entertained, and open your mind to new and old music and the stories behind the songs.

Really enjoying this season of Survivor. Getting used to all the advantages, and how it is changing how the game is played. Was funny reading Dalton Ross’s Entertainment Weekly Recap where he asked who Heather was.  I though the same thing while watching last Wednesday.  Who is this lady and where has she been the 1st 3 episodes?  Caught myself thinking how bad can you be while she struggles in the reward challenge, but then though good for her for not giving up and giving all she got.  That’s what Survivor is all about.   Got to give people props for taking the steps and applying to be on the show, leaving there comfort zone for and adventure of a lifetime.  I have applied many times and would love to be on the show even if I fail miserably at a challenge (or even get voted off early).  At least I could say to myself that I gave myself an opportunity to see what I could do.  Jeff, Mark, and the rest of the Survivor producers and casting directors, if you happen to read this, check out my applications and give me a chance.  You will not be disappointed, and in fact would be rewarded with somebody who would give my all (win or lose) and embody what Survivor is all about.

About my New York Football Giants – Not much to say. They are and have been terrible for the past 5 years. They drive me crazy and frustrate me year after year, week after week, but I continue to watch. I know non-sports fans, or part time bandwagon fans don’t really understand how somebody can care so much and torture yourself game after game. Its just the way it is

More to come soon


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Survivor, and looking for a new job

I read that while Jeff Probst was working on ideas for Season 41 of Survivor during the COVD Pandemic, he came up with a lot of crazy ideas. He then called Producer and former Survivor Contestant Mike White and asked him what he thought of his ideas. Mike read the ideas and then said “Well… it sounds… in-ter-est-ing. But is it fun?'”.

I though of this while watching Survivor on Wednesday. By the looks of things so far, it does appear that the players are having fun. But is that really what the game is about, and does it make for good TV. I’m mixed on that. Yes survivor is meant to be fun, but its also a challenge (both mental and physical) and there should be some pain and suffering along the way. For years, the casting producers have stated that “If your board and looking at Survivor as a fun vacation, then the game is not for you”. While I actually like all the new choices and advantages, it does take away from some of the game play (Dalton Ross of Entertainment Weekly had the same reaction on his Weekly Survivor Recap). Some of the best elements of the game were watching players struggle in challenges and then having to scramble to convince their teammates that they have other traits, are a valuable asset, and should not be voted off.. Now its more of a individual game where you don’t really need to worry as much. As long as you find advantages and idols you can skate by the early stages of the game. Throw in all the disadvantages (which in my opinion are to harsh for the rewards associated with them) and there are going to be players who are voted out simply due to bad luck and not related to there skills and game play.

Will I keep watching – Absolutely as I still think Survivor is the best of the Reality shows and a great study of people and how they react outside of their comfort zones.  I will continue to apply to keep my dream of becoming a contestant alive, and dreaming of pushing my self  beyond my comfort zone (and having a fun vacation)

Similar to Survivor changing things up, the current process of finding a decent IT Job has changed as well.  With everything now being on-line (Applications, Skill Assessments, and Interviews), the process has become much more focused on trying to beat the automated systems to hopefully get yourself at least in the door.   Add to the fact that most companies are trying to get the most knowledgeable applicants at the cheapest cost and it can become a bit disheartening.   Seeing job posts for entry level positions that require 5+ years experience, as well as relevant certifications just doesn’t seem right.  I have also seen positions wanting 7 – 10 years experience with a technology that is only 10 years old – Basically if you weren’t learning it from the beginning, then your behind the times.

Another thing that effects me is that I am more of a hands on person (like working with hardware).  Most of these jobs command a lower salary as they are assumed to be less technical and important then programing.   The though of sitting at a desk (either at an office, or at home) for 8 hours a day programing, or producing reports is just not my thing any more (done that for 20 years).  I really like getting hands on and troubleshooting issues.   This is one way that technology can be a hindrance.    Things simply don’t fail as often (which by itself is a good thing).  But similar to other stores (Blockbuster) and professions (TV and Electronic repair men) who are no longer needed or relevant, a lot of IT Jobs are no longer needed as well.  What use to to 10 people can now be done by 1 person on their phone at a café.  Some software and hardware is self correcting, reducing the need for large support staffs.

I will continue to push forward and eventually find a position that is fun and exciting and keep me engaged while I wait for the call from Survivor.

Average Andy

PS – Just finished reading “Winning Conditions” but Survivor runner up Chrissy Hofbeck (who happens to live in the same New Jersey town as me).  It was a really great book with lots of great information and stories on how to put yourself in a winning condition for all the things you want to do.  I will defiantly be using a lot of what I read and learned going forward.  Highly recommend.

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Richard Hatch on Survivor Season 41

Came across this You Tube video by Richard Hatch, the winner of Survivor Season 1. He has a really interesting perspective on Survivor and host Jeff Probst. I always liked Richard, and found his take very refreshing. As a non media super fan (I have never missed an episode, but stay away from all spoilers and outside noise), this was a very good look at Survivor from the point of view of somebody who played and really understands the game

Think I am going to try and get him to sign one of the personal Survivor cards I made a while back

Richard Hatch – Winner Survivor Borneo


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Quick update – Music I’ve been listening to

Was listening to the Marillion channel on Pandora and heard a song by the band Riverside. Looked them up on Apple Music and found out they are a Prog Rock band from Poland and have been around for a while and have a lot of albums.  I Decided to listen to a few and am really impressed. Will defiantly listen to them some more.

Glad to see that October Project has a new single out called Rage of Days.  Am I big fan of there early albums and its great to finally hear a new song.  Highly recommend you check out the song and then take some time a listen to their 1st two albums

Somehow I have seen a lot of posts / videos of songs by Canadian rock trio Triumph.  They have reminded me of what a great band they are.   Went back and listened to their “Sport of Kings” album.  Brought back some great memories of college as I has the cassette and must of listened to it a hundred times in my car (especially during a road trip with friends to the University of Vermont) 

Men Without Hats have a new covers album which includes a re-imagined version of “The Safety Dance” called “No Friends of Mine”.   I’m a fan of theirs and their “Pop Goes The World” album is one of my all time favorite albums of all time.  Good to see them still around and doing well

Other bands I have been listening to when going for runs / walks are Iron Maiden (Really like their great new album Senjutsu), Scorpions (They have a new album coming out soon),  Toto (Forgot how many great songs they have) and The Kinks (Don’t know why, but am hooked on the song “Come Dancing”)

Will try to keep track of and post more bands and songs I come across during the days and post them here.   

Go out today take a few minutes to tune out all the noise and bad news and put on one of your favorite bands or songs.  Really soak it in and you will feel a lot better.

Have a great Monday and the rest of your week


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A little different – The craziness of looking for a job

Its been a tough and crazy year so far. Back in March 2021, my contract with Bloomberg (IT – Data Retention Specialist) ended. Since then I have been out of work and looking for something exciting to do for the next step of my career.

After I graduated from Lehigh University, I starting off working for the Department of Defense as technical engineer and then after taking some time off to drive cross country with some friends (will dig into this in a future post), I ended up with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) where I was a field engineer working on hazardous waste cleanup sites throughout the state. After taking a 4 month furlough to attend NYU Film School and getting Certificate of Filmmaking I returned to the NJDEP where I became the office IT Support guy as computers were just really starting to become mainstream and I new more them most of my coworkers.

One of my first breaks came when I saw an add for Windows Server Training with Prudential Insurance. They were offering 8 weeks of free training and certification and then a position within the company. I completed the training, got my MCP Certification and ended up working for Prudential on some great projects including Y2K until they changed everybody schedules to 3 twelve and a half hour days, and then 4 days off so that they could provide 24/7 coverage. During my later years at Prudential, Survivor The Amazing Race, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire all made their debut. A somebody with a free spirit I remember telling my co-workers to remember me as one day I will be on one of these shows (I actually passed the addition test for Millionaire and added to the contestant pool, but was never chosen). As for Survivor and The Amazing Race, I have applied many times over the years and continue to apply today, keeping my hopes and dreams alive (I have written all about this on this blog over the past 10+ years – Go back and read some old posts if your interested)

I left Prudential for a new position with CIT (a financial lending company). I worked there for 12+ years, starting as a Windows Server Support Specialist, and then moved to Backups, Restores, and Storage. During my tie with CIT, I made lots of friends and they all new I was obsessed with getting on Survivor. One of my co-workers is who set up this blog ( so that I could write about my Survivor journey. I am grateful to him for giving me this opportunity and it has been very therapeutic to write about my life, Survivor, and my other passions like Non-Sport Card Collecting.

At CIT, I always tried to have fun. I would post trivia questions on my instant messenger, and put up team schedules (NY Giants, Lehigh Mountain Hawks) and concert ticket stubs on my cubical wall. I joined the company intermural Golf and Tennis Teams, and overall just tried to make sure to have fun at work. While some people though I was a bit crazy, and a little strange at times, I believe most people enjoyed a little fun during their days. Eventually CIT did some reorganization and I was let go. In hindsight this was a blessing as I had become a bit complacent and comfortable with my job and it was time for a change.

I ended up working for NBCUniversal out of there Technical Support Building. It was quite different working for a media company after CIT. Things were much less structured and regulated. We were allowed to be much more hands on and creative which I really appreciated. Again, I let people know I wanted to be on Survivor (Which was funny since Survivor is on CBS, and here I was working for NBC). Working in Information and Technology, were were separated from most of the entertainment side. We did have a few Christmas parties on the Saturday Night Live Stage, which was pretty cool. I do wish I would have at least reached out to somebody in the entertainment division just to see if they knew or had any contacts / connections with somebody associated with Survivor. After 3 years, the contract I was working under was not renewed as NBC decided to go with a cheaper company. I spent the last 3 months of my time at NBCUniversal writing documentation and training people to take over my job when I left.

After some time off, where I started to realize how much job hunting has changed, and how most of the resources I used were outdated and obsolete, I was able to get a consulting position with Bloomberg as a Data Retention Specialist. Things started off good and I enjoyed my day to day work. But then I got moved to another office 80 miles from where I lived. I have had long commutes before, but the jobs were exciting and in interesting locations. The new office was in a office park with nothing around, and my team members were mostly at the other office so I was basically by myself every day. As I was finally getting settled and coming up with a routine, COVID came along and everybody was told they had to work from home unless there was a business reason to be on site. There were a few times where I did need to go to the office but most of the time I was logging in from home. Bloomberg’s policy is contractors work from 1 year and then are replaced. Due to COVID, my contract was actually extended a few extra months, but it eventually ended in March 2021

This brings us all the way back to the beginning of this post. Its been a interesting six months between a my father in law passing, my daughter being home all summer before heading back to college for her senior year, and looking for a new job.

When I sat down to write today, I was just going to go over how the process of looking for a job has changed over the years and the things I like and dislike. As you can see I went off on a tangent for a while but that is just what came to my mind so I let it flow. Now that I’m back on track its time to talk about looking for work in 2021 and what I feel is wrong with the current system. I am not mad, or bitter, and understand that everybody is responsible for there own success and failures, but it is a bit crazy that most people looking for full time white collar jobs are evaluated on a single sheet of paper (resume). Actually in some cases who gets hired on a job can be decided on just a few questions on an application. Do you know python? Yes and your hired, No and good luck elsewhere

I wonder if companies look at resumes or the answers to questions after they hire somebody to make sure they know what they say they did. Or do they figure once your hired, you will learn on the fly. I have seen positions filled and then the person realizes this is not what they wanted or expected, so they leave and the hiring process starts over. Meanwhile there were plenty of people who applied and would enjoy the job but they were never even considered because they did not have the correct buzz words on there resume. The fact that somebody is passionate about a company and its values, or feel the position is a perfect fit for them seems less important then somebody who lists all the systems and application they know on there resume (logging on to a Server, or using Exchange for your E-Mail does not make you a Server and Messaging expert).

There are hundreds of people and websites out there that say they will help you craft the perfect resume for a job you are interested in. They will let you know what format to use, what key words to use, and what past accomplishments to highlight. They will run scans on your resume against the job descriptions to make sure your the perfect match. It becomes almost a game to see if you can figure out how to get to the next round. For someone like me, who has never been good at promoting myself in writing, gut instead feeling that if you just take a few minutes to get to know me and what skills and attitude I can bring to the company and position, you will see I am a good fit. I am also have never the best with anagrams and business jargon in general. While I know there are hundreds of different hardware and software vendor with multiple models and applications, I get confused if somebody asks the difference between things. I’m more of a generalist (These are all OS, Database, Storage,…). I understand the concepts but have a hard time explaining things in a technical way.

You are also told that the key to job searching is to build your network You are told to reach out and connect to everybody you know on sites like LinkedIn in hopes of finding somebody in the company you want to work for that can help you. And while most people are open and willing to help (If somebody reached out to me, I would do all I could to help them), I have some trouble asking. I realize its just a internal fear of being annoying or being rejected, but its their and it makes things that much harder for somebody like me to get in the door.

I have been writing for a while and its time to take a break. I will take some time to re-read what I wrote to see if there are things to add, and continue this posts soon

In the meantime, anybody who read this all the way to the bottom and happens to have any connections with CBS or Survivor, please reach out to me. Also, since while waiting on the producers of Survivor to reach out to me, I do need to find a job, so anybody who knows of any opening for an older IT Professional looking for a server support position (Installing, Upgrading, Troubleshooting,…) please reach out to me at or 908-963-1937

Its getting towards the end of a Friday, so enjoy your weekend (If you have off)


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Congratulations to Xavier for winning Big Brother 23

What a great season of Big Brother. Really enjoyed watching this season and was glad to see Xavier be chosen as the winner. I want to also congratulate all other members of the cookout alliance (Derek F., Azah, Kyland, Hannah and Tiffany). I found it fascinating how they came together with a plan to get everybody to the final 6 and then actually stayed loyal to the plan at the expense of each ones personal game. There were several opportunities for somebody to turn on the others but nobody did even though they had formed tight bonds with other contestants.

What I really liked is although the cookout was formed to assure a African American would finally win Big Brother, it never felt like a us vs them, or any other sort of racial divide between the black and white players. To this I give all of this years contestants a big applause. To me it showed the passion for the game and I respect how all the players appreciated each others game play. It made my happy to see the diverse cast play to win, but at the same time respect each other, and this is something the rest of country should be looking at and trying to copy.

Thanks for CBS for taking a look at themselves and making some changes to there casting – This season showed that regardless of the color and race of the contestants, if they are good players and respect the game and each other, people will watch and appreciate them.

Both Big Brother and Survivor have evolved and now appear to be more true to there original premise where it was a bunch of people looking for a one in a life time unique experience and a chance to push themselves beyond there comfort zone instead of people looking to use the shows as a platform to promote themselves to the world hoping for fame and fortune. Everybody who plays both Big Brother and Survivor knows there is a big prize at the end, but its refreshing to see players who enjoy the game, the people, and the experience, and were genially happy for Xavier and Derek (and Tiffany) regardless of the fact they didn’t win themselves

Not a big fan of celebrity anything (Nothing against the celebrities on the show, just don’t really care if they win or lose) so I probably will skip the upcoming celebrity season of Big Brother, and will be waiting for next summer for the return of the real Big Brother

Not its time to get into this season of Survivor (Enjoying things so far this season), Also have another season of Tough as Nails, as well as the return of The Amazing Race, as well as the return CSI:Vegas, so my TV will be recording a lot of CBS shows.

Hope all is well


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