One more

Saw a link to this awesome video of Stephen Stanton signing cards and stickers for the TOPPS Star Wars Masterworks card set.   Love to see him taking the time and thinking about each card.

May need to track down one of his cards when the set is released

Star Wars Masterworks 2016


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Quick Update – More to come

Came across this and thought I would share it.   About a family that travels around the globe.

The Bucket List Family



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Happy New Year

Want to wish everybody out there a safe and happy New Years and all the best in 2017

2106 has been a crazy year with the Presidential Election, the Chicago Cubs, and the deaths of way to many actors / actresses / musicians / writers / scientists / and others

It has also been the year when social media became mainstream and has basically taken over as the place that everybody and media outlet posts and gets there news.  While technology moves forward, and there are lots of great new things, we are seeing that not everything new is better.   Its getting harder and harder to determine what is real and what is fake in terms of news and facts in general.    I think that things will eventually settle down as science becomes more important then opinions and people realize that there are things that cannot be argued  (i.e. the earth is round).

A couple of thoughts on the seemingly large number of deaths this year.   I was wondering if this will become the new norm going forward based purely on the number of important and famous people around.   There are now way more Movies / TV Shows / Books / Athletes / Musicians / Scientist / Politicians / Inventors alive then ever and all of them cannot fight time.  So just based on numbers, we are going to see more an more deaths.

While each and every death is sad in its own way, it should also be a time to reflect and celebrate all greatness that we have been blessed with and will continue to be exposed to.   Thinks of all the great moments that your favorite band or sports team or movie or TV show has brought you and embrace this who brought it to you, and celebrate it.  Its a great time to be alive and we should all embrace what we have.

Which brings me to the recent backlash against Steve Martin and Cinnabon for their recent Tweets about Carrie Fishers passing a few days ago.  While everybody is entitle to their own opinion and how they choose to grieve over a death,  it makes me sad that their are a small group of people out their that want to push their way on everybody else.   I wish both Steve Martin and Cinnabon had not felt the need to remove their tweets to please these few others.  Had it been me, I would have either simply ignored those who complained, or replied back “Fuck You” poured myself a drink, raided my glass and toasted to Carrie Fisher, her life and the memories she gave.

The NY Football Giants end there regular season on New Years Day with a game against the Washing Redskins before playing a Wild Card Play-Off game the following week.  Glad to see the Giants back in the play-offs after a long absence, and hopefully they can find the magic that they used to win 2 Super Bowls.   I like there chances as the Giants are never out of games, and Eli Manning has a way of surprising people when it really matters.

More to come in 2017

Happy New Year

Average Andy


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Long Live Rock and Roll

Congratulations to the 2017 inductees into the Rock in Roll Hall Of Fame

ELO, Joan Baez, Journey, Peal Jam, Tupac Shakur, and Yes

2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I was pretty good,  naming 4 of the 6 when the nominations were announced in October.   This is a well deserving group of bands and musicians.   Its a diverse groups and hopefully will lead toward more so called corporate rock acts like Boston or Foreigner, and Prog bands like Marillion and Dream Theater to get looked at going forward.    And maybe this will lead to some of the great Heavy Metal bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to finally get the recognition they deserve

I have never really had a issue with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I think they do a great job of  accepting all types of artists and music.   As there is no real definition of Rock an Roll (Is it defined by a band, by the instruments that they play, or the influence bands or performer has on others.    I personally like all kinds of music from singer / songwriters like Neil Diamond and John Denver (who deserves some recognition into the Hall) to Heavy Metal bands and everything in between.   Also it may be time for the Hall to look at some of the 80s Pop Bands who influenced a whole generation of people on MTV.

An while I ma not a fan of Country, Rap, or artists like Beyonce,  I have no hatred towards them and their music.  Its just not my stile and doesn’t make me feel like when listening to music that I like.   And I am sure that there are others who love these types of music, and cant stand some of the bands and music I listen to.    That’s what makes Rock and Roll, and music in general great, and why the Rock and Roll Hall of fame exists.

Looking forward to see if Journey reunites with Steve Perry at the induction ceremony, as well as how many members of Yes jam together on stage.    Should be an entertaining show in 2017.

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Another season of Survivor has completed and while I really enjoyed the season, I was not thrilled with the winner.   I never warmed up to Adam and did not think he played the best game.  But I’m here and he is there (with the jury who voted for him) so congratulations to him.   I have read (and even commented myself) how I am not a big fan of players using personal hardships to there advantage.   As I stated, I would not wish the pain and suffering that Adam (and others) are going through on anybody, but sometimes it feels like they are the only ones who have issues.   Everybody has some sort of issue that effects them (be it a serious illness, mental health issues, financial issues, …).   This does not make you more or less deserving to win Survivor.

Based on the jury votes, it looks like Ken would not have come close to winning if he taken David to the end instead of Adam.    So unless both Ken and Hannah were so off in reading the jury,  I think Ken should have seen where the votes were going, stayed true to his allegiance with David, and taken David to the finals and let him win.   If I was in that position, and new I was not going to win, I would rather let the person I liked better win then somebody else

It has been interesting lately seeing the winners pretty much getting all the votes, while the 2nd and 3rd place players get none

Survivor Final Votes

In fact you need to go back to Season 21 (Survivor: Nicaragua) for the last time the votes were even close.

Just like the way that alliances have changed during the recent seasons (with mini alliances, voting blocks and voting clusters taking precedent over true alliances), maybe the thought process of just getting to the end will need to change.   Maybe the strategy going forward is to vote off anybody who makes any sort of big move, and hope to get to the final 3 with 2 other flipper floppers and then hope you can convince the jury that you are the best of the worst.    Seems better than riding the coattails of somebody to the end and then getting shut out.

More tomorrow as we head into the Holidays


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Been a while since I had the time to write here.    Hope everybody had a happy and safe Thanksgiving and wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hard to believe that Wednesday is the season finale of Survivor.    Its amazing how fast the season seems to go towards the end.   One night they are merging, and the next thing you know their are already 7 members of the jury.    Been a strange season.   Liked the idea of old vs young, and its interesting that of the 6 people left,  3 are old and 3 are young.  Seems that no true alliances were formed where people get together early and try to ride things all the way to the end.   This season is seems that each person (while willing to join an alliance for a short time) were all plying and individual game.   It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Of the 6 left,  Brett has done the least.  The other 5 have made some moves.   I’m rooting for Hannah as I feel she has played the best game both mentally and physically.  I also think Jay has played a good game

I hate to come across as cynical and uncaring, but why is it that everybody seems to have some sort of family tragedy that they use to try and convince others is why they deserve to win.  While I feel for each of them, and wouldn’t wish what they are going through on anybody, enough with the whoa is me.    Everybody who makes it onto Survivor is deserving of the grand prize, no matter if they have personal or family issues, or not.

Will be fun to watch, and I always enjoy the live Reunion show as well.

And before you know it the next season will be starting up and we start all over again.

Big game for the Giants on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.  Will be a good measuring stick for both teams.    Coming off last weeks loss to Pittsburgh, the Giants need to play a good game to get their confidence back as they finish up the season.   At 8 – 4 they have a good shot at making the play-offs, but want to go in feeling good about themselves, and not back your way in.

Going to have to record “The Walking Dead” on Sunday.  Hopefully i will be able to avoid any major stories (if there are any) until Monday.   May be tough as some of the people I work with will probably be talking about it.

And finally – My wife got me to watch “This is Us” and I got hooked.  Its the 1st show in a while that I thoroughly enjoy.   Don’t want to spoil things for anybody who has not discovered this yet, but give it a shot and you will not be disappointed.

More to come




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The times, they are a changing

Not much to day about the Election that hasn’t been said.   Do think people need to step away from the Internet (and Facebook) for a few days and take a deep breath, and just relax.  Most of what is being written and posted is false or outdated anyway

As far as Non-Sport Card Collecting, there have been some Donald Trump Card produced over the years (for The Apprentice, as well as other generic celebrity sets

Donald Trump Non Sport Trading Cards

And as a final note – Donald Trump was the commencement speaker at Lehigh University on 1988 (the year before I graduated)

Donald Trump – Lehigh University 1988

Now onto other things…

Was able to attend 2 Marillion concerts last week  (At the Keswick Theater outside of Philadelphia) and the PlayStation Theater in New York City.   The band was in top form and both shows were awesome.    Glad that the band switched up the set lists so was able to hear a few extra songs.   Here are the set lists per the awesome site

Marillion – Keswick Theater – November 6th, 2016

Marillion – Playstation Theater – November 8th, 2016

Was awesome to hear them play a lot of songs of their most recent album (F.E.A.R).   They are one of the few band who’s fans appreciate the new songs as much as the older material.  With 18 Studio Albums, they have a lot of songs to choose from, and coming up with a set list that pleases everybody would be impossible.  Glad they choose to play what they want and not pay it safe with a set of greatest hits.

I did take a few pictures but I like to enjoy the shows live and am not obsessed with taking pictures videos like most these days.

Already looking forward to there next US Tour which will hopefully will be sooner than the 4 years since their last tour

We have reached the Merge (which is usually considered the 1/2 way point) on the current season of Survivor.   Been a great season so far, and will be really interesting to see which group  (the Generation  X’s , the Millennials, or a mix) will band together and make it to the end.  Been very interesting how each group has been voting off their own members instead of sticking with the numbers.   Looks like everybody is playing much more of an individual game then the past.   And compared to last few seasons where the strategy was voting groups, this season has been a complete change.  Will be fascinating to see how this plays out.

Got a chance to see a bit of Jeff Probst on Facebook Live answering questions about Survivor.   Some questions were interesting and it was great to see that Jeff is still super passionate about  the show and having a great time.

He mentioned at the end that he was heading to a casting meeting for future seasons.   This made me Happy (that we will continue to have Survivor to watch), Sad (As I have not heard anything back from my last audition video), Appreciative (on how much I have enjoyed the show since the beginning), and Motivated (to figure out a way to get cast and have a change to play and win the title of Survivor)

Got me thinking,  If you look at the way people are told to look for jobs today, most will tell you that you can no longer just send in you resume, or submit it through the major job sites.  It will just get lost in a black hole with all the other generic resumes.   You need to get creative and make yourself stand out by doing things differently.   But when applying to Survivor,  I read that you need to submit your video on-line and to not reach out to the Casting Associates, Creators, or Producers of Survivor as they are very busy and it would make you look desperate.

So I will ask any of you out there who read my blog (which is truly appreciated), and have read taken the time to read this far to let me know your thoughts.   If you wanted to be caste on Survivor (or any other show), would you play it save and follow the rules they have laid out,  or would you look to do something different that could make you stand out, but could also make you look desperate.   And if you were casting for a show, what would you look for?    Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hope all is well and wishing everybody the best

Average Andy



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