Power Through

Having a tough time getting myself motivated to update my blog. Not that I don’t have a lot of interesting stuff to write about, its just that it has seemed like a daunting task to actually take some time and sit down an write. Not sure why, as things are going good

Its been an interesting season on Survivor. On one hand, I am enjoying the show like always as a study of human psychology. After 42+ seasons, I still find the concept fascinating and enjoy seeing how the contestants handle all the different scenarios that are thrown at them. I find it motivating to see people push themselves past what they though they were capable of. Its one of the main reasons I want to be a contestant, to be put in a tough situation and see if I could dig deep and power through.

On the other hand, this season seems a bit to calm and relaxed. There is no real stand out player (At this point, I’m rooting for Gabler) and as mentioned earlier, a lot of the players seem to be content with just being there. Its hard to tell if there are moves being made, and players discussing strategies simply based on what is on TV. Also I miss the Ponderosa Videos that used to give a great insight into the contestants once they were voted off. I know there are the exit interviews with Dalton Ross, and it looks like there are some TicTock Videos of players, but that’s just not my thing.

As far as the rest of the season, with a lot of Idols still in play, and a few players looking to make some moves, it should liven up a bit as we only have a few more episodes left before the finale.

The NY Football Giants continue to win games that in the past few seasons they would have defiantly lost. They should be able to beat Detroit this Sunday, before heading to Dallas to face the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. Should be an exiting game to watch after our family feast.

I am going to try and catch some of the Lehigh / Lafayette game tomorrow at a watch party. There is a brewery that is owned by a Lehigh Alum on the Jersey shore that is televising the game, and I’m hoping to meet up with some friends and catch up over a few beers

As far as TV, I am almost caught up with Andor – I am really enjoying it. They have done a great job of creating a story within the Star Wars Universe that feels real and emotional.

I have also been enjoying CSI: Las Vegas – Was a super fan of the Original CSI, and like how they have continued the show after some time away. Would love some more of the earlier cast (George Eads, Eric Szmanda, Laurence Fishburne, Ted Danson, and Elizabeth Shue) come back for a few episodes. I think they could do so really cool things.

Am also watching Manifest on NetFlix after it was cancelled by NBC. Been watching from the beginning and for the most part am enjoying the show. Like most of NBCs SCI Fi drams (Heroes, Revolution, ..) they are kind of sappy and never really give you and answer. But I do enjoy it for what it is and will watch till the end

And finally, after 11 Seasons, The Walking Dead ends it run on Sunday night. I have been watching since the beginning and am really looking forward to how things wrap up. There is still “Fear The Walking Dead” as well as several new spin-off, so the Walking Dead Universe will live on. Like Star Trek, the Walking Dead would have its ups and downs, but the ups were really good making it worth the few downs. I am a big fan and it will be missed.

Going to try and jot down things that interest me the next few days and take some time to write one more post before Thanksgiving next Thursday.


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RIP Gallagher

Sad to see that comedian Gallagher has passed away at the age of 76

Remember watching his specials on Showtime HBO back in the 80s

Born Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr., the mononymous comedian became a household name in 1980 with β€œAn Uncensored Evening,” the first standup comedy special to ever air on Showtime. Gallagher would go on to create 12 more hourlong specials for the network, as well as several popular programs for HBO.

Sad day in the world of comedy. He was unique and will be missed

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Where did the time go

Looking and seeing that the last time I wrote anything was over 2 weeks ago. It doesn’t seem possible that that much time had passed but here we are, a week into November, with the Holiday season coming up fast; Holiday decorations are starting to show up in stores, and pop up on peoples houses. Starbucks has switched to its Holiday themed drinks and cups. Pumpkin Spice which was all the rage is no so yesterday.

Sine I last wrote, the NY Football Giants lost to Seattle and the had their by week. The pick things up again this Sunday, home against the Houston Texans and should be able to win and get to 7 – 2. While things are looking up for the Giants, the same can not be said about the Lehigh Mountain Hawks. Its been a tough year with some tough losses. Hopefully they will find some magic an beat Lafayette in the 158th game between the two teams which is college footballs most played rivalry

Once the Mets were eliminated from the play-offs, I kind of tuned out the rest of the way. Besides the Mets losing, other teams that I follow like the Red Sox, Twins, and Pirates didn’t even make the play-offs). I was happy for several friends and relatives who are big Phillies fans who got to experience the World Series even though they ran out of steam and got beat by the Houston Astros. Not were into the off-season and will wait and see what the Mets do to try to better their team for 2023. As a side note, I had one of my worst Rotisserie Baseball seasons in years finishing last and now having to supply lunch for everybody at our 2023 draft.

Me and a friend finally decided it was time, and purchased tickets to the 2023 Marillion Weekend in L’Olympia Montreal. Marillion have been doing fan weekends since 2002 (Most of them in Europe, with a few in Montreal). The timing is right so we will be heading north in May for 3 nights of Marillion music. This will be the 1st Weekend I have attended and it should be a lot of fun.

Its Wednesday, which means it time for Survivor. I have really enjoyed this season as far a the production. Lots of cool challenges and twists. As I noted after Dalton Ross’s las EW Update, it seems that a lot of this seasons contestants are to happy with being votes off. They seem to be treating this as a cool vacation. I mentioned this as being a bit strange, since all of the things I have read and heard about applying is that they are looking for people who will play hard and try to win. Survivor casting director Jesse Tannenbaum even said in one of his Instagram videos, that if you you are just looking to get out of the house or take a break from work / life, and Survivor seems like it would be a fun thing to do while you try and figure things out, your not what were looking for and you might as well just go camping. I would love to be a contestant on Survivor for may reasons, from being able to push myself physically and mentality, to the fascination of the group and individual dynamics. It would be much more than just a free vacation to me.

While I am still waiting for the call from the producers (I submitted my application back in September), I am already thinking of ideas for my next application. I have joined a few Zoom calls with past contestants like Parvati Shallow and Adam Klein and may need to reach back out to them for some tricks and tips. I also am grateful for the encouragement and support I have receive from Chrissy Hofbeck on LinkedIn who has given me the confidence to continue applying and chasing my dream.

More to come


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Philly Non-Sports Show – Fall 2022

Had a great time at the Philly Non-Sports Show last weekend at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks. The show is the east coasts premier event for non-sport and entertainment trading card collectors. Its always, a fun time, I was able to catch up with fellow collectors and dealers, and pick a bunch of free promos, as well as a few autograph cards to fill in some gaps in my collections

I big shout out to Marlin, Roxanne, and Harris Toser for keeping the show running year after year (Believe this was the 77th show, at at least 5 different locations), I have attended at least 1 day of every show (2 times per year) going back at least 20 years. One of the highlights for me is the red border show exclusive promo cards that are given out each show as part of an entrance promo pack. Starting with card #1 ( Frank & Phyllis Reighter Co-Sponsors), the set is now up to card #117 (Ted Dastik Jr). There are also a few error cards (misspellings, misprints) and a few dealer exclusives (Need to send a SESE). Besides all the ones I have got by attending the shows, I have been able to track down all the earlier cards and have a near complete set (I have heard there is a un-numbered card that was before card #1). Also something I have been doing is getting the cards signed (if possible) by the dealers, artists, and collectors during the show. I’m guessing I have around 75 auto graphed cards. I am currently going through everything to get an official count.

Jeff Allenders House of Checklists – Philly Non-Sports Show Promos

Here are a few of the other promos / cards / autographs that I picked up at the show.

Lots of other stuff happened during the last week (Survivor, Amazing Race, Giants Football, Baseball Playoffs. Will be back later to post my observations and thoughts on these and other things on my mind

Happy Monday – Hope everybody had a great weekend and wishing you all a great week ahead. Take some time to talk to family and friends, listen to music, read a book, or enjoying your favorite pastime / hobby.

Keep Smiling


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The Commodores + Bruce Springsteen – Pure Gold

Saw that Bruce Springsteen had a new album of classic Motown covers coming out. The first single is a cover of the Commodores classic “Nigh Shift”. I always loved this tune and must admit, the Springsteen version (and the video) are simply awesome

Sit back, relax, and give it a listen. I guarantee it will put you in a great mood

Well Done.

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Thoughts for a Friday

All caught up with Survivor and The Amazing Race. Both shows have been great this season.

With Survivor, its interesting watching how things have changed the past few seasons. Seems to be more emphasis on bonding and relationships, and less on strategy. Players seem to be making moves based on feelings rather than what would be best for there game. Also players seem to be thinking to much (Like last week when Carla originally decided to not take the ‘beware advantage’, or this week where Lindsay became so convinced that she was the target, that she failed to see that she was in a good position going forward). Everybody seems to be playing to have a good time, and not playing to win. While I don’t think everything you do on the show should only about getting to the end and winning, or that you should play the game likes its a vacation and what ever happens, happens, there has to be a mix. Jeff is constantly telling people they need to make bold moves to gain respect but it seems most people recently look at bold moves as simply putting a bigger target on themselves.

This us just another reason I would love to be a contestant on Survivor. Sometimes it seems easy from home and while I believe its very difficult, I would love to see how I would play the game in reality. I’m hoping I would not get myself so paranoid and stressed out, that I fail to see the big picture and make the big move. Only way to know is to be a contestant and find out

As for the Amazing Race, its interesting to see how much more stressed out team are knowing there is no ‘non-elimination’ legs. Never noticed it much before, but maybe teams were a bit more relaxed, figuring that they always had a backup of it being a non-elimination leg. Like the new format and how its really pushing the teams. Was glad to see Sharik Atkinson decide to keep on racing and not quit and head home. Again, I’m sure that the Amazing Race is tough and can wear on you both physically and mentally, but I would hope that I could fight through all that and enjoy the opportunity to travel the world and experience all the places and challenges the Amazing Race has to offer

Big weekend coming up – Meeting some good friends for dinner, and then heading to the Philly Non-Sports Card Show. After heading home (an listening the start of the Giants game on the radio), should be home for the end of the game, before possibly be meeting other friends for a beer and wine paring dinner that look interesting. With the Mets being eliminated and no longer taking up my time (But believe me, I wish they were still playing), I should be able to find some time for a walk and meditation between all my plans

Will be back next week to update on how things went, with pictures of any promo and insert cards that I was able to collect at the Philly Show.

Its hard to believe we are already half-way through October already and the the Holiday Season will be upon us soon

Wishing the best to everybody. Remember to find some time to relax, to hang with friends and family, and to listen to your favorite music. Life is good

Average Andy

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The Bad, The Good, and the Good

What a roller coaster of a ride last weekend with the NY Mets and the NY Giants. The Mets (who had a great regular season), went into a funk at the wrong time, and lost to the San Diego Padres in the NL Wildcard Round of the play-offs. Seemed every player (and even the manager) kind of ran out of steam and they were never able to get things back on track. Starting with losing games against teams like Pittsburgh, Miami, an Chicago cost them the opportunity to put away the division. That was followed by them getting outplayed and out pitched by the Atlanta Braves the last weekend of the season and ended up losing the division on a tiebreaker. Not sure what to do when you build your team and your strategy on having dominate pitching (Scherzer and DeGrom) and then they don’t come through as expected. Kind of deflated the entire team. In the past I would be mad for weeks and complain about everything they did wrong. But this year is different. It was a great and exiting year, and while they came up a bit short, I thinks things look good going forward (The do need to sign DeGrom and Diaz) and looking forward to spring training 2023

On the opposite side of the table was the NY Football Giants. They outplayed Aaron Rogers and the Green Bay Packers at London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and came away with a 27-22 win. Was a big win for a team that was projected to be at the bottom of the league. But with new head coach Brian Daboll getting rid of the negativity of the past years (Awful coaches Ben Macadoo, Pat Shurmer, Joe Judge) and bringing in lots of positivity and enthusiasm, the Giants are off to a 4 – 1 start and look like they will be playing some meaningful football throughout the season. Its a bit strange, trying to be positive, and enjoying the winning after being so used to losing games (usually on a last second touchdown or field goal) tin the past. Hopefully they can keep things rolling this week against Baltimore at home

As a side note – The Lehigh Mountain Hawks are showing they work to do if they want to get back to the FCS play-offs. Hopefully they can get a win this week against Cornell. Here is some history on the Lehigh Football Team. Lehigh has won a Division II National Championship (1977) and has been national runner up in the I-AA tournament in 1979.

Looking forward to the Philly Non-Sport Card show this weekend at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA – Hall E. Always fun to see fellow collectors and try and pick up some missing promos and other cards I am looking for. While the non-sports card collecting scene is not as big an is not thriving as much as sports cards, there are still some high value cards floating around as well as some new sets that look interesting. Should be a great show, with pictures of the show and cards to follow next week

Hard to believe its already the 4th week of Survivor and Amazing Race. Both shows are off to great starts and I am really looking forward to tonight. It does get a little easier to follow as contestants / teams are eliminated and there are less people to focus on. Will try to write a recap of tonight shows tomorrow (been having trouble writing lately, so hopefully promising to write will get me motivated

And lastly, a little plug for my daughter. She recently graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY with a degree in Filmmaking. She’s very creative, and currently looking for employment in the film / video industry, focusing on editing. Check out here website at www.katherinerupprecht.com

I will leave you with a classic cartoon video of Michigan J Frog. That’s all folks

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The Amazing Race / Big Brother / Survivor

Could there be a better group of Reality TV Shows then The Amazing Race / Big Brother / Survivor. CBS really hit it out of the ball park back in 2000 when it took a chance and changed the world of reality Television forever. There were some reality shows before this and a lot after this, but none of them (other than American Idol) has had the impact on Television as the Big 3

Big Brother Season 24 wrapped up on September 25th, 2022 with Taylor Hale walking away with the $750,00.00 Grand Prize. It was another great season (although I was rooting for Turner to win). For all the stupidity and misfires year after year, it keeps me coming back so the people at CBS must be doing something right. While I am most likely to old to be a contestant, and don’t think I could last being stuck in the Big Brother House for 82 days, some of the things they do look like fun and it would be interesting to spend a few days in the Big Brother House with a bunch of strangers and see what its like.

Big shout out to CBS and host Julie Chen Moonves for continuing to put out a great show

The Amazing Race returned a a few weeks back, and again shows why it is one of the best Realty Shows. Starting this time in Munich Germany, they changed things up a bit by having the teams complete the challenges in any order. This added some excitement to the game as the team had no idea what the other teams were doing and what place they were in. And in a welcomed change, Phil told the teams that there would be no non-elimination legs on the race, so if your last, your out (no second chances). As for the contestants, was funny to see ex NY Jets head coach Rex Ryan as one of the racers. I always prefer having one or two recognizable people / teams per race, rather than a full celebrity season (When my daughter and I went to Washington Square Park in NYC a few years back to watch the start of The Amazing Race 30, live, one of the racers was Joey Chestnut, and it was kind of neat seeing him and his partner start the race. Looking forward to watching this season to see where they go and the challenges they need to preform. Unlike Big Brother, age is not a factor, and I would love to be a contestant on the Amazing Race (Have applied with my Sister, and recently with my daughter) Always hoping for the call and ready to see the world.

Another big shout out to CBS and host Phil Keoghan for continuing to put out another great show

And then there is the granddaddy of them all – Survivor, which premiered on September 20th with a 2 hour episode. Right off the bat, there seemed to be a different vibe from both the contestants, and from CBS and the way the episode was produced. Much more attention was on the way the contestants interacted, and dynamic of each tribe. I really enjoyed it as it gave you a great feel of what the contestants were feeling and thinking instead of focusing more on the challenges.

We are now three episodes in and I like the direction this season is taking. People are now familiar with the Journey Rock the Vote Challenge as well as understanding the the beware advantages comes with a challenge / disadvantage. In a strange, but good way, having most contestants aware of these things makes it more interesting. I am all for mixing things up and throwing the contestants a curveball now and then, but when they have at least some idea of what they are up against, it makes them have to think and use there brains as much as there physicallity.

Just like The Amazing Race, and even more, I would love love love to be a contestant on Survivor. I have applied numerous times over the past 20 year in all different ways (Sending in VHS Tapes / CDs, Uploading Videos, and I even went to an Open Casting Call a few years ago). I have followed and watched previous contestants such as Parvati Shallow, Adam Klein, Boston Rob, and Rob Cesternino, to try and pick up tips on how to put together an audition video. I have filmed some by myself, and on others I had my daughter (Who recently graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in Film Making) help me film / edit some others).

I have also followed past players like Season 1 winner Richard Hatch, and fan favorites Ruppert, Coach Wade, and Tyson Apostol on social media as I find it interesting the things they have been doing after Survivor. I actually have a few connections to some former players (Former runner-up Chrissie Hofbeck is from the same town as me, and Former winner Ethan Zohn is friends with one of my cousins)

Survivor has become a big part of my life, and hopefully one day I will be able to officially join the Survivor family

It took me a few days to write this, so it may be a little disjointed. I’m sure I will be writing more about Survivor and The Amazing Race as the seasons progress

So finally Super Sized Shout Out to CBS and host Jeff Probst for continuing to put out one of the greats shows (reality or regular) of all time

A few things before I go

The NY Mets open their wild card play-off series against the San Diego Padres tonight at Citi Field. Should be a fun couple of days as the Mets try to move on to the next round.

The NY Giants play the Green Bay Packers in London on Sunday. Going to be different experience watching the game at 9:30 AM EST. The Giants have played in London two previous times, but both times the games really didn’t matter that much. This is a big game as the Giants are of to a 3-1 start and need to keep the momentum going.

After a break, I am catching up on Cobra Kai on NetFlix – Very enjoyable

Started reading Heat 2 – A follow up to the classic movie Heat which stared Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Its interesting reading a book where I have a reference to most of the characters

That’s all for now

More to come next week


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One Week until Survivor / The Amazing Race Return

One week from today (Wednesday, September 21st) both Survivor and The Amazing Race both return with new seasons. Really looking forward to both of these. I am old school so have been trying to avoid any spoilers or even information about the casts. I like to be surprised and not know much about the season until it premiers. Hopefully we get some good contestants and another great season of both shows. I am also looking forward to reading Dalton Ross’s weekly recap on Entertainment Weekly. Its a fun read, and he always gives some great insight. And hears hoping that they bring back the Ponderosa Videos of the jury members. Just like Daltons column, It was great to see things from a different perspective and I really enjoyed hearing how the game effected each individual

Also, Big Brother is coming to an end and will crown the winner on Sunday, September 25th. I got sucked in again and will be watching until the end. Really don’t have a favorite, but of the remaining 5 players, I would like to see Turner win

Was a great week for Average Andy’s Football Teams. The NY Football Giants trailed 0 -13 at half but somehow managed to come back and beat Tennessee by a score of 21-20. They did get a little lucky, but I will take a win any way they can get it after all the unlucky breaks they seemed to have the past couple of years. I know its only 1 win, but it’s such a different feeling after the previous years of always starting 0-1 and 0-2 and 0-3 and 0-…. and feeling like the season is over before we even get to October. Hopefully they can keep the winning vibe going this week at home against Baker Mayfield and the Carolina Pantheres.

And the Lehigh Mountain Hawks we able to pull out a 21-19 Patriot League win over Georgetown. Much like the NY Giants, the Mountain Hawks seem to have started every season 0-1, 02, … and it is great to get a win under their belt. They open their home season this Saturday against Richmond. Let see if they also can keep the winning vibe going this weekend.

The NY Mets are not playing their best baseball, but are still having a fantastic year and are still leading the National League East with 19 games to play. Hopefully they can get some things straightened out and hold on and win the division and get a 1st round bye. Its going to be a could of crazy weeks but looking forward to post season baseball at CITI Field

Still been getting out on walks and listening to lots of different music. Following up from my previous post, here are some more bands that I have listened to the past few weeks

Manfred Man’s Earth Band, The Firm, The Steve Miller Band, The Who, Boston, Billy Joel, Kansas, Fleetwood Mac, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Rolling Stones, Heart, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Fish, The Outfield, Michael Shenker Group, Iron Maiden

Lots of good music and hopefully lots more to come

More to come


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Happy Labor Day Weekend 2022

Hard to believe its already Labor Day Weekend. We are now 2/3 of the way through the year. Looking back, its been a good year for AverageAndy – Got a new job in last 2021, so have been employed all year, The Mets are doing good and playing exciting baseball. I saw lots of good movies / TV Shows, and read some good books. I was also able to get out and walk a lot – combination of my current work schedule (7:00 AM – 4:00 PM), and the great weather (its been sunny and warm almost every day for the past 3 months).

During my walks, I have been listening to a lot of music (taking a break from pod-casts). I am mixing things up a lot, usually playing 2 to 3 songs from whatever song or artist comes to mind, and then choosing another one. Its made me realize that there are a lot of bands and songs from lots of different genres that I really enjoy, and there are plenty more out there that are not on my radar or my style

Here is a partial list of the artists I have played over the past few weeks: (Mostly on Apple Music)

Neil Young, Foreigner, 38 Special, Queen, Joe Walsh, Boston, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, John Cougar Melencamp, Fleetwood Mac, Buffalo Springfield, The Doors, Free, Electric Light Orchestra, Aerosmith, Stevie Nicks, The Who, Bad Company, Bog Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Yes, Dire Straits, George Harrison, The Kinks, Def Leppard, The Animals, Journey, Saga, Fastway, April Whine, Belinda Carlisle, Heart, Night Ranger, Steve Winwood, Chris de Burgh, Donnie Iris, John Par, Slade, Marillion, Post Malone, Elton John & Britney Spears, Rainbow, Ratt, Twister Sister, Peter Schilling, Cher, The Bacon Brothers, U2, Dio, Hothouse Flowers, The Tubes, The Police

Even after typing in all these bands, I think of all the bands and songs that I have not listened to and it is overwhelming. Hopefully there are a few more nice weeks before it starts getting chilly (which I can handle) and then dark (Which is depressing even thinking about). At some point, I will list the next set of artists as I continue my musical journey. Any suggestions would always be appreciated (I really like most every type of music, so nothing is off-limits)

The Lehigh Mountain Hawks kick of there 2022 season tonight against a tough Villanova squad. Its crazy that college football has started already. I watched a little of the Penn State / Iowa game last night, but could not get to the end – game was still in the 3rd quarter when I when to bed around 11:00 PM. Its getting harder for me to stay up super late for mostly meaningless games. One NFL Football starts, and college football has started to fall into place, I will probably end up staying up later then I should. (Going to have to get my sleep in now, to be able to watch Mets Playoff games starting at 8:10 PM and going to midnight)

Had a few Fantasy Football drafts – I enjoy playing, but usually don’t do to well, since I like to draft players I like from teams that I like. No matter how much I try, I can never root against the NY Giants because I have a fantasy player on an opposing team. I have actually benched players rather than have to root for them to do well against the Giants. One of these years, I’m going to get lucky and win a championship while actually enjoying watching Giants and my teams win

So have yourself a great Labor Day Weekend Join me in taking some time to go for a walk and listen to music, and catch a college football game of your alma mater or your favorite team. Also take some time to relax before returning to work next week for the home stretch of 2022

More to come, as I seem to be over my writers block and am back to enjoying writing this blog

Thanks for reading

P.S. – Here is on of the best sudoku solve videos on the Cracking the Cryptic You Tube page


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