RIP Roger Moore (James Bond)

Just want to mention the passing of Roger Moore who played James Bond in 7 Films

Roger Moore Jame Bond Films

The James Bond movies were a big part of my youth, and Roger Moore was the one who played him while I was growing up.   I remember watching the James Bond movies on HBO and how cool they were.

I also had a friend who worked for Radio Station WPLJ in New Your when “A View to A Kill” came out and got to go to a special screening.

Roger Moore also signed a lot of Non-Sports Cards for Rittenhouse Archives James Bond sets over the years.


I’ll leave you with the opening scene from “The Spy Who Loved Me” which still today is one of my favorite scenes from a movie.

RIP Mr. Moore.   You will be missed

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Only 1 Week left for Survivor and Amazing Race

Next week bring the season finales of both Survivor and The Amazing Race (good to see that CBS renewed the Race for another year).

I have rally enjoyed both shows this Season.    Found the season of Survivor very entertaining.  It was interesting to see how some of the returning players changed they way they played, while others played the same game as before.   It didn’t seem to matter as most of the players voted off noted how they were voted off at the same spot as their previous seasons.

I watched Machaelas’ Ponderosa Video and loved here attitude.  While not the biggest fan of hers during the season, she jumped way up in my book and would actually like to see her return again in the future.      Also saw that she mentioned she would like to go on “The Amazing Race”.     I’m available and  would volunteer in a heartbeat to go with her.   (Maybe there is somebody out there reading this who can help make that happen;  Hey you never know)


Speaking of the Amazing Race,  I think this has been one of the best seasons in a while. I am kind of sad that its been airing on Thursdays at 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM.   Maybe they will move it back to Sundays (I had now issues with it being delayed now and then due to Football;   60 Mins has followed Football for 40+ years, and seems to do OK)

As far as other TV shows that I watched this season, I really enjoyed Designated Survivor (I’ve been a fan of Kiefer Sutherland going back to his early films such as “The Lost Boys” and “Flatliners”  as well as his TV shows (“24” and the under appreciated “Touch”)

Kiefer Sutherland IMDB

I also actually liked Kevin James in “Kevin Can Wait”.     Took a while to get into it, and it could be stupid at times (and a bit male chauvinistic) , but it was a great escape from things for 1/2 hour.

Also still enjoying both The Middle and Modern Family after all the years they have been on.    Still smarter and funnier than most other shows

As far as sports – big weekend for my NY Mets.    Need to at least take 2 or 3 from the Angels at home and straighten things out or its going to be a long summer.




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Another week gone by

Not much more to say about Matt Harvey and the Mets’ except that Matt Harvey is a perfect example of how some of today’s athletes are put on pedestals (by both the media and the fans) before they actually accomplish anything.   They are looking for the shortcut and think they deserve the big payday without putting in the work

Matt Harvey Career Stats

Hopefully Matt Harvey gets the message, starts to focus on baseball, and goes out an throws a solid game against the Milwaukee Brewers tonight.

Just read a good article about Baseball Card Collecting and TOPPS


As a card collector myself,  (Mostly non-sports cards, but do enjoy picking ups a few packs of baseball cards no and then), I enjoyed the article.  Always liked TOPPS as a company, and am a fan of their cards, the TOPPS Card Traded app, what they are doing with TOPPS Now.   While baseball cards and collecting will never be the same as years ago, with 5 cent packs and shoe boxes full of cards in parents basements and attics, its still a fun hobby and I will continue to collect.

This season of Survivor is setting itself up for a crazy finish.   With only 2 episodes left, and with lots of Idols still in play (Tai has 2,  Troyzan has 1, and Sara has 1 which she basically stole one from Sierra, as well as a steal a vote advantage), the last few tribal councils should be really interesting.

Got my fingers crossed that the people at CBS come to their senses and renew “The Amazing Race” for next season.    Still one of the best Reality shows on TV, it needs to continue.    But when it does come back, the producers should forget about all the stuff with having known people (You Tubers and other social Media types), and stop the gimmick of pairing people up (blind dates), and bring back teams of real average players. The show doesn’t need try and force things.   The premise and the production are so good that the show sells itself.   It would be a shame if its cancelled while shows like Scorpion and Superior Doughnuts stick around.  Come on CBS, do the right thing.





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Where did the time (And April) go

Cant believe its been almost 2 months since I last wrote anything here.   I have been busy, and had a great vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC, but there are no excuses and I should be able to write more often

Since I last wrote, the MLB season started, with the Mets getting off to a great start, followed by a terrible stretch where it seemed somebody was getting hurt every night.  They also forgot how to hit and field, and that is why they find themselves 6.5 games behind Washington.    Injuries to Céspedes (hamstring) and Syndergaard (Lat) have hurt, but the rest of the team needs to pick things up a notch.   Plenty of baseball left to play so no need to worry, but a nice 8 – 2 stretch would help.

Been a very interesting and emotion season of Survivor.    Was quite shocked with Jeff Varner’s comments to Zeke Smith at Tribal Council.   I actually rewound watched again to make sure I heard it correctly.    I was very impressed with the way Zeke handled things, and found it inspiring the way the rest of the tribe stood up for him.   I do not think Jeff Varner is a bad person (actually likes him each time he played), and did not think he deserved to get fired from his real life job.   This is what makes Survivor such a great show.   Its one of the true real reality shows –  Most players do not sigh up just to be on TV and are not looking for fame and fortune.

Of the remaining contestants,  I’ pulling for Troyzan,  but would not mind it Tai was to win.

More to come


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Some random thoughts for a Friday

Really enjoying this season of Survivor.   Love the twists they are troughing at the contestants.   Will be interesting when they get to the merge (if they even have one) and to see how they play as individuals

Sad to see Tony, Caleb, and Malcolm go so early as they were some of the ones I was rooting for.

Wednesday was the 35th Anniversary of  Irom Maidens classic album “Number of the Beast”.    Does make me feel a bit old, as I remember when the album came out.   I still have vivid memories of what seemed like 1/2 my High School class going to see Iron Maiden / Judas Priest at Madison Square Garden in NYC and then coming to school the next day with their two-sided concert t-shirts.

Iron Maiden – Number of the Beast

And speaking of anniversaries, today (Friday) is the 31st Anniversary of Van Halen’s 5150 alum.   I liked Van Halen with David Lee Roth and have to admit I was a bit skeptical about Sammy Hagar joining the band but was pleasantly surprised the 1st time I heard “Why Can’t This Be Love”.

Van Halen – 5150

And sadly we lost another musician as Sib Hashian, the original drummer for Boston, died while playing on a music cruise.   Always remember the picture on the 1st Boston album of Sib with his big afro hair.


And finally,  just over 1 week until the 2017 MLB Season starts.   I had one roto draft already, and have one tomorrow with the same group we have had for over 20 years. Hopefully, I will be able to draft a solid squad for 2017.

Hope all is well



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Hoops and Survivor Part 3

Tough loss for the Mountain Hawks as they fell to the number 1 seed Bucknell Bison in the Patriot League final.   Was a 1 point game at the half but then Bucknell used a 12 – 0 run to open the second half and never looked back.   All in all it was a good season as Lehigh made the Patriot League Finals for the 2nd straight year.   Was really hoping for a win and a ticket to the big dance.   Hopefully next year

Once the game ended, it was time for the season premier of Survivor: Game Changers and this did not disappoint.   With a great mix fo returning players,  Survivor continues to set the bar for reality TV.    It was fascinating to watch how things unfolded so early in the game.  Some returning players immediately tried to make big moves and force the action, while others seem to sit back and see where things lead.    No spoilers here;  Nothing I hate more is seeing or reading about what happened before I actually get a chance to watch

I’m sure there have been studies done on Survivor looking at how they play the game and what characteristics help or hinder one’s chances to do well in the game.   If anybody knows of any studies,  or anybody involved with any, send me an e-mail as I would love to be involved and dig deeper into the psychology of the players and what makes a good or bad player.

I did come across this podcast on the Rob Has A Pod Cast site where some guys analyzed player data of all the contestants that have played Survivor and Big Brother to see if there were any patterns based on things like age or occupation

Was a good listen and had some really interesting information

Quick shout out to U2 and the 30th Anniversary of “The Joshua Tree“, one of my favorite albums from one of my favorite bands.   Looking forward to seeing them play the entire album live this summer (got my Tickets to the show at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey)

Any sadly it was 10 years ago today that Boston singer Brad Delp took his life.    Boston has continued to make music and tour (They put on a great show),  but Brad Delp is surely missed

Boston – Members

Until I write again




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Hoops and Survivor Part 2

Huge win for the Lehigh Mountain Hawks on Sunday as they beat #2 seed Boston University in 2OT to advance to the Patriot League Championship game against #1 Seed and long-time rival  Bucknell.   Should be a great game to see who advances to the NCAA.

The Patriot League Final tips off at 7:30 PM EST on Wednesday on the CBS Sports Network.  This throughs my plans into a spin as the premiere of Survivor: Game Changers is also this Wednesday starting at 8:00 PM EST.    I will need to figure out a plan as to how to watch both (without any spoilers and not staying up too late).   Will most likely watch the Lehigh Game at 7:30 and hope it ends around 9:30.  Then I can sit down with my daughter and watch Survivor (It’s a 90 min premier), and watch it on DVR and should be able to zip through the commercials and  be done by 11:00 PM

As for Survivor: Game Changers,  I am interested to see how some the returning contestants play this time.  Some (like Caleb Reynolds) never really got to play a full season (He was removed due to medical issues)  while others (Like 2-time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine) never were actually voted off.   Will be fascinating to see how things play out. There is a nice mix of players and I will be rooting for players like Sandra and New Jersey native Tony Vlachos to see if they can remain Sole Survivors.   Would also like to see somebody like Jeff Varner do well.

Should be a great Wednesday in March





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