Happy Holidays

Been a crazy few months, so sorry I haven’t written lately

First off, would like to congratulate Nick Wilson for winning this season of Survivor. Was one of the better seasons and Nick was a deserving winner. Really liked how the contestants played this season. Instead of forming early alliances and just floating through, there were lots of big moves as people tried to add things to their resume. I did find it very interesting how some things worked (Carl playing the Idol nullifier was seen as a good move), while others (Angelina making a big deal about here trade for rice, and then trying to orchestrate her playing her hidden immunity idol) kind of fell flat with the jury. And speaking of the jury, I read somewhere that this jury seem not to hold grudges and voted on who they thought played the best game, which is how it should be. (In the past, there have been votes from some jury members against people they just did not like, as opposed to voting for who they wanted to win. I think this shows that the contestants not only played a great game, but also played a fair game

Average Andy will be submitting his next video in the near future for the upcoming seasons. As the years go by, it is becoming clearer that Survivor needs to cast me as somebody who is a big fan, but started watching when I was in my mid 30’s and am now slightly over 50. I thinks this is just as compelling as somebody who started watching as a child and is now in there mid 20s. Both have connected with Survivor and stuck with it and deserve a shot at being a contestant Older people have dreams of what they would love to do as they get older, just like young kids have dreams of what they want to grow up to do. If anybody out there agrees with this, and has some way of letting CBS / Jeff Probst / Mark Burnett or the rest of the Survivor Team, please let them know you would like to see some older contestants get a chance to live their dreams.

So much for the Football Giants. They were unable to rebound from their dreadful 1 – 7 start, and will again miss the play-offs. It was a strange season as they were not as bad as their record would indicate, but were also not as good as they should have been. Hopefully they can end the season with a win against Dallas and then regroup for next season. As a Eli Manning fan, I have no issues with them giving it one more try next year with him. Through free agency and the draft, they should be able to fix issues with the offensive line, and improve the defence (One great pass rusher could really make them a contending team)

On a sad note, I saw that longting Lehigh Football Coach Andy Coen was forced to step down due to health issues. He was a great coach for the program, winning 5 Patriot League Championships in his 13 years. Wishing him all the best

Lehigh football coach Coen steps away to focus on health issue

Also, the Lehigh Men’s basketball team is off to a good start with big wins over Princeton and Arkansas State. Hopefully they can keep things going into Patriot League play, and earn a NCAA birth this year.

I finished reading the laters Dave Gurney book by John Verdon. I have really enjoyed reading the entire series.

Dave Gurney Books by John Verdon

Started a new Dean Koontz book (The Silent Corner – Jane Hawk #1). Have read almost all of Dean Koontz books and they never disappoint. He has written some of my favorite books (The Odd Thomas series, Watchers and Strangers among them).

And my daughter gave me “The Escape Artist” by Brad Meltzer for Christmas, which will be next on my list.

I hope everybody was able to take some time off and enjoy the Christmas Holiday with family and friends. I was able to take a nice hike / walk with a few friends and then enjoyed Christmas with my family


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Happy Thanksgiving to all

It’s been a while since I have written (other then some re-posts) and even longer since I have written about Survivor.   I have really enjoyed this season as the players have gone back to making bold moves to try and get themselves ahead in the game.  The past few seasons did get a bit stale as alliances were formed early and remained as the players without an alliance just sat back and got picked off one by one with really no resistance.   This season casting did a great job of finding players who were willing to cross boundaries and not just accept the  tribes they got placed on as a set group that they could never leave.   Also, they went and got some interesting people and not just game want to be famous people or  super fans who are really not that memorable.   In fact, I am having a hard time remembering the past few seasons winners (this from a fan from the beginning who use to be able to name all the winners from Season 1 onward).   The thing that makes Survivor great is the combination of the game and the charisma of the players.   When they find real life genuine people (starting with Richard Hatch, and following with the likes of
Rob Mariano, Benjamin “Coach” WadeOzzy Lusth, Parvati Shallow and countless others) who were memorable for their personality as well as their game play, they make the show so much more than just a reality show.  

I will always be a fan, watching each and every week, and will continue to apply until I eventually become a contestant and can see if I can become one of the many people who can call themselves a Survivor Champion.   

As far as other TV, there are a few new shows I am enjoying.   I really like “911” (I know, it really in its 2nd year, but I finally caught up so it feels like its new to me).  And I have to admit I am enjoying “God Friended Me” as a way to wind down after football on Sunday.   I am still watching both “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead” event though the original is getting a little bit to strung out.   Thinking back, I liked the original seasons better just due to the smaller cast and more thought provoking episodes.  I am giving “A Million Little Things” and “Manifest” a try and will see how long they can keep me interested.

Its was a strange year for my sports team.   The Mets were done by the All Star Game and I hate to admit, but I did tune them out most of the 2nd half.   Then both the NY Giants and Lehigh Mountain Hawks got off to dreadful starts.   The Giants have sparked a little excitement by winning their last 2 games after their 1 – 7 start, and if they can beat the Philadelphia Eagles next, things might start to get a bit interesting.   And after getting blow out in most games this season, the Mountain Hawks did win 2 of their last 3 including beating Lafayette in college football’s most played rivalry (154 games and counting).   

I did get to the movies and saw both “A Star is Born”, and “Bohemian Rhapsody”.   I really enjoyed both these movies.   As a lifetime Queen fan, it was fun to see the band in its early years.  And it reminded me (and  by the looks of it, many others) how great a band they are, and the number of songs they have that have become part of musical history (besides the title track).

And finally, I finished listening to Season 3 of Serial.  (Serial Podcast).   As with the past seasons, they do a great job and found this seasons premice (a year in the Cleveland Court System) very fascinating and eye opening.   I learned alot about a subject I really am not familiar with

And I started listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s new podcast Broken Record (Broken Record Podcast)   I love everything he does (books, podcasts) and this is a great listen.   

Wishing everybody out there a happy and safe Thanksgiving – Be sure to find the time to spend with friends, family, and love ones.   Remember to cherish what you have and don’t dwell on what you don’t have or can’t control.   Life is precious so enjoy it as much as you can

Will be back with more soon  (reading some good books to talk about)

Average Andy

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Brady Bunch meets Property Brothers


If you grew up in the 70s / 80s like me, you should set you VCRs now.    The real Brady Bunch House went up for sale earlier this year and was eventually bought by HGTV.    They are now planning to renovate the house back to its 70s style, and have gotten all of the original Brady Bunch Kids to help out.  I am a hugh Brady Bunch fan and enjoy watching the Property Brothers, so this is a must watch for Average Andy

Brady Bunch meets Property Brothers


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Happy Halloween by Helloween

A must listen on Halloween

More thoughts from Average Andy coming soon


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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2019

Here is the list of 2019 nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of fame


Kind of disappointed with this list.   Seem to be a lot of repeat nominees (9 of the 15) and the committee continues to show now love or even acknowledgement of 80’s rock acts (corporate rock, hard rock, or heavy metal).

Also, seems like the committee has an agenda to get certain bands in based on the nominees – Heard Alan Light on SiriusXM Feedback explaining how they only nominated one band in certain fields to make sure they didn’t split the vote with other similar bands  (i.e Def Leppard or the Zombies).  Why not nominate the most deserving and see what happens.

Congratulations to all the nominees, and lets see what happens, but going forward it may be time to get some new people on the committee who have a different view other than the same old rock critics (similar to movie critics) who a lot of times seem a bit to high on themselves.



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Couple of things for today

Was very glad to hear that Steve Perry has finally released new music after 25 years.   Really like the new song and looking forward to hearing the rest of the album when it is released.    Steve will be on with Eddie Trunk on Sirius Volume 106 today to talk about the album.   Should be a great listen

Steve Perry – No Erasin


And for something completely different – Was listening to the This American Life podcast while on a walk, and they had this fascinating story.


Give it read or listen to the podcast at https://www.thisamericanlife.org/

I miss writing for you and am looking forward to writing more soon




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What Makes a good Manager

As I watch the NY Mets spiral downward, I am torn on what the team should do.   Most of all I am torn on if its too early to get rid of the Manager Mickey Callaway or continue with him and his staff.   I admit that I thought it was time for Terry Collins to go after a successful run that did get the Mets to the World Series and back to back playoff appearances.    But last year he seemed to lose the team and they Mets were basically and afterthought after the All Star Break.    When the Mets hired Mickey Callaway, I thought he would come in breath some new energy into the team.   And when the Mets started the season 11 -1, they were the talk of the town.   And then they just stopped.  Since the 11 -1 start, the Mets are 17 -36 and have been hard to watch.  They cant hit, they can’t feild, and they look lethargic.  There is no energy or sense of urgency. (The season is close to 1/2)

Lately I have begun to wonder if the poor play is due to Manager or if the players are simply not that good.  The Mets have a long history of over hyping their players and  believing they are better than they actually are.   But even so, they are professional players so they have to have some talent.    So is it the Managers fault that the entire team seem to be having terrible years.  The more I watch, the more I think it is and that the Mets should make a change.

I realize it’s a short sample size but maybe Mickey Callaway was not ready to be a Manager.   Perhaps the Mets job is just not the right place and time for him to be a 1st time Manager.   Plenty of all time great Managers started off poorly and needed to learn how to become a Manager.   But in most cases, the teams they got their start with were not that good and they were not expected to do much (Joe Torre with the Mets,  Terry Francona with the Phillies, and even Bill Belichick with the Cleveland Browns).   So they had the liberty of managing for a few seasons with no expectations and were able to learn what works and what doesn’t, and what they needed to do to become better.   and based on the careers they went on to have, they appeared to have learned a lot and taken what they learned and their experiences to go on and win World Series and Super Bowls

But in Mickey Callaways’ case, the Mets are a know team.  They were expected to contend for at least a Wild Card spot.  Mickey Callaway was not hired as a gap manager to hold the fort while the Mets built towards the future.

Its funny how the NY Mets and the NY Football Giants both found themselves with Managers who were well respected and came with great recommendations,  but simply were not the right person for the job at the given time.   It took the Giants almost 2 years to realize this and ended up making a drastic move of firing Ben McAdoo in the middle of season to clean things up and refocus.   Maybe it’s time for the Mets to do the same.   This does not mean that Mickey Callaway or Ben McAdoo are bad people, or bad managers.  It’s just that they are not the people for the jobs at the present time.  Businesses evaluate and make changes all the time.  And the really successful businesses are the ones that are head of things and make hard moves before the masses.   It’s hard to admit mistakes and make tough decisions, but in the long run, the people who are able to move on from mistakes and bad decisions earlier than later are usually the ones who end up winning in the long run

Here is a recent piece from the NY Daily News with some similar thoughts

Mets and Mickey Callaway

Hope you have a great weekend

Will be back with more soon




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