Quick Update

Just want to share a link to a story that I read years ago and always remembered

Frederic Brown – “The Weapon”

Find it very timely with the discussions going on about guns


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Seasons End

Both The Amazing Race and Survivor ended there seasons this past week.  Both had enjoyable seasons and I am already looking forward to the fall when they start again

I really enjoyed the Amazing Race this season.  Was a little apprehensive when it was announced that the contestants would consist of team known for their on-line presence (You Tubers, and other On-Line video creators).   As mentioned before, I am never a big fan of Celebrity versions of any shows (was what ruined Who Wants to be a Millionaire), and feel the shows are at their best with average everyday people.   But was surprised how down to earth and normal this seasons famous contestants were.   Found myself really rooting for the them all.   Was a bit upset that Dana and Matt won, as I was rooting for the other 2 teams in the final 3 ahead of them.   But they ran a great race and deserved to win.

The final was a bit anticlimactic due to the challenge where they needed to jump off a building and grab the clue that was suspends in front of them.  I liked the challenge, but felt if separated the teams to much as only one team could go at a time, and once you missed it took a long time to try again.  Basically once Matt grabbed the clue, and both Korey and Sheri missed, the race was over.  There was no way for the other teams to catch up.  Add to that that the teams are now really smart and plan for the final challenge of remembering all the places that have been, and it lost some of the excitement.

Still, its such a fun show to watch as it shows the world in ways not usually portrayed in school or the media.  I really believe kids in school (and older folks as well) should be made to watch and be exposed to places that they have hopefully heard of but probably never seen, or have a set perception of.   The world is an amazing place and I thank all involved in The Amazing Race (The producers, the crew, the cast, and of course Phil Keoghan) for showing me the the wonders of the world each season

As for Survivor, it was a good, but a bit slow season.  Nobody really hit me as a great or memorable contestant.   Tai started off strong, but kind of got old to me.  Winner Michele Fitzgerald  (Congratulations to another winner from the great state of New Jersey- joining Tony Vlachos and Natalie Anderson) started off slow, and was basically a after though until the last few episodes.   If I had to vote on the final 3, I probably would have voted for Aubry, as I felt she played the best game, always being aware of what was going on, and making moves and decisions that helped her get the the end.  And she was one tough competitor, fighting in every challenge.

I didn’t really like the surprise twits of giving one of the final 3 a chance to vote out one of the jury members.  I felt is changed the core of the game (Being able to vote off your tribe mates,  while convincing them to vote for you to win).   I like when they change the game up (Tribal switches, Exile Island, and even the super idol this season).   These things keep the contestants from getting to comfortable with the same patterns at philosophy’s each season.    But changing the core of the game seems like a desperate move to create drama that doesn’t need to created.   I know Jeff Probst says they review each season for what works and what doesn’t.  Hopefully they see that this twist has more down sides than upsides and is not used in future episodes.

Speaking of Jeff Probst, he continues to  be one of the best Reality TV hosts, and does a great job with the live Reunion Show.   I shiver every time I think of the early seasons when CBS threw Btyant Gumbal out there whit no real connection to the show, and how they made a great decision on letting Jeff become the host for Season 5

Survivor Reunion Show Wiki

Looking forward to next season, and like the idea of pitting Older Generation X  Contestants (1961 – 1981, where Average Andy fits) against younger Millennials (1980 – 2000).   Should be interesting to see which group is better suited for the setting and challenges of Survivor.

Back to writing about other things in the next few weeks, including my take on Matt Harvey and what the Mets need to do with him.   Its more mental than anything.   He needs to get rid of Scott Boros, who has messed him up by convincing him he will be the highest paid pitcher of all time and putting to much pressure on him.  I think now every time Harvey gives up a run, or loses a game, his main concern is not the Mets, but that he just loss some bargaining power and a few million dollars of his big free agent contract.

He needs to step back and just have fun pitching.  He has the talent, and his big payday will come if he pitches like he is capable of.

Pictures of some of the cards I picked up at the Philly Non Sports Card Show next week to come as I am finishing up opening a few boxes of the Star Trek 50th set, and sorting through some of the free prom cards I picked up.   It was a fun show as usual



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Lots going on

Tonight is the Season Finale of The Amazing Race.   I have really enjoyed this season.   Of the 3 teams left, I’m routing for Tyler and Korey to win, but would not mind if Cole and Sheri were to win.   I love Cole’s attitude;  he is always positive and having a good time.  His comment about it not mattering if they got eliminated because he had the opportunity to ride those scooters in China is what the Amazing Race is really about.   I have always felt that the experience is worth more than the Million Dollars

As a show note, last week was one of the 1st times where they actually fooled me with the editing.   It felt like Burnie and Ashley were way ahead of Cole and Sheri, and I was shocked when they showed Cole and Sheri come up the stairs.

On Survivor, another contestant was medically eliminated from the game.  That was the 3rd person this season (and 2nd on the Jury) to leave and not be officially voted off.  Its not like the challenges have been super hard or dangerous.   Now its down to the final 4, with the finale next Wednesday.  My vote would be for Michele.   Mainly because I don’t really like Aubry or Cydney, and Tai has become annoying.    Nobody in the final 4 really played a super game this year. (Aubry probably played the game the most).    And with all the excitement of the Super Idol, the Idols in general did not have a big impact on the game.  And the advantage of the extra vote again was not utilized.   Just like the last few seasons, It has never been used to change anything.   Need to reevaluate it.  Maybe the advantage should be you get to stop somebody from voting.   That would be fun to see.

As mentioned last post, will be heading out the Allentown PA for the Philly Non Sport Show this weekend.  Will also be attending the Card Talk gathering on Sunday.  Will be discussion the recent acquisition of Non Sport Update by Beckett Media.  Will be interesting to see there vision for the magazine going forward.

The NY Mets are doing what they need to do on a long west coast trip.   Much more enjoyable the past few years then in the past where they would go 2 – 9 and limp back to CitiField.   It would be great if they could take 2 of 3 in Colorado, and have a 6 -5 road trip before taking on the Nationals next Tuesday.   Should be a good test an a lot of fun

Finishing up the books I’m reading / listening to and will try to write a review when Im done.

Was not able to listen to all of Journeys’ Albums as planned as the last 2 albums were released exclusively  by Wall Mart and are not available for streaming on Apple Music or other streaming services.  I did enjoy listening to the rest of the albums.   Going to start with a new artist next week.   Was thinking about trying Fleetwood Mac.   Will keep you updated.

Hope  everybody has a great weekend







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Time for another post

Sorry I haven’t written more.    I should force myself to find a few minuets during the week to get away from the real world and write.  Its good for the soul and helps in learning to let myself escape for a bit

Only a few more episodes of both Survivor and The Amazing Race.  Have really enjoyed both shows this year.   For Survivor, while there were no players who really stick out and I am really root for or against, there has been some interesting players who are playing a good games.  I do like Tai, but he is a bit over the top.   Of the 5 players left, I think I would like to see Michele win (and the fact that she is from New Jersey is a plus).   I do like to see Joe sticking around this far.   Don’t think he has any chance of winning since he really has not done much in the way of making any bold of big moves.   Same with Cydney who may be able to get to finals by winning challenges, but has not done enough to deserve the title of Sole Survivor.

As in the past, I really enjoy watching the Ponderosa Videos after each player is eliminated and sent to the jury.  Great to see the players in a real life environment (no longer in game play mode).    I also enjoy Jeff Probsts’ weekly column on Entertainment Weekly On-Line. Always gives some good insight from his prospective.

Its down to the wire on The Amazing Race.    My daughter is still happy that Tyler and Korey are still racing and can make the final 3.    I hope they make it as well and will be rooting for them to win the whole thing.   I have to admit that Cole has grown on me.  I love his attitude and hope he and his mom also make the final 3.  Should be an interesting final 2 episodes.

The NY Mets are playing some good ball  (although the bats have gone a bit silent the past few days;  including getting no-hit into the 7th inning against the Padres).   But with their pitching they should remain near the top of the N.L. East for the season.    While individual pitchers may have their ups and downs (Including Matt Harvey who needs to stop worrying about his big pay-day in 2 years and concentrate on pitching well now), they should not have stretches where they go 3 – 7.   Not having bad stretches is usually what separates the good teams from the bad.

Next week should be fun as the Mets play the Dodgers on the west coast.  Give me a chance to get some things done after work before listening the the game while going to sleep.   Always liked listening to games on the radio at night while in bed.  In the old days I would have my transistor radio, and have to hold it up and move it around as the sound faded in and out.  Now I just use the MLB App on my kindle and never miss a pitch.

Sad note as I just read that Rickey Smith, an American Idol contestant from Season 2 died in a car accident.  Was hit head on by a drunk driver.   He was a good singer and a funny guy.  I will always remember him and his “Hercules Hercules”.   RIP Rickey

Rickey Smith – American Idol Season 2

Next weekend is the 64th Annual Philly Non-Sports care show in Allentown, PA.   Been going twice a year for the past 15 years and always have a good time.  Looking to pick up some of the Star Trek 50th cards from Rittenhouse Archives, and well as some promo cards I need.  Will take some pictures and post some of the cards I pick up

64th Philly Non-Sports Card Show

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Cards

Finally, I was able to pick up a pair of tickets to see Guns and Roses this summer.   Decided that I should go and have a good time.   Many of my friends think we are to old, or that we should move on from the past.   Not me.  I’m looking forward to it.



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Im back

Been a while since I last wrote anything here.    Been busy at work and took a much needed vacation to recharge the batteries.

Since I last wrote:

Villanova won the NCAA Tournament – My wife won our free Yahoo Pick’em

Baseball Season started – Mets are starting to put things together after a slow start

Prince passed away at the age of 57 – At 49, this makes me cherish each day a bid more as I realize I am getting older

Neal, Nick, Debbie, and Scot were evacuated and voted off of Survivor and sent to Ponderosa as part of the Jury

Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl are still on the Amazing Race making my daughter happy

The Walking Dead season ended with a cliffhanger – Didn’t mind it as much as a lot of people.   I do think they played this season a little to safe (and cartoonish).  Gets a bit boring to see each character get caught, tortured then somehow get saved.

Fear the Walking Dead started – Have to admit I really like the latest episode.

Should have some free time this week to write more in depth

Leave you with a few videos – One of a song I had not heard in a long time, and one I just heard today for the 1st time.   Totally on the opposite side of the spectrum, but I enjoyed them both



Until next time





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Good News

Both Survivor and The Amazing Race have been renewed for another season.   Makes me happy that we will have at least 2 more seasons of both shows, and I still have a chance of becoming a contestant.

There was no Amazing Race last week and none tonight due to the NCAA Basketball Tournament on CBS.     Did catch a bit of the Villanova game last night.   Rooting for them to make the final 4.

I found last weeks episode of Survivor a little boring.   Nothing much happened as the tribes get ready for the merge.   Hopefully this will get things rolling, and add some excitement.   There are still 3 idols that can be played, and with the super idol, we could end up with some fascinating  tribal councils down the stretch.   I am also looking forward to the Ponderosa Videos once players start getting sent to the jury.   Find them a great companion to the show.     As stated before, I am not a big fan on reading things about Survivor or The Amazing Race on the internet (other than Jeff Probst’s weekly interview with EW).  I like to be surprised and experience the show as it happens instead of reading or seeing spoilers.

Only 2 episodes of The Walking Dead left this season.   While I still really enjoy the show, I feel it has started to become to predictable, and reminds me of some of the 1980 and 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger movies where he enters a room with lots of bad guys all trying to kill him, firing guns at him from all directions, and he casually shoots them all, and walks out without a scratch.   At some point they need to have luck go against some of the Walking Dead characters.   Not that I want some of them to die, but at least get hurt or suffer a little.

Saw this on my way to work.  Thought the logo was kind of freeky


Would you by your produce from this guy?


And finally, here is a picture of Buzzwinkle,  a moose in Anchorage Alaska that would eat crab-apples, get drunk and wander around town.   Heard about him while listening to This American Life on NPR, and it made me laugh.

Remembering Buzzwinkle the Moose


Rest in Peace Buzzwinkle



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Get out of bed. You’ll feel better

Stealing the title of this post from a story I just read on Facebook.   Very inspiring story about Lisa G,  a radio personality who found herself out of a job,  but ended up finding a new job by reminding herself to “Get out of bed. You’ll feel better”.    Kind of how I felt this morning after staying up way past my bed time (1:00 AM EST) watching the Seton Hall Pirates lose to Gonzaga in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament.  After playing great basketball down the stretch, and winning the Big East Tournament for the 1st time in 23 years, I really thought they were going to make some noise and win a few games.   But they never got into any sort of rhythm and seemed effected by the high altitude in Denver.  No excuses, but the this loss hurt.    Add this to losses by Colorado and USC, and it was not a good day of basketball.

On the positive side, it frees up my weekend to get out side and work on a new Survivor video.   Going to try something different and focus more on telling a story and explaining what I would bring to the show, and why CBS,  Jeff Probst, and the Survivor producers are missing out by not giving me a chance.  While watching Wednesdays episode, I again was reminded why I love the show so much.   Due to Caleb being removed from the game, they switched things up and ended up sending Julie back to camp by herself.   While most saw that as a big disadvantage, I saw it as a personal challenge, and a great opportunity to  reflect on the game and live in general.  Hopefully it helps here when she rejoins the rest of the contestants.    I think it would be exhilarating to spend a few days completely isolated from the world with nothing to do but think and reflect.

As for the Anna getting voted off, I didn’t even really remember who she was before this episode, so no big loss.    I know the show is edited to show certain people in certain ways, but if there is nothing that makes somebody stick out, or interesting to the viewers, there is not much that even editing can do.   She might have been a great person, and played the game really well,  but just didn’t connect with me (or many others from what I have seen and read).     I like Tai, and hope he made the right choice by not playing his idol.  He could have played it to save Anna and had Peter sent home.    It’s allays a tough call,  but I would always lean towards protecting myself, instead of saving others.   You never know who’s telling the truth or who could turn against you before the next tribal council.

As for the Super Idol, was wondering how it will work in situations where they don’t read all of the votes because somebody had enough votes to be eliminated.  I’m guessing they go through the votes and the remaining votes are also for the eliminated person.   But say next tribal, Tai and Neil get together and create the Super Idol.   Then at tribal council, the votes are read and the 1st 4 votes are for Tai ( 4 out of 7 are enough) and Jeff starts to say “The Tribe has spoken” and Tai stands and plays the Super Idol.   He is now safe.  But what of the remaining votes.   If 2 are for Tai, and 1 is for whoever Tai voted for, would that person go home.   What if the remain 3 votes were for 3 separate people?   Just things I think  about.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

I’m up to album 8 (Frontiers) of my journey through Journey.   Really having fun listening to how the band changed from a sort of prog rock band to a pop rock band, all while maintaining a bit of Santana felling (coming from guitarist Neil Schon, who was in Santana band before Journey).   You can really hear the difference once Steve Perry joined and then took over as the main singer.    They really have a lot of great songs, and I have really enjoyed listening.    One thing that this has reminded me of (and I had the same feeling when listening to all the Genesis Albums) is that there is a lot of music out there that does not get any airplay, and probably is only listened to by die hard fans.  Some of it is really good.

Thanks for reading and will be back soon


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