Wishing You a Great Day

I drive a lot to work (around 65 miles each way).    During my drive a listen to a lot of radio (regular terrestrial radio, as well as SiriusXM).   I start by listening to  The Hawk Morning Show with Rick Michaels (99.9 The Hawk).   Like the daily Dead Guy in the Envelope contest each morning.   Then as I travel east, and start to lose the signal, I will switch over to The Morning Jolt with Jim Monaghan.   Have been listening to 105.5 WDHA as long as I can remember growing up in New Jersey.    They still play the best mix of old and new rock music.   As I get to work, I will also switch over to 101.1 CBS FM and check out Scott Shannon.   I know I am old school, but I like listening to live DJS, and the randomness of regular radio.  Throughout my drive, if a song comes on that really don’t like,  I will then switch over to Volume Channel 106 on Sirius and see what They are discussing.   I like listening to Nik Carter and Lori Majewski on ‘Feedback’ as they are usually talking about music and bands that I can relate to.

On my way home, it been Mike Francesa on WFAN as long as I can remember.  It’s crazy that the FAN is celebrating 30 years of Sports Radio, and I have been listening from the beginning.   Side Note – I am really looking forward to ESPNs 30 for 30 on Mike and the Mad Dog on July 18th

I really don’t know what I am going to listen to when Mike retires at the end of the year.   Will be really interesting to see who they choose to replace him (whether they stay in house or bring somebody in from the outside.

And finally its back to Volume Channel 106 on Sirius for Debatable with Mark Goodman and Alan Light.   Again been watching / listening to Mark Goodman all they way back to 1981 when MTV premiered.   Where has the time gone

Also if there happens to be a Mets game on, I will usually switch over to 710 WOR (AM) and  Howie Rose and Josh Lewin  The Mets have been so bad lately that it’s a tough listen but no matter how bad they are,  listening to a Mets game on the radio (in my car, at home, or when going for a evening walk) is very relaxing and makes me happy.

Back to the title of this Blog “Wishing You a Great Day”-  I have started a thing, where for every song that comes on the radio during my dive, I think of the 1st person that pops into my head, and wish them a great day.   It a great way to think of all my friends and family and see how they remind me of a particular song.   Sometimes a song will remind me of multiple people (I choose the 1st person) , and other times a song will remind me of nobody.   But for each song eventually narrow it down to 1 person and wish them best wishes and a great day.    Anybody reading this should give it a try.   It not only makes me feel happy but the world needs more love and positive thoughts and I’m doing my best to help

That’s it for now.


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Bad News Bears Autos / Info

Still need a few more Bad News Bears auto cards from 2013s Panini Golden Age set

They show up on e-bay now and then, but are a bit to expensive for me at the present time.   Once I win Survivor, these (along with a few other cards that I have been watching over the years but cannot afford) will be joining my collection.

I am also still trying to find any recent info on Chris Barnes, the actor who played my favorite character of all time, the great Tanner Boyle.   He left acting after “The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training”, and has not been heard since.   Would just like to tell him that his character has made me laugh, smile and enjoy life for the past 40 years, and for that I am truly grateful.   Hope all is well Chris Barnes wherever you are and hope you are happy and healthy.


Have a great weekend


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Horsey McHorseface wins 1st race

Thought this was pretty funny

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A Fulfilling Survivor Finale

Note – This was actually writen on Friday, May 26th, but I forgot to hit update, so its been sitting in my draft folder.

Another winner of Survivor was crowned on Wednesday, and I would like to congratulate  Sarah Lacina on playing a great game.   She made all the right moves, and was able to convey to the jury why she deserved their votes.   I was happy to see her win over Brad Culpepper (Who I was not a big fan of).    Also was cool to see Troy “Troyzan” Robertson realize he was not going to win, and sit back and enjoy the fact that he made it 39 days.

Survivor: Game Changers Wiki

I liked the way the changed up the final Tribal Council to an open forum instead of having each individual Jury member ask a question.   Though it gave everybody a better way to determine why moves were made, and who played the best game.   But I thought the Michaela ask the best question to Brad;  “Tell me something that you learned about me”.   As Brad stated to stumble with his answer, my daughter turned to me and said that Sarah would win.  And I agreed.   When I am a contestant on Survivor, I will make it my number one priority to try and get to know all other contestants on a personal level, as it always seems to come down to how much you listened and really payed attention to the jury members while they were still in the game.    They jury seem to forgive you for betraying them more than if you disrespect them.

Survivor will be back and I am already looking forward to next season with a new group of contestants.

Sat down to what I thought was the season finale of The Amazing Race last night, only to realize the final is next week, and this was a regular episode to get down to the final 3.   I was really enjoying this season with 5 teams left but with Becca and Floyd going last week, and then Matt and Redman going this week, I am left with 3 teams that I really don’t care for.    I will be rooting for London and Logan to win, as they seem the most grateful and excited.   Both Brook and Tara just complain and complain and it gets really annoying to listen to.   Should be a good finale and am very happy that CBS has renewed The Amazing Race for next season.   Hopefully they will go back to regular contestants as that is what made the show so good – Real people given the opportunity to race around the world.

Here is a cool podcast from  “Amazing Race” executive producers Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri

Amazing Race Producers

Hope everybody has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.   Spend time with family and friends and relax and enjoy the company


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Another season of “The Amazing Race”

I really enjoyed this season of the Amazing Race.  Was a bit sceptical about the concept (Blind Dates), but once the race started, I almost forgot about that and just enjoyed the teams run around the world.    While not a big fan of Brooke & Scott, they ran a good race and deserved to win.    I was rooting for London & Logan as they seemed to be having the most fun and enjoying their time on the race.

I am always amazed how all the contestants on The Amazing Race (and Survivor) can so quickly put losing behind them and realize they are lucky to have the opportunity to participate.   Most of the contestants end up long time friends with the other racers or survivors,  which I find really cool.   Also, it interesting to hear that most of the contestants  say the prize money is just a bonus for being able to go on the adventure of a lifetime and they would do it again in a heartbeat.

As a fan of both The Amazing Race and Survivor from the beginning,  I have always felt the same way.   That the prize money would be great, but I would do it for free if I could just for for the experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to get to the end and win as much as anybody, and would probably be upset to be eliminated early or being voted off before the merge.   I want the full experience from start to finish

I have applied in the past, and will continue to apply for as long as the shows continue to air.    Eventually my application videos will hit the right note with the producers and they will realize that I would make a great contestant due to my enthusiasm, and my knowledge of the shows.   The television audience would love me, as I am the perfect fit for what I see in posts of Facebook and online forums.   See a lot of things like “Bring back average people who made the shows so good in the beginning”,   “Love the shows, but don’t  need to see the same people season after season, bring back average people”

So if anybody is out there listening,  who better to cast on a upcoming season season of The Amazing Race, or Survivor then AverageAndy himself –  Just an average guy living the good live who is looking for an adventure of a lifetime.

Have a great weekend everybody and I will write again next week


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RIP Roger Moore (James Bond)

Just want to mention the passing of Roger Moore who played James Bond in 7 Films

Roger Moore Jame Bond Films

The James Bond movies were a big part of my youth, and Roger Moore was the one who played him while I was growing up.   I remember watching the James Bond movies on HBO and how cool they were.

I also had a friend who worked for Radio Station WPLJ in New York when “A View to A Kill” came out and got to go to a special screening.


Roger Moore also signed a lot of Non-Sports Cards for Rittenhouse Archives James Bond sets over the years.


I’ll leave you with the opening scene from “The Spy Who Loved Me” which still today is one of my favorite scenes from a movie.

RIP Mr. Moore.   You will be missed

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Only 1 Week left for Survivor and Amazing Race

Next week bring the season finales of both Survivor and The Amazing Race (good to see that CBS renewed the Race for another year).

I have rally enjoyed both shows this Season.    Found the season of Survivor very entertaining.  It was interesting to see how some of the returning players changed they way they played, while others played the same game as before.   It didn’t seem to matter as most of the players voted off noted how they were voted off at the same spot as their previous seasons.

I watched Machaelas’ Ponderosa Video and loved here attitude.  While not the biggest fan of hers during the season, she jumped way up in my book and would actually like to see her return again in the future.      Also saw that she mentioned she would like to go on “The Amazing Race”.     I’m available and  would volunteer in a heartbeat to go with her.   (Maybe there is somebody out there reading this who can help make that happen;  Hey you never know)


Speaking of the Amazing Race,  I think this has been one of the best seasons in a while. I am kind of sad that its been airing on Thursdays at 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM.   Maybe they will move it back to Sundays (I had now issues with it being delayed now and then due to Football;   60 Mins has followed Football for 40+ years, and seems to do OK)

As far as other TV shows that I watched this season, I really enjoyed Designated Survivor (I’ve been a fan of Kiefer Sutherland going back to his early films such as “The Lost Boys” and “Flatliners”  as well as his TV shows (“24” and the under appreciated “Touch”)

Kiefer Sutherland IMDB

I also actually liked Kevin James in “Kevin Can Wait”.     Took a while to get into it, and it could be stupid at times (and a bit male chauvinistic) , but it was a great escape from things for 1/2 hour.

Also still enjoying both The Middle and Modern Family after all the years they have been on.    Still smarter and funnier than most other shows

As far as sports – big weekend for my NY Mets.    Need to at least take 2 or 3 from the Angels at home and straighten things out or its going to be a long summer.




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