Things never change

Back in 1991, Two friends and I decided to quit our jobs and go explore the United States. The original plan was to simply drive west from New Jersey and see where the road would take us. As we started to come up with ideas, and places we wanted to see (My 2 were Devils Tower, Wyoming (From “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”), and the city of Astoria, Oregon (Setting for “Kindergarten Cop”). My friends choose Yellowstone Park, and the Grand Canyon among there choices. We also decided to go to a bunch of baseball games, as well as stop by and see a friend on Boulder Colorado. As we started planning , we realized that we needed reservations to most National Parks and you had to make them nearly a year in advance. We decided to make out adventure more of a scheduled trip across the United States, so we rented a Mini Van and after some negotiations and assistance from one of my friends mother, (You need to be 25 to rent a Mini Van and you can only rent it for a maximum of a 1 month; which was not enough time for our trip), we got things settles and in July of 1991 we were on our way.

We did a lot of driving / camping / site seeing as we drive across the Northern United States on the way out to California (Where we needed to return our rented Mini Van and then re-rent it right back) and then across the Southern United States on the way back (including stopping in Boulder to see a friend, and take a bunch of his stuff with us since he was getting ready to move back east)

Eventually the together time and expenses caught up to as and we decided to cut the trip a bit short and after hiking down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, and then back up, we decided to head straight home.

As were were driving through Kansas, we were pulled over by state troopers. I don’t remember why they pulled us over, all I know if they told us to get out of the car, and they immediately split us up, one going in from of the van, one going behind the van, and one going on the shoulder of the road. I remember the office telling me that the were checking for drugs since we had NJ Plates, and any young kids driving through Kansas must be smuggling drugs. After questioning us individually, they made us empty out the van as they went through our stuff (which was basically tents, coolers, and dirty clothes. We got a little nervous when they started going through our friend for Boulders stuff, since we had no idea what was in it (Luckily it was clean). Then an officer asked me about a small locked box they found. I told him it had travelers checks (For those to young to remember – Travelers checks were used as money when traveling before there were ATMs; they could be tracked and returned if stolen, which was far more safe then carrying around a lot of cash). I also had some film (again, this was 1991, there were no digital cameras), as well as receipts and reservations needed for our trip). He made me unlock it, and then he flicked it open with a stick and ran back (like he was expecting it to explode). After about 30 min, they told us we were good to go, and left, leaving us to put everything back into the van before heading on our way. No Thank You, or any other explanation

This is where the title of this post comes in. Saw a story yesterday about the Delaware State University women’s Lacrosse Team bus being pulled over and searched for drugs. as they returned from a lacrosse tournament in Florida. The police searched through everybody’s stuff and kept reminded them that in Georgia, drugs are still illegal, if they found any drugs or devices used to smoke drugs that they would be in trouble. As I read this I though of our trip and the incident listed above. To make things even more similar, one of the girls had a package that she had gotten from a relative while at the lacrosse tournament and was told to wait until she got home to open it. The police questioned her about it, an then took it and opened it and went through it looking for drugs (it was actually a graduation present of jewelry).

We were pulled over for being young kids driving a van through Kansas (not necessary racial profiling), and while annoying, never felt threatened, or traumatized, and actually can look back at this and laugh

These women were pulled over for racial profiling, and according to what I read, some of them were pretty shook up and traumatized for being accused of things without any real merit.

You would think that after 31 years that state police would have better things to do then to racially profile people driving down the highway, and treat them like criminals and assume they may be running a drug ring out of there school bus. This is why there is such distrust among people and the police. Pull people over if you want, but if you treat people with respect and dignity (It wasn’t like this was a supped up sports car with tinted windows going 90 mph down the highway, it was a College Bus), things like this do not need to become major stories.

Thanks for listening. I will try and remember / track down some of the things we saw / did on our cross country trip and post them soon

Remember that there is a new episode of Survivor tonight. Getting intense and we closer to the end


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Survivor Recap – Everybody Lies

It always amazes me on Survivor (and Big Brother) when people get upset when somebody lies to them to help progress their game. Especially those who lie to everybody else to progress their own game. You would think going into the show, that you would understand that everybody is going to lie, and make your decisions not only on what’s best for your own game, but also on the assumptions that others are going to lie to better their game. So when somebody walks up to you and says “I heard your name being mentioned for tribal tonight”, in the back of your mind you need to be thinking if this is true or not before reacting.

Its also funny watching people think they are really smart and will try to outsmart people by lying and telling them they found and advantage or an immunity idol. This never seems to work. Once people ask to see the advantage or the idol, and you give an excuse, or try to come up with some story about how you want to keep it hidden, people see right through you, and now you become much less trustworthy, and a bigger target. While there are times to lie, you need to have it be part of a overall plan, and not just a desperate move to try and save yourself.

One of the many reasons I want to be a contestant is to see what really goes on between the tribemates before, during, and after Tribal Council. I’m sure there are lots of conversations and strategies thrown out that we never get to see on TV. Its just hard to believe that people don’t try to prove or disprove things that they hear and simple accept everything. I think I would always go up to people and tell them what I heard, and just ask them for the truth. Sometime being honest is better than lying

Going way back to early seasons of Big Brother, I remember watching Dr. Will nicely telling people that he was going to vote for them, that he was sorry, but that’s just the way it is. What was interesting is that people would thank him for letting them know as they were voted off and left the house. They were not mad at him, and even voted for him to win. Again honesty is better than lying.

Not to sad to see Hei go home. He fell into the trap of thinking he was making all the decisions and had an easy road to the finals. He forgot that its a game and everybody else is also trying to win.

The more I watch, the more I want to play – Not just for the money, or the adventure, but to experience the interaction with other people and see if its really that hard to read them to see if there lying.

AverageAndy (Future Survivor Winner)

PS – Was told its better to apply in the fall then now. Will need to verify this before sending my next application

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Random Stuff

New York Mets

Glad to see the NY Mets off to a good start. Although they have gotten off to hot starts the past few years, only to fall apart in the middle of the summer, this year feels a bit different. I think Buck Showwalter will be able to keep the team hungry and focused. And having an owner in Steve Cohen who will spend money if needed to improve the team.

New Your Giants

Usually I don’t get to excited about the NFL Draft, but it looks like the Giants picked up some good players who should step in and help. Hopefully with a new General Manager and Head Coach, they Giants can put an improved offense on the field and avoid getting of to bad start. See you in September.


Been a while since I listed some of the shows I watched / am watching.

I am a bit old school and still watch some shows on network TV

Survivor (CBS) – The King of all Reality Shows

The Black List (NBC) – Still really enjoy this each week
The Endgame (NBC) – Kept me entertained. Hopefully there will be a Season 2

A Million Little Things (ABC) – Guilty pleasure

9-1-1 / 9-1-1 Lone Star (FOX) – Some of the things are over the top but keeps me interested

Severance (AppleTV) – Very strange and entering show

Picard (Parmount+) – Really enjoying Season 2 (Almost done, and looking forward to Season 3)

The Book of Boba Fett (Disney) – Really like how they have continued the Star Wars franchise

Also enjoyed Saturday Night Live this season (for the most part, there are still to many dumb skits)


Congratulations to this years inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Eminem, Dolly Parton, Duran Duran, Lionel Richie, Pat Benatar, Eurythmics, and Carly Simon
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Judas Priest, Harry Belafonte, Elizabeth Cotten
Allen Grubman, Jimmy Iovine, Sylvia Robinson

I’m happy with this years list. Unlike the past few years, where they seemed to push obscure acts and critical favorites, this years inductees are more mainstream and recognizable.

Its Wednesday, and that means another episode of Survivor tonight. I will be back tomorrow with my take and who I think will be the sole survivor this season


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Survivor – Still the best

I am really enjoying Season 42 of Survivor. Not just the scenery, challenges, and rewards, but the way the contestants are playing. Because we were able to watch Season 41 and have an insight into what twists and turns are coming, this season feels like we have an inside view of what’s going to happen before the players do. Add the in game narratives by Jeff Probst and its been a fascinating season to watch. Also, I like that the producers of Survivor have stuck to their words, and have made changes to the casting, adding a much more diverse cast in recent seasons. Add to that the current discussions of race going on throughout the US and it makes this season the perfect show for current time.

When Survivor started, the cast was made up of average people without much knowledge of what they were getting into. The same was true for Big Brother, as well as shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. This made the show and the contestants relatable to the average person. I remember thinking how cool it was that anybody had a chance to be a contestant. Just fill out the form, or call a number and answer some trivia questions, and you had the same chance as everybody else. But then the shows started to get popular, and people started to see them as a vehicle to start / enhance their careers in the entertainment industry. Also, casting started to change who they selected with more of an eye to who would be good on TV and bring in higher ratings. This was interesting for a while, but started to feel much to forced and scripted. The things that made these shows popular and interesting were slowly removed for gimmick and Celerity Editions that kind of ruined the spirit of the shows.

Survivor / Big Brother were able to sustain this for a while, while shows like Millionaire and American Idol started to loose viewer who no longer saw the shows as representing themselves and most average people, but instead tailored to celebrities and want-to-be actors.

There were also some rumblings, and discussions about how African Americans were under represented on some shows. In order to try and help, the producers of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, changed there casting procedures. Originally, anybody could call a number at a given time and answer questions. If you were fast enough, and got enough right, you were put into a pool of contestants that would compete against each other during the show to see who could answer questions the fastest. The winner of this would then get to sit in the hot seat and compete for the million dollars. There were complaints that white males had an advantage because they played more trivia, or had faster reflexes because they played more video games. At one point the host Regis Philbin even pleaded for more women and minorities to call in. It took 192 contestants before the 1st African American made the hot seat

I was always torn on this. I can see tweaking things to make them fair to everybody of any race or ethnicity. But maybe some groups of people just don’t like trivia than others. Or some groups of people are not as interested in game shows as others. And this could be for a large variety of reasons (some controllable and some not). Poorer people might tend to have less access to phones or television, while rich people may just feel its not worth there time since they already are well off. Some trivia topics are always going to favor one group over another.

Fast forward to few years back when the the topic of race became a national issue. Not that is wasn’t, and still is a polarizing topic going way back, but with the killing of young black youths by white police officers brought things to the masses. This led to discussions and much more awareness which I feel is a good thing. Black people deserve to be treated as fairly as everybody else without bias. This brings us to the latest episode of Survivor and a fascinating tribal council.

The contestants were randomly split into 2 groups of 5 and after a immunity competition where one member of each team won immunity, bot groups when to Tribal Council separately. IN the 1st triable council, we saw the 1st member of the jury Chenelle, who is African American, and was voted out last week. The 1st group at tribal council proceeded to vote out Roxroy, who also is an African American. To me, in both these evictions, the players were voted out due to how they were playing the game and how they were perceived by the rest of the tribe. We did not see or hear any references to race being any kind of factor. When the 2nd group walked into tribal council, Drea looked and realized that Roxroy had been voted out, and that made the first 2 member of the jury African American. She was visibly upset and told Jeff Probst that it always seem that African American players get voted off early, and that she would play her hidden immunity idol to avoid being the 3rd African American in a row to be voted out. Maryanne, who is also African American joined here and said she would play her hidden immunity Idol as well and that there was no way she could vote for Chennell strictly based on principle and pride for here African American heritage. There was then a good discussion on how race becomes part of the decisions both consciously and subconsciously.

As a white male, growing up in a mainly white rural area, I cant say that race has ever been a hindrance to me. And while I will never be truly able to understand what if feels like to be part of a discriminated group, I think watching and listening to the discussions and decisions players make on Survivor (and similarly on last season of Big Brother, where and all African American Alliance was formed to get a black winner, with several moves and decisions made to advance this agenda, over moves based on friendships and trust), are important to study and learn.

I am happy and proud that CBS, Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst, and all the Producers and others in charge of Survivor and Big Brother have not shied away from these and other tough subjects, but have openly displayed and discuss them. Job well done

As we get towards the end of Season 42, I will be submitting another audition video. Its crazy to think that I have been watching and applying to Survivor for over 22 years. Some of this years contestants were not even born when Survivor premiered, and will never get to experience having to download and fill out the application forms (some up to 8 pages), figuring out how edit and create a 3 minute VHS video, going to a camera store to get an official passport photo, and then finally racing to the post office to mail everything to CBS / Survivor by the stated deadline. There were also some early open casting calls where up to 350 people showed up to apply

Early Survivor Open Casting Audition (NY Time Pay Site – Sorry, will try and find an open site)

If you’ve read this far, thanks for taking the time to read this post. Hope you enjoyed it

And finally if you happen to know anybody who could help in getting me (AverageAndy) closer to becoming a future contestant, let me know.

Hope all is well, and have a great day

AverageAndy – Because the world (and certain Reality Shows) need an average guy

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Quick note – Then back tomorrow after a new Survivor tonight

Sad to see that Randy Rand of the band Autograph passed away. While they never hit it big, the bands song “Turn Up The Radio” was a massive MTV Hit and still remains on most 80’s playlists today

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Awesome Transatlantic Weekend

Was able to catch the 1st 2 shows of the band Transatlantic’s 2022 Tour last weekend. Transatlantic is a progressive rock supergroup consisting of Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Roine Stolt, and Pete Trewavas. (for this tour they also added Ted Leonard)

They don’t tour to often (as the members are part of other groups), so when they do, I try to catch a show. Fridays show was at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA – Its a bit north of Philadelphia and about a 1 1/2 hour drive. The drive was worth it as the band was great and they played both parts of their latest album (The Absolute Universe) aw well as a medley of older songs. Great to see bassist Pete Trewavas jumping around and having a great time, since he just played 3 shows the weekend before in Poland with his main group Marillion (Who are one of my all time favorite bands).

I went with a few friends of mine who are progressive rock fans and who I get together with every now and then. We were thinking of going to see the next show on Saturday night at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, NJ, and as luck would have it, both myself and one of my friends won a pair of tickets by entering on a Facebook post by the Wellmont Theater. So on Saturday, off we went again. The Saturday show was just as great and fun as the Friday show. The band sound just a great, (and seemed bit more relaxed after the opening night show), and the background graphics really popped.

Both nights were long (they played for almost 3 hours both shows) and I figured I would be tired for Easter Sunday, but I felt good and enjoyed Easter brunch with family at my Mother-In-Laws. Was a good way to end the holiday weekend.

If you get a chance to see Transatlantic on this tour, or on the “Cruise to the Edge” that follows you will not be disappointed.

Below are some photos I took of the venues and the shows.

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Great Episode and some other thoughts

Really enjoying this season of Survivor, and really liked this weeks 2 hour episode. Even though you know what was going to happen, and have mixed feeling about the hour glass twist, the way the show played out, it was a great watch. Have yo admit, the show is always better when players I like survive for another week. I was rooting for Tori and was psyched when she won individual immunity. I also think Jonathan is one of the best contestants in a while, and glad that he stayed as well.

While I still think the hourglass reward is a bit to much (Not a big fan of any challenge, rewards, or advantages that are just random and the player / players have no control of their fate. If somebody gets blind sided, or becomes a target based on how they play the game and interact with the other players, then so be it. But if the outcome is just random (or manipulated like when they added the final 4 fire challenge and Christine Hofbeck got ousted after playing a great game, or when they allowed Chris Underwood to spend to much time with the Jury before reentering the game and getting cheap jury votes), it leaves a bitter taste.

I love how the game has evolved, and how they keep the players guessing, but you need to let the players determine the outcome, on there own, and not due to some made up twist. When the producers and Jeff Probst give me a shot, and I’m a contestant, I hope that I can be judged on my game play, and not be voted off due to something total out of my control.

Still, last weeks 2 hour episode was some of the best TV in a while and enthusiastically looking forward to see how this season plays out

The New York Mets have their home opener today after a solid 5 – 2 road trip to start the season. So far they look pretty good and as long as the bull pen doesn’t implode they should be able to remain a relevant team throughout the season. If players like Dom Smith and Jeff McNeil can have bounce back years, and new editions Mark Canha, Starling Marte, and Eduardo Escobar perform to their potential, it should be a fun and exciting season

Need to mention the passing of Gilbert Gottfried. A funny guy who was well know and respected in the comedy world, he will be missed. Getting harder and harder as people from my youth are passing away way to fast and way to young. Makes me realize how precession the time we have is,

Here are a couple of random songs that I though of today. They just make me feel happy

With the Survivor finale just around the corner, baseball being ack, and finally getting some nice weather on the east coast, its getting me fired up for a great summer of 2022. Wishing the best for everybody and remember to laugh and keep smiling.


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Enough with the gimmicks

I have been a Mets and baseball fan all my life. Some of my earliest memories are watching the Mets lose to the Oakland A’s in the 1973 World Series. I have other great memories of watching the Mets games and Kiner’s Korner with Ralph Kiner on Channel 9 (WOR) and listening to Bob Murphy on 660 WFAN (The nations 1st all sports talk show). I remember rooting for players like Ed Kranepool, Wayne Garrett and Bud Harrilson when the Mets were a bad team, and players like Cary Carter, Daryll Strawberry and Keith Hernandez when they were a good team and won the 1986 World Series.

Year after year I have watched the Mets on TV and Listened to the Mets on the radio, and I can’t remember one time thinking “The game is way to long”, or “The game is way to slow”. Today, you won’t see me saying “Pete Alonso flied out to left, but he had a good exit velocity and launch angle”, or “Did you see when Brandon Mino ran 32 ft. in 3.5 seconds and almost got to that fly ball”

This leads me the TV Coverage for the start of the 2022 MLB Season.

The Mets 1st game was on SNY NY and was a joy to watch. The broadcasting crew of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling have been doing Mets together for the past 16 Years and are always entertaining. their knowledge of the Mets (Gary did Mets games on Radio before moving to TV, and both Keith and Ron played for the Mets and were part on the 1986 Championship team), and baseball in general make it a great watch.

The Mets 2nd Game was on Apple TV+ as part of a new deal signed with MLB. Lets just say is did not go well. Besides the issues with streaming (low quality, choppy and pixelated), the overall broadcast just seemed 2nd rate. The graphics looked old and tired, and then they put up these crazy statistics on things like % to get a hit, or % to get and RBI. Total worthless and meaning less. Imaging watching a Football game and every play they tell you the odd of getting a 1st down, or odd of scoring. The great things about sports (especially baseball) is the randomness and craziness of things that can happen at any time. None of these is based on statistics. Would you have ran out a places a bet if you were told the odds of Steven Kwan going 5 for 5 within his 1st 5 games was 5,000 to 1. I feel this kind of takes away from the game. Just let them play and announce what’s happening.

Only watched a little of the ESPN Monday Night Game between the Yankeed and the Rd Sox There were 2 separate broadcasts, the normal one (Which was not that good) and the KROD broadcast with Alex Rodrigues and Michael Kay trying to cash in on the success of the Monday Night Football Manning cast, where Peyton and Eli watched and commented on the game. It kind of worked for football, but not that much for baseball. I will be interesting to see how it does for this weeks Atlanta Braves / San Diego Padres game. My bet would be not as well as they think – Maybe Apple TV+ can put up odds of the upcoming Sunday ratings being better or worse than their Friday Night Game this week (Tampa Ray’s vs Chicago White Sox)

In general with all the watching options (Local TV, Cable Networks, ESPN, Apple TV+, Peacock) they have watered down the on-air and behind the scenes talent. Like all professions, there are the top who are really good at what they do, and the bottom, who need time to better there craft (It they really care and have the desire). You cant have 5+ different broadcast teams and expect them all to be great. But with all the money invested, you do have the right to expect them to be half-way decent.

Hopefully every service gets better as the season goes on, and I can get back to watching (and enjoying) the coverage of the Mets and baseball in general. Its a great sport on its own, so let be

More thoughts to come soon


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USA Soccer, Survivor 42

A friend of mine invited me join him in Orlando, Florida last weekend to go see the USA Men’s Soccer team play Panama in a World Cup Qualifying Match. He was paying for the hotel (AirBnB) and I had some Airline credit due to a trip being cancelled during the pandemic. So while I’m not the biggest soccer fan (I like watching game now and then), I decided to take the trip. I am really glad I did. The place we stayed was just a few blocks from downtown Orlando, and about a mile from Exploria Stadium (Home of the MLS Orlando City SC). I knew my friend was really into soccer, but didn’t realize he belonged to soccer message groups and listened to The Scuffed Soccer Podcast . I also didn’t realize that there were a bunch of tailgates and activities planned before and after the game.

I had a great time catching up with my friend as we walked / lyfted around Orlando going to some cool bars, a pickup soccer game, and awesome tailgates with die hard soccer fans. I was asked a bunch of times how long I had been following Team USA and what my “Handle” was on all the message boards. I met people from California, Washington, Iowa, Texas, Louisiana and more who all made the trip to Orlando to root on the team. Everybody was super nice and a great time was had.

The game itself was exciting with the USA beating Panama 5 – 1. It practically assured that the USA team would qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Doha, Qatar this winter. (Note: the USA team did officially qualify for the World Cup despite losing to Costa Rica 0 – 2 last night)

I really enjoyed Orlando, and how cool it was to be able and walk from where we were staying in the suburbs into the hear of the city. Much different then in the NY City area when their is no real suburbs.

Here are a few photos I took before my phone died

I am really enjoying this season of Survivor. Its fun to watch when you know about some of the advantages coming before the players do (Due to filming back to back episodes). I haven’t been upset with the players voted off so far (None really resonated with me). Usually I have a favorite who is voted off early, and then have to find somebody else to root for. I have to say, Jonathan Young has a chance to become a big fan favorite. He is dominating in the challenges, and seems to be well liked. That’s a good combination to have early and should get him to the merge. From there if he adjusts his thinking a bit by listening instead of dominating, he could go all the way.

Its infesting how quickly people can change there mind and opinion about somebody. When I am on the show, I hope I would be able to read people and know who is lying (I know everybody lies at some point) and who is really trustworthy. I think I would be able to understand that everybody has an agenda, and be able to convince them that they need me to help them get further.

I know its not easy and would love to opportunity to give it shot and see how hard it really is. If I fail, I fail, but at least I can say I gave it my best.

Be sure to check out Dalton Ross’s Entertainment Weekly Recap. He has been doing it since the beginning (Season 1) and always has some good insight and thoughts


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The Amazing Race / Survivor / Marillion (AHBID)

First, a big congratulations to Kim & Penn for winning The Amazing Race 33. Was a really good season (and an interesting one, as the race was shutdown for 18 months due to the Covid-19 Pandemic). Like always the show shows how big, exciting, and nice the world can be. Every time I watch I learn more about places around the world then I did during any geography class I took in school.

I also would like to shout out Raquel & Cayla for running a great race and coming so close. They should be super proud of the race they ran. And thanks to all teams that came back after the 18 months break to show that despite covid we still can travel and experience the world

Survivor returned this week for Season 42 And every year and season since Survivor premiered on May 31st, 2000, I have in front of my TV watching and enjoying the original and best reality TV show ever made. For over 610 episodes, I have been emotionally invested and enthralled of the show and its contestants. I just find the show a fascinating study of people and how they interact with each other while pushing themselves to do things outside their comfort zone. Many of the players have been and inspiration to both me and thousands of people around the world. I still dream and believe that one day, I will join the party and experience Survivor as a contestant myself. I want to experience the ups and downs and highs and lows of pushing myself past my limits and out of my comfort zone. As I get older, I also want to prove to myself and others that Survivor is not just a game for young, pretty and physically strong people, or people with tragic life issues, but for all so called average and people who also want the experience of a lifetime.

As for Episode 1, I really like the fact that since they film seasons back to back, the audience now know some of the twists and turns before the contestants do since they were on the island filming Season 42 while we were all home watching Season 41. Looks to be another good cast of players and will be interesting to see who comes out on top. I felt really bad for Jackson Fox who was forced to leave for safety reasons due to medication he was taking for mental health issues. He was not forced to leave not for the medication, but the fact that without it, he could suffer serious side effects during detox, and the Survivor Producers and Crew might not be able to properly treat due to the remote location.

As for Zach Wurtenberger, he just seem a bit to young and naïve for the game. Also it hit me pretty hard and I realized how old I am when he said he was a life long fan of the game since he was a kid (which would be about 10 years after Survivor actually premiered). I feel its hard to be considered a life long fan of something you were only around for about half of it. Kind of like when a 30 to 40 something says they are a life long Yankee fan sine they started watching in 1995.

Looking forward to this season, and will be creating another video application to submit for future seasons – CBS has renewed both Survivor and The Amazing Race for additional seasons, so I continue to hope and dream.

Marillion dropped their 20th Studio Album “An Hour Before It’s Dark” last week. Like always they had a pre-order campaign where people pre-order the album months ahead of time, and then they have the time and money to make the album they want. There were many levels of pre-orders including CDs / DVDs / Vinyl Albums / and even cassettes. You also could have items signed by all 5 members of the band (h, Steve Rothery, Mark Kelly, Pete Teavas, and Ian Mosley), as well as get your name published in the CD liner notes.

As for the album, its really really good and they continue to be one of the best (but unknow in the US) bands out there. Hopefully people will find this album, give it a listen, and realize what they have been missing. The album is actually doing really well on the UK charts, and they have done some interesting promotions (signs on busses and taxis).

I’ll leave you with a set of videos I came across of Jim Newstead reviewing the new album. He breaks things down and gives you the feel and joy of listening.


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