Enough with the gimmicks

I have been a Mets and baseball fan all my life. Some of my earliest memories are watching the Mets lose to the Oakland A’s in the 1973 World Series. I have other great memories of watching the Mets games and Kiner’s Korner with Ralph Kiner on Channel 9 (WOR) and listening to Bob Murphy on 660 WFAN (The nations 1st all sports talk show). I remember rooting for players like Ed Kranepool, Wayne Garrett and Bud Harrilson when the Mets were a bad team, and players like Cary Carter, Daryll Strawberry and Keith Hernandez when they were a good team and won the 1986 World Series.

Year after year I have watched the Mets on TV and Listened to the Mets on the radio, and I can’t remember one time thinking “The game is way to long”, or “The game is way to slow”. Today, you won’t see me saying “Pete Alonso flied out to left, but he had a good exit velocity and launch angle”, or “Did you see when Brandon Mino ran 32 ft. in 3.5 seconds and almost got to that fly ball”

This leads me the TV Coverage for the start of the 2022 MLB Season.

The Mets 1st game was on SNY NY and was a joy to watch. The broadcasting crew of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling have been doing Mets together for the past 16 Years and are always entertaining. their knowledge of the Mets (Gary did Mets games on Radio before moving to TV, and both Keith and Ron played for the Mets and were part on the 1986 Championship team), and baseball in general make it a great watch.

The Mets 2nd Game was on Apple TV+ as part of a new deal signed with MLB. Lets just say is did not go well. Besides the issues with streaming (low quality, choppy and pixelated), the overall broadcast just seemed 2nd rate. The graphics looked old and tired, and then they put up these crazy statistics on things like % to get a hit, or % to get and RBI. Total worthless and meaning less. Imaging watching a Football game and every play they tell you the odd of getting a 1st down, or odd of scoring. The great things about sports (especially baseball) is the randomness and craziness of things that can happen at any time. None of these is based on statistics. Would you have ran out a places a bet if you were told the odds of Steven Kwan going 5 for 5 within his 1st 5 games was 5,000 to 1. I feel this kind of takes away from the game. Just let them play and announce what’s happening.

Only watched a little of the ESPN Monday Night Game between the Yankeed and the Rd Sox There were 2 separate broadcasts, the normal one (Which was not that good) and the KROD broadcast with Alex Rodrigues and Michael Kay trying to cash in on the success of the Monday Night Football Manning cast, where Peyton and Eli watched and commented on the game. It kind of worked for football, but not that much for baseball. I will be interesting to see how it does for this weeks Atlanta Braves / San Diego Padres game. My bet would be not as well as they think – Maybe Apple TV+ can put up odds of the upcoming Sunday ratings being better or worse than their Friday Night Game this week (Tampa Ray’s vs Chicago White Sox)

In general with all the watching options (Local TV, Cable Networks, ESPN, Apple TV+, Peacock) they have watered down the on-air and behind the scenes talent. Like all professions, there are the top who are really good at what they do, and the bottom, who need time to better there craft (It they really care and have the desire). You cant have 5+ different broadcast teams and expect them all to be great. But with all the money invested, you do have the right to expect them to be half-way decent.

Hopefully every service gets better as the season goes on, and I can get back to watching (and enjoying) the coverage of the Mets and baseball in general. Its a great sport on its own, so let be

More thoughts to come soon


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USA Soccer, Survivor 42

A friend of mine invited me join him in Orlando, Florida last weekend to go see the USA Men’s Soccer team play Panama in a World Cup Qualifying Match. He was paying for the hotel (AirBnB) and I had some Airline credit due to a trip being cancelled during the pandemic. So while I’m not the biggest soccer fan (I like watching game now and then), I decided to take the trip. I am really glad I did. The place we stayed was just a few blocks from downtown Orlando, and about a mile from Exploria Stadium (Home of the MLS Orlando City SC). I knew my friend was really into soccer, but didn’t realize he belonged to soccer message groups and listened to The Scuffed Soccer Podcast . I also didn’t realize that there were a bunch of tailgates and activities planned before and after the game.

I had a great time catching up with my friend as we walked / lyfted around Orlando going to some cool bars, a pickup soccer game, and awesome tailgates with die hard soccer fans. I was asked a bunch of times how long I had been following Team USA and what my “Handle” was on all the message boards. I met people from California, Washington, Iowa, Texas, Louisiana and more who all made the trip to Orlando to root on the team. Everybody was super nice and a great time was had.

The game itself was exciting with the USA beating Panama 5 – 1. It practically assured that the USA team would qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Doha, Qatar this winter. (Note: the USA team did officially qualify for the World Cup despite losing to Costa Rica 0 – 2 last night)

I really enjoyed Orlando, and how cool it was to be able and walk from where we were staying in the suburbs into the hear of the city. Much different then in the NY City area when their is no real suburbs.

Here are a few photos I took before my phone died

I am really enjoying this season of Survivor. Its fun to watch when you know about some of the advantages coming before the players do (Due to filming back to back episodes). I haven’t been upset with the players voted off so far (None really resonated with me). Usually I have a favorite who is voted off early, and then have to find somebody else to root for. I have to say, Jonathan Young has a chance to become a big fan favorite. He is dominating in the challenges, and seems to be well liked. That’s a good combination to have early and should get him to the merge. From there if he adjusts his thinking a bit by listening instead of dominating, he could go all the way.

Its infesting how quickly people can change there mind and opinion about somebody. When I am on the show, I hope I would be able to read people and know who is lying (I know everybody lies at some point) and who is really trustworthy. I think I would be able to understand that everybody has an agenda, and be able to convince them that they need me to help them get further.

I know its not easy and would love to opportunity to give it shot and see how hard it really is. If I fail, I fail, but at least I can say I gave it my best.

Be sure to check out Dalton Ross’s Entertainment Weekly Recap. He has been doing it since the beginning (Season 1) and always has some good insight and thoughts


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The Amazing Race / Survivor / Marillion (AHBID)

First, a big congratulations to Kim & Penn for winning The Amazing Race 33. Was a really good season (and an interesting one, as the race was shutdown for 18 months due to the Covid-19 Pandemic). Like always the show shows how big, exciting, and nice the world can be. Every time I watch I learn more about places around the world then I did during any geography class I took in school.

I also would like to shout out Raquel & Cayla for running a great race and coming so close. They should be super proud of the race they ran. And thanks to all teams that came back after the 18 months break to show that despite covid we still can travel and experience the world

Survivor returned this week for Season 42 And every year and season since Survivor premiered on May 31st, 2000, I have in front of my TV watching and enjoying the original and best reality TV show ever made. For over 610 episodes, I have been emotionally invested and enthralled of the show and its contestants. I just find the show a fascinating study of people and how they interact with each other while pushing themselves to do things outside their comfort zone. Many of the players have been and inspiration to both me and thousands of people around the world. I still dream and believe that one day, I will join the party and experience Survivor as a contestant myself. I want to experience the ups and downs and highs and lows of pushing myself past my limits and out of my comfort zone. As I get older, I also want to prove to myself and others that Survivor is not just a game for young, pretty and physically strong people, or people with tragic life issues, but for all so called average and people who also want the experience of a lifetime.

As for Episode 1, I really like the fact that since they film seasons back to back, the audience now know some of the twists and turns before the contestants do since they were on the island filming Season 42 while we were all home watching Season 41. Looks to be another good cast of players and will be interesting to see who comes out on top. I felt really bad for Jackson Fox who was forced to leave for safety reasons due to medication he was taking for mental health issues. He was not forced to leave not for the medication, but the fact that without it, he could suffer serious side effects during detox, and the Survivor Producers and Crew might not be able to properly treat due to the remote location.

As for Zach Wurtenberger, he just seem a bit to young and naïve for the game. Also it hit me pretty hard and I realized how old I am when he said he was a life long fan of the game since he was a kid (which would be about 10 years after Survivor actually premiered). I feel its hard to be considered a life long fan of something you were only around for about half of it. Kind of like when a 30 to 40 something says they are a life long Yankee fan sine they started watching in 1995.

Looking forward to this season, and will be creating another video application to submit for future seasons – CBS has renewed both Survivor and The Amazing Race for additional seasons, so I continue to hope and dream.

Marillion dropped their 20th Studio Album “An Hour Before It’s Dark” last week. Like always they had a pre-order campaign where people pre-order the album months ahead of time, and then they have the time and money to make the album they want. There were many levels of pre-orders including CDs / DVDs / Vinyl Albums / and even cassettes. You also could have items signed by all 5 members of the band (h, Steve Rothery, Mark Kelly, Pete Teavas, and Ian Mosley), as well as get your name published in the CD liner notes.

As for the album, its really really good and they continue to be one of the best (but unknow in the US) bands out there. Hopefully people will find this album, give it a listen, and realize what they have been missing. The album is actually doing really well on the UK charts, and they have done some interesting promotions (signs on busses and taxis).

I’ll leave you with a set of videos I came across of Jim Newstead reviewing the new album. He breaks things down and gives you the feel and joy of listening.


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Writers Block

Drove to Walton NY last Sunday for my cousin Katharines’ funeral. She was the first of my cousins to pass, and she will be missed. Katharines’ sisters and brother where their, along with 2 of my other cousins. The though of never being able to get all of my cousins together is very sad.

Here is one of the last pictures of all my cousins, my sister and me together from around 1991. My Aunt and Uncle had a house in Walton, and we used to all gather there once and a while back in the days. But as time passed, everybody started to go their separate ways. I am grateful to have gotten to see all my cousins here and there over the years, but it would have been nice to see them more often.

Katharine Morgan (1963 – 2022)

Reflecting on my drive home, I thought how it was almost like 3 separate lives between when I was young and everybody would get together for Holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving), when we had some family reunions in Walton and the New Jersey Shore), and now when everybody is grown up and has families of there own. I have always tried to keep up with what was going on in mt cousins lives, but hearing things from my Mom, or my sister is not the same as actually getting together face to face.

We did leave the funeral with talks of having a cousins reunion this summer, and hopefully we can work out a time and place. I will do my best to make sure this happens as the one thing that continues on is time and I don’t want to look back and say we should have gotten together.

Katharine – You were a great cousin, a great mother, and an all around great person and you will be missed.

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The Good and the Sad

Will start with some sad news. Sad to see that Dave Chin, my old boss at NBCUniversal passed away on January 20th at the age of 44. He was a great manager and I really enjoyed working for him. He was very fair and stood up for me and the rest of our team. He is the 2nd person I worked with at NBCUniversal to pass away. Hearing this makes me appreciate family and friends that much more

RIP – You will be missed (David Chin (1977 – 2021)

Was a crazy weekend at home. My daughter who is a Film Major at Pratt University decided she wanted to film her Senior Thesis at our house so we hosted a bunch of film students and local actors for 4 days while they filmed throughout our house. Everything seemed to go well and my daughter seemed very happy how everything went well despite the snow storm that hit the east coast, as well as having to follow covid protocols (She spent part of here budget on rapid tests to make sure everybody was safe). Was expecting a big mess once the left, but everybody was very considerate and left the house in pretty good shape. They had moved some furniture around, as well as cleared out bookshelves of books and nick knacks. Might be a good thin as now my wife and I can go though things and get an early jump on spring training. My daughter is now back at school working on editing the footage they took.

We did get some snow (not as much as those closer to the coast) and its been really cold, so there is still snow and ice everywhere. Thankfully the roads are OK and I have been able to get to work.

I am working on my next Survivor video. Filmed myself on a nice walk over the weekend and hopefully will get it submitted today or tomorrow. Hopefully this time one of the casting directors or producers will like my video and ask me in for an in person interview. That is all I’m really looking for as I know once they get to meet me, they will realize I would make a great contestant and help Survivor to continue to be the best reality TV show on the air.

While I do believe in free speech, and your are allowed to say anything you want, you need to be aware that there are consequences. You are free to walk into a store or restaurant and start yelling that the owner is a jerk and is ripping everybody off. But the store owner also has the right to ask you to leave, and call the authorities if things escalate. You can also be held responsible if what you said causes lost sales. There have always been disclaimers on shows that state the opinion of the person talking does not reflect the beliefs of the entity hosting the show. And even with that, if you go to far, the show has the right to have you removed. Last night I heard somebody talking about the Neil Young / Joe Rogen story and said that because of the platform he has been given, Joe Rogen has a responsibility to the public, the same as a journalist has to not promote lies and misinformation. He can say whatever he wants, but must remember that his words do and will have an effect on a large audience and he can and will be held responsible for things that may happen.

Be sure the check out the Random Song of 2022 Tab. Its still a work in process as I am learning the best way to format things.

More to come soon


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RIP Meat Loaf

Very sad to hear that singer Meat Loaf passed away at the age of 74. His “Bat out of Hell” album is one of the all time great albums. He also was an actor appearing in the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “Fight Club”. I don’t know anybody who has never heard of him or the song “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”. The songe itself is great, but add in the classic baseball play-by-play by NY Yankees player / announcer Phil Rizzuto and its one of the all time classics

Here is a link to the Hollywood Reporter article about him Marvin Lee Aday (Meat Loaf)

I continue to post my random song of the day. Check it out if you like.  Its quite a mix so far.

While I haven’t gotten any Meat Loaf yet, I did get “What Ever Happened to Saturday Night” as done on the Glee episode called “The Rocky Horror Glee Show


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Things are Good

Hope everybody is doing well. Things are good here as we move away from the holiday season and into the beginning of 2022.

The Amazing Race is back, and its as good as every. Interesting to watch as the 1st 3 episodes take place before the COVID-19 pandemic so there is nobody wearing masks or social distancing. Liked how the mixed things up and everybody started from their home instead of all starting at one place (as a side note, I did go to the start of Amazing Race Season 30 at Washington Square Park, NY with my daughter in October 2017. Was really cool to see Phil and the teams as they started their journey around the world). I may need to submit an application for an upcoming race (with either my sister or daughter, depending on who would want to join me on a trip around the world).

I am also working on another Survivor video for the upcoming seasons. I need to find a way to convince casting that they want / need me to be on the show. I did read Christine Hofbecks’ excellent book Winning Conditions and am reading Celeste Headlees’ book We Need to Talk. Between these and a few others I am hoping I will be able convince casting to give me a chance, while being true to myself and getting them to see who I am and what I would bring to the show.

The Scorpions have a new album coning out in February. Its amazing that they have been around for over 50 years and still sound as good as ever. Here is a sneak peak at their new song Rock Believer being analyzed by the Charismatic Voice. You should check out her You Tube Channel.

I give the NY Giants a lot of credit for coming to the conclusion to part ways with the awful Joe Judge. He just seems completely lost with no feel for the game. Good riddance to him and his coaches. Hopefully the Giants will bring in a new GM and Head Coach who can bring some confidence and swagger back to the once proud organization. There is a difference between being bad, but having a plan for the future, and what Joe Judge and the Giants were (a bad team with no plan for getting better). Glad this season is finally over and I don’t need to torcher myself every Sunday until the fall.

I have been posting a random song of the day – I got to my I-Tunes library, choose songs, choose random and list whatever comes up. Check it out if you get a chance and lets enjoy a crazy mix of songs throughout the year. I do share my I-Tunes library with my wife and daughter so its a mix of all our favorite bands and songs as well as random songs that have been imported or downloaded over the years.

Talk to you soon

Anverage Andy

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Hope you had a Merry Christmas

Hope everybody (those who celebrates Christmas and those that don’t) all got some time off to spend with family and friends. As I get older, I have come to cherish the time spent with my family and friends; both in person and through various social media platforms. Its good for the soul to have and feel companionship with others.

Going forward, I plant to be better in reaching out to old friends and acquaintances. From attending a friends wedding, to my 36th High School Reunion, going back to the Lehigh campus for the Lehigh /Lafayette game, and getting together in person with long time friends the night before Thanksgiving, I have saw and spoke to lots of people I haven’t heard or seen in a long long time. The great thing is that everybody was warm and friendly, from my closest friends, to those who I barley remembered.

I will admit that the thought of actually connecting with people from my past (in person or through social media) use to seem scary and even a bit weird. But these past few months have shown me that people are more apt to embrace connection rather than reject it. I recommend scanning through your social media or personal address book and reaching out to somebody you haven’t seen or even really though about in years. You may be surprised that they will be as exited as you to reconnect.

As far as other things, it was another wasted Sunday watching the NY Giants lose another game. As a life long fan, this season is really grating on me. Its one thing to be bad if you have a set plan, some talented players, and things are looking good for the future. But the NY Giants have no plan, and nothing to look forward to. The head coach and his staff look clueless most of the time, and have wasted a lot of the talent this team has. They also have the most inept offense of any team with no originality. They are the definition of insanity (Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results). Thank God there are only 2 more games left this season

I watched Matrix: Resurrections the other night, and did enjoy it. Its been such a long time since the original Matrix Trilogy that some things seemed a bit dated and forced in order to keep the timelines synced. Its always tough when you re-visit a 30 year old movie. I am a big Keanu Reeves fan, and it was fun to see him and Carrie-Ann Moss back. But they did seem to miss the boat with Morpheus (No Laurence Fishburne) and Mr Smith (No Hugo Weaving). They tried to explain their absence but it kind of left me a bit confused.

Been listening to a lot of music lately. Trying to mix things up so I just shuffle my I-Tunes library while going for walks. Since its about 60% my songs, 30% my daughters, and 10% random downloads, it has been an interesting mix. I am thinking about creating a Music Page, hitting shuffle each morning starting on January 1st 2022 and posting the song and artist. No cheating or re-dos. Whatever comes up will be listed.

Will try to write more soon, but if not, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year and will catch you in 2022

Average Andy

PS – Survivor has opened casting for Seasons 43 and 44. Will be working on my next audition video and hope to submit it in January. Still hoping that one of these times, somebody in casting will see my video and realize that I am the person they have been waiting to find and cast for the upcoming seasons.

PSS – The Amazing Race returns on January 3rd. Really looking forward to see how they handled the Covid-19 Pandemic as they raced around the world. Should be fun

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December update (Finally have some time)

Been a month since I started my new job at SHI.   Been spending my time getting acclimated to my new position and have been learning a lot.  Been a bit strange going into an office and getting back into the work routine after spending the last year and a half at home.  So far all is good and looking forward to working on some cool projects in 2022

Season 41 of Survivor ended last week with Erika Casupanan taking home the Million Dollars.  Congratulations to her for playing a great game.    I really enjoyed this season and most of the new twists and surprises.  While I did like the back in time idea, where Erika got to change the outcome of s challenge, I was not a big fan of Deshwan having to play the Do or Die game.  While I understand that there are times when somebody game is changed purely due to luck, this just seemed a bit to much.  The producers need to figure out a better system or way of penalizing players that is not surely based on luck.

And this season again showed that the Final 4 fire making contest just doesn’t work.   I penalizes the person who wins the last immunity challenge by forcing them to either A) Give up their guaranteed spot the final 3 and do the fire challenge to prove they can win under pressure, or B) Pick two people to do the fire challenge, giving the winner a big win for there resume.  Bases on the way the jury has been voting, it seems they want you to make fire, which basically makes winning the final immunity challenge worthless.  You are better off losing and giving yourself a better chance by hoping the winner loses the fire challenge.  Hopefully they decide to get rid of this going forward and again make winning the final immunity challenge the main goal to get you into the final 2 or 3

All and all, it was great to have Survivor back, and I am already looking forward to Season 42 in the spring.  I will need to check out the CBS Casting site to see if I need to apply again for Seasons 43 and 44.   As long as Survivor keeps on going, I will continue to apply until chosen as a consistent to Outwit, Outlast and Outplay all others and add myself to the list of winners.

Not must to say about the New York Football Giants.  They continue to show that they do not have any idea what they are doing.  In a league designed for offense, they can’t move the ball and never score.  I have come to see that Danial Jones is not the answer (hes 12-26 in his career), and really has not shown the ability to make the players around him better.  I also feel its time for a new coach.  Joe Judge just seems confused and over matched, and has not shown the ability to adjust his game plan to take advantage of the weakness of the opponents.  Seems like he is way over thinking things i.e The Chargers can’t stop the run, therefore we should focus on the run, but they know we are going to focus on the run, so we will outsmart them and focus on the pass and catch them off guard).   With only 3 games left, we just have to wait and see what the Owner decides to do.

One the bright side, the Mets actually made a good decision and hired Buck Showalter as their new manager.   I like the move of going with a veteran manager instead of bringing in another 1st time guy. Hopefully he stays true to himself and doesn’t give in to all the analytics and Mets have a good 2022.

And Seton Hall Basketball is having a really good season.  Have some big wins and look like they have a chance to do well in the Big East, and make the NCAA Tournament.

Be back before the end of the week for some closing thoughts on 2021



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Start new job on Monday

After being unemployed for a while, I will be starting a new job on Monday. Looking forward to getting back into the so called real world and interacting with people. It has been a interesting past 8 months, with lots of ups and downs, but I weathered the storm and feel I am in a lot better spot.

It will take a bit to get used to having a set schedule after being off for a while and getting used to schedule things like meeting with friends, or doctor appointments without worrying about if I was free. I do see that scheduling doctors appointments, returning phone calls, or taking your car in for service could end up being a big hassle when you are working.

Quick word on the NY Football Giants – They had a nice win against the LA Raiders and no stand at 3 – 6 going into their bye week. There next game is next Monday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers which will be tough. But after that their schedule is not so bad, and they should have an opportunity to win a few games and who knows, maybe get themselves into playoff contention. As mentioned before, I don’t want to get my hopes up to high because recent history has shown that the Giants are an inconsistent team who like to tease everybody.

Lehigh Football actually won a game and now stand at 1 – 8. Hopefully they can win against Georgetown to have some momentum going into the Lehigh / Lafayette game on November 20th – the 157th game in college footballs most played rivalry. And a shout out to Lehigh’s Basketball team that opened there season with a tough overtime loss to Rutgers. Hopefully keeping the game close against a Big Ten opponent will give them lots of confidence going forward.

Another good episode of Survivor. Thought the challenges were fun. I loved seeing Jeff break the 4th wall and hid an advantage right before the challenge started. They way it was edited I was sure Xander found the clue, but then they showed Jeff pulling it out from its hiding spot and telling everybody it was a missed opportunity. Great TV. The one thing I don’t like is all the scrambling at tribal counsel. It just seems to contrived. When I’m a contestant and go to tribal, I hope I will have been able to work with people to have a plan and then stick with. With all the advantages and idols floating around, should make for some fun tribal counsels going forward. Hoping they have the Ponderosa Videos this season as I really like watching the players reactions and how they interact after being voted out

Happy to see that The Amazing Race will be returning in January 2022. Will be interesting to see where they were able and allowed to go due to the ongoing pandemic, and to see how other countries are handling things. And Survivor Season 42 will be premiering in March 20202.

Have to admit I am not a fan of Celebrity Anything so will most likely no be watching Celebrity Big Brother. Sorry, but its just not my thing

And finally, I continue to listen to all types of music and hope everybody cant find some times to just sit back and relax and listen to some music themselves. Try mixing things up by only playing 2 or 3 songs from an artist at a time, and then move on to the 1st band that comes to mind.

Thanks for reading and hope everybody has a fantastic day

Average Andy

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