Its Wednesday, and that means another episode of Survivor is on tonight. Based on the preview, it looks like they are doing some sort of tribe restructuring. Will be interesting to see if they move from team play to individual play, or stick with teams for a few more episodes. It will also be interesting to see hoe all of the idols / advantages play out, especially with the condensed season. Choices will have to be made much quicker without extra days to gain more info and see where you stand.

I did catch the new James Bond movie last week. I really enjoyed it as it was kind of a throw back to adventure type movies. No Superheroes, No crazy CGI, just plain old fun. There were some things that were a bit over the top reminiscent of some of the older Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger moves, where there James Bond is surrounded by bad guys firing machine guns at him and they all miss, while he picks them off one by one. Other things that I thought were a bit crazy was when they shot up James Bonds car but he survived due to the worlds strongest bullet proof glass. Wondered why they just didn’t shoot out the tires, or the engine. Also James love interest ran around with white pants and they never got dirty. I cant go 5 minutes without something spilling or splashing on me.

Over all I would recommend it to all James Bond fans, and people who want something different then another Marvel move. – As a side note, will be interesting how they move forward with the franchise; At the end of the credits they put up the line “James Bond will Return” so we will have to wait and see

I did attend the North Hunterdon-Voorhees Board of Education meeting last night. Just wanted to see in person how they would handle the current uproar over the request to ban LGBTQ books from the North Hunterdon Library. They did open the meeting for public comments, and it was interesting to see and hear what people had to say. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of students and teaches that took turns telling the BOE Members why they thought that the books mentioned did way more good then harm, and should not be banned, but be available for kids (especially LGBTQ kids) to read and reference. There were a few who said that the school was forcing pornography on the kids, and a few audience members who interrupted some speeches by yelling, but overall things went smoothly.

As a personal opinion, I realize that there are rules and procedures that need to be followed by the school, but the times are changing and the old ways may need to be tweaked and adjusted. There should be some way to use common sense to resolve these types of issues without it taking months and getting multiple parties involved. Will keep you updated on what the school board eventually decides.

The New York Football Giants actually won a football game last Sunday. Like the past few seasons, every time they win a game, they give me a slight hope that they have finally figured things out, only to go back to there losing ways. Maybe this time will be different. I can only continue to hope.

Listened to a lot of Fish songs on my past couple of walks. Always been a fan of his since back when he was the lead singer of Marillion, and continued listening when he put out solo albums. Listening to his body of work, I realized how good him and his band actually are. Song after song, I was like, this song is really good. Highly recommend people check out his work (along with Marillion who have continued on with singer Steve Hogarth (h.) and continue to release excellent new music as well).  Will try to export the list of songs I listened to, or see if I can post a link to play his songs

Enjoy the day



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