Some random thoughts on a October Monday

Had a great time at the 75th Philly NonSports card show on Sunday.   The show, which has been held at the Merchants Square Mall in Allentown, PA the past 10+ years, was moved to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Valley Forge PA.  This was a good move as the new location was a bit more spacious and an overall better experience.  Its a bit further away from my home in New Jersey, so ended up getting a hotel for the night which allowed me to attend the Card Talk meeting before the show.

Picked up some free promo cards (Thanks to Rittenhouse Archives and Cryptozoic) as wells as some other promos from some of the many dealers. Following the increase cost of sports cards, the cost of Non-Sport cards (especially sealed boxes) have have also gone up significantly, so was not able to justify buying some of the things I bought in the past.  Hopefully the costs come down a bit for the next show in May.  Asking around, dealers were even surprised of the prices of things, but its what the market is allowing at the time.

Today is the 5th Anniversary of the premier of SiriusXM Volume 106 (Feedback with Nik Carter and Lori Majewski, Eddie Trunk, and Debatable with Mark Goodman and Alan Light). I have been a listener of all 3 shows since they started and have really enjoyed all the talk and music over the past 5 years. I want to thank all the on-air personalities for being there every day, helping me getting through my daily commute (when driving to and from the office before Covid-19), as well as when I was sitting in my office and working from home). If you have SiriusXM and haven’t given the channel a listen, I recommend checking it out. You will be entertained, and open your mind to new and old music and the stories behind the songs.

Really enjoying this season of Survivor. Getting used to all the advantages, and how it is changing how the game is played. Was funny reading Dalton Ross’s Entertainment Weekly Recap where he asked who Heather was.  I though the same thing while watching last Wednesday.  Who is this lady and where has she been the 1st 3 episodes?  Caught myself thinking how bad can you be while she struggles in the reward challenge, but then though good for her for not giving up and giving all she got.  That’s what Survivor is all about.   Got to give people props for taking the steps and applying to be on the show, leaving there comfort zone for and adventure of a lifetime.  I have applied many times and would love to be on the show even if I fail miserably at a challenge (or even get voted off early).  At least I could say to myself that I gave myself an opportunity to see what I could do.  Jeff, Mark, and the rest of the Survivor producers and casting directors, if you happen to read this, check out my applications and give me a chance.  You will not be disappointed, and in fact would be rewarded with somebody who would give my all (win or lose) and embody what Survivor is all about.

About my New York Football Giants – Not much to say. They are and have been terrible for the past 5 years. They drive me crazy and frustrate me year after year, week after week, but I continue to watch. I know non-sports fans, or part time bandwagon fans don’t really understand how somebody can care so much and torture yourself game after game. Its just the way it is

More to come soon



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