Survivor, and looking for a new job

I read that while Jeff Probst was working on ideas for Season 41 of Survivor during the COVD Pandemic, he came up with a lot of crazy ideas. He then called Producer and former Survivor Contestant Mike White and asked him what he thought of his ideas. Mike read the ideas and then said “Well… it sounds… in-ter-est-ing. But is it fun?'”.

I though of this while watching Survivor on Wednesday. By the looks of things so far, it does appear that the players are having fun. But is that really what the game is about, and does it make for good TV. I’m mixed on that. Yes survivor is meant to be fun, but its also a challenge (both mental and physical) and there should be some pain and suffering along the way. For years, the casting producers have stated that “If your board and looking at Survivor as a fun vacation, then the game is not for you”. While I actually like all the new choices and advantages, it does take away from some of the game play (Dalton Ross of Entertainment Weekly had the same reaction on his Weekly Survivor Recap). Some of the best elements of the game were watching players struggle in challenges and then having to scramble to convince their teammates that they have other traits, are a valuable asset, and should not be voted off.. Now its more of a individual game where you don’t really need to worry as much. As long as you find advantages and idols you can skate by the early stages of the game. Throw in all the disadvantages (which in my opinion are to harsh for the rewards associated with them) and there are going to be players who are voted out simply due to bad luck and not related to there skills and game play.

Will I keep watching – Absolutely as I still think Survivor is the best of the Reality shows and a great study of people and how they react outside of their comfort zones.  I will continue to apply to keep my dream of becoming a contestant alive, and dreaming of pushing my self  beyond my comfort zone (and having a fun vacation)

Similar to Survivor changing things up, the current process of finding a decent IT Job has changed as well.  With everything now being on-line (Applications, Skill Assessments, and Interviews), the process has become much more focused on trying to beat the automated systems to hopefully get yourself at least in the door.   Add to the fact that most companies are trying to get the most knowledgeable applicants at the cheapest cost and it can become a bit disheartening.   Seeing job posts for entry level positions that require 5+ years experience, as well as relevant certifications just doesn’t seem right.  I have also seen positions wanting 7 – 10 years experience with a technology that is only 10 years old – Basically if you weren’t learning it from the beginning, then your behind the times.

Another thing that effects me is that I am more of a hands on person (like working with hardware).  Most of these jobs command a lower salary as they are assumed to be less technical and important then programing.   The though of sitting at a desk (either at an office, or at home) for 8 hours a day programing, or producing reports is just not my thing any more (done that for 20 years).  I really like getting hands on and troubleshooting issues.   This is one way that technology can be a hindrance.    Things simply don’t fail as often (which by itself is a good thing).  But similar to other stores (Blockbuster) and professions (TV and Electronic repair men) who are no longer needed or relevant, a lot of IT Jobs are no longer needed as well.  What use to to 10 people can now be done by 1 person on their phone at a café.  Some software and hardware is self correcting, reducing the need for large support staffs.

I will continue to push forward and eventually find a position that is fun and exciting and keep me engaged while I wait for the call from Survivor.

Average Andy

PS – Just finished reading “Winning Conditions” but Survivor runner up Chrissy Hofbeck (who happens to live in the same New Jersey town as me).  It was a really great book with lots of great information and stories on how to put yourself in a winning condition for all the things you want to do.  I will defiantly be using a lot of what I read and learned going forward.  Highly recommend.


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