December update (Finally have some time)

Been a month since I started my new job at SHI.   Been spending my time getting acclimated to my new position and have been learning a lot.  Been a bit strange going into an office and getting back into the work routine after spending the last year and a half at home.  So far all is good and looking forward to working on some cool projects in 2022

Season 41 of Survivor ended last week with Erika Casupanan taking home the Million Dollars.  Congratulations to her for playing a great game.    I really enjoyed this season and most of the new twists and surprises.  While I did like the back in time idea, where Erika got to change the outcome of s challenge, I was not a big fan of Deshwan having to play the Do or Die game.  While I understand that there are times when somebody game is changed purely due to luck, this just seemed a bit to much.  The producers need to figure out a better system or way of penalizing players that is not surely based on luck.

And this season again showed that the Final 4 fire making contest just doesn’t work.   I penalizes the person who wins the last immunity challenge by forcing them to either A) Give up their guaranteed spot the final 3 and do the fire challenge to prove they can win under pressure, or B) Pick two people to do the fire challenge, giving the winner a big win for there resume.  Bases on the way the jury has been voting, it seems they want you to make fire, which basically makes winning the final immunity challenge worthless.  You are better off losing and giving yourself a better chance by hoping the winner loses the fire challenge.  Hopefully they decide to get rid of this going forward and again make winning the final immunity challenge the main goal to get you into the final 2 or 3

All and all, it was great to have Survivor back, and I am already looking forward to Season 42 in the spring.  I will need to check out the CBS Casting site to see if I need to apply again for Seasons 43 and 44.   As long as Survivor keeps on going, I will continue to apply until chosen as a consistent to Outwit, Outlast and Outplay all others and add myself to the list of winners.

Not must to say about the New York Football Giants.  They continue to show that they do not have any idea what they are doing.  In a league designed for offense, they can’t move the ball and never score.  I have come to see that Danial Jones is not the answer (hes 12-26 in his career), and really has not shown the ability to make the players around him better.  I also feel its time for a new coach.  Joe Judge just seems confused and over matched, and has not shown the ability to adjust his game plan to take advantage of the weakness of the opponents.  Seems like he is way over thinking things i.e The Chargers can’t stop the run, therefore we should focus on the run, but they know we are going to focus on the run, so we will outsmart them and focus on the pass and catch them off guard).   With only 3 games left, we just have to wait and see what the Owner decides to do.

One the bright side, the Mets actually made a good decision and hired Buck Showalter as their new manager.   I like the move of going with a veteran manager instead of bringing in another 1st time guy. Hopefully he stays true to himself and doesn’t give in to all the analytics and Mets have a good 2022.

And Seton Hall Basketball is having a really good season.  Have some big wins and look like they have a chance to do well in the Big East, and make the NCAA Tournament.

Be back before the end of the week for some closing thoughts on 2021




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