Congratulations to Xavier for winning Big Brother 23

What a great season of Big Brother. Really enjoyed watching this season and was glad to see Xavier be chosen as the winner. I want to also congratulate all other members of the cookout alliance (Derek F., Azah, Kyland, Hannah and Tiffany). I found it fascinating how they came together with a plan to get everybody to the final 6 and then actually stayed loyal to the plan at the expense of each ones personal game. There were several opportunities for somebody to turn on the others but nobody did even though they had formed tight bonds with other contestants.

What I really liked is although the cookout was formed to assure a African American would finally win Big Brother, it never felt like a us vs them, or any other sort of racial divide between the black and white players. To this I give all of this years contestants a big applause. To me it showed the passion for the game and I respect how all the players appreciated each others game play. It made my happy to see the diverse cast play to win, but at the same time respect each other, and this is something the rest of country should be looking at and trying to copy.

Thanks for CBS for taking a look at themselves and making some changes to there casting – This season showed that regardless of the color and race of the contestants, if they are good players and respect the game and each other, people will watch and appreciate them.

Both Big Brother and Survivor have evolved and now appear to be more true to there original premise where it was a bunch of people looking for a one in a life time unique experience and a chance to push themselves beyond there comfort zone instead of people looking to use the shows as a platform to promote themselves to the world hoping for fame and fortune. Everybody who plays both Big Brother and Survivor knows there is a big prize at the end, but its refreshing to see players who enjoy the game, the people, and the experience, and were genially happy for Xavier and Derek (and Tiffany) regardless of the fact they didn’t win themselves

Not a big fan of celebrity anything (Nothing against the celebrities on the show, just don’t really care if they win or lose) so I probably will skip the upcoming celebrity season of Big Brother, and will be waiting for next summer for the return of the real Big Brother

Not its time to get into this season of Survivor (Enjoying things so far this season), Also have another season of Tough as Nails, as well as the return of The Amazing Race, as well as the return CSI:Vegas, so my TV will be recording a lot of CBS shows.

Hope all is well



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