Big Brother, Survivor and the fall of the New York Giants

Another season of Big Brother comes to an end tonight and for the first time, there will be a person of color as the winner. Thought this season was really good and really respect all the contestants praise for the Cookout Alliance and what they were able to pull off. Most alliances of more than 2 people fail because everybody deep down is playing an individual game and eventually they make a move that helps them while breaking up the alliance. Was interesting to see how all the members of the Cookout were able to stay true to their collective goal, and make moves to keep the alliance moving forward while sacrificing there individual game. It would be fascinating to study this season from a cultural point of view. Good luck to the 3 remaining players (Azah, Derek F., and Xavier). All deserving of being this years winner.

Sitting down last Wednesday to watch the Season premier of Survivor, I realized how much I love the show and how much I missed it not being on. Right from the start I was engaged and ready for another great ride. I actually liked most of the new changes introduced. I was not really upset about Jeff retiring “Come on out guys” although I did think it seems a bit forced. I doubt there were many fans of the show who stopped watching or never watched because of this. Honestly I never even thought about it any way. Sometimes when things are brought to the attention of people who never gave a thought (one way or another) it turns it into a bigger deal, which can be counter productive. Had Jeff (or Survivor) just got rid of the phrase, without mentioning it, there might have been a few tweets about it but then it would just be forgotten. Now it has become a big story and created a divide which is what you didn’t want to do. Am I personally going to stop watching, or aggressively try to get new people to watch due to this? No. I’m going to write about it on this blog, and most likely look back years from now and think – Remember when they changed Jeffs intro and it was a big deal. Thank goodness we got over things like this and realized that we were wasting everybody’s time and energy on such a trivial matter.

Looking forward to tonight’s episode and getting to know the players a bit more. Will be fun to see if the shortening of the days from 39 to 26 makes any difference with the show. Also will interesting to see if anyone decides to risk their vote for safety and how that will effect the game.

Still waiting to hear back from the producers about my current application. As an older white male, I may not be in any of the desired demographics, but with my personality, knowledge, and true love for the game itself, I believe I have enough qualities to at least get a chance to speak to somebody and show them what I have to offer, and how I would be an asset for a future season.

As for my New York Football Giants, things cant get any worse. Even I as a diehard fan (I can count on one hand the number of game I have missed going back as long as I can remember), I have come to conclusion that they need to make some sort of change soon, or things will get ugly real fast. Right now they are stuck in a losing mentality and do not know how to win games. Continuing to say the same thing week after week (We need to get better, we need to execute better, We need to make better decisions) is old and sounds like every other bad head coach on a bad team. When you can’t admit to yourself what you are doing is not working, and seem to blame everybody else but yourself, you are doomed. I give coach Tom Coughlin credit. After taking over for Jim Fassel in 2004, the Giants went 6-10. The following year they went 11 – 5 and this started a stretch of decent football (Including 2 Super Bowls). I do remember after Coughlin’s 1st year writing about how he was clueless and out of touch with the players. Then something happened. Coughlin changed his ways. He started to loosen some of his rules and better relate to the players. The Giants started winning and Coughlin went on tto win 2 Super Bowls and have a Hall of Fame career.

Tiki Barber: Coughlin Became Great When He Changed His Approach

The Giants have the wort record any team in the past 5 years. They never score, and at times it feels like pulling teeth just to get a few 1st downs. They are unimaginative on offence, and clueless on defense. Head coach Joe Judge looks lost with no feel for his team and the game of football – almost every team can go from their own 25 to field goal range in less then a minute in 3 or 4 plays. Happens all the time due to the way the game is played these days. The prevent defense might have worked 20 – 30 years ago but is a ticket to lose today. So unless Joe Judge looks deep within him self and makes some real changes, he will be gone, and the Giants will continue this downward spiral until they find a head coach who is open minded, understands today football, and can relate to the players

Hope everybody is doing well and enjoying the last few weeks of summer.



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