Survivors Back for Season 41

Survivor returns tonight (Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021) for its 41 Season after a long break due to the pandemic. While I don’t like to see or hear anything about a new season and try to avoid any social media stories or posts, I have seen Jeff Probst talking about big changes for this season and seasons going forward. I have heard that the contestants will be stranded for 26 days instead of the standard 39 days. Other than that, I really now nothing and will be watching tonight with an open mind

You all know I have been a Survivor fan since the beginning (I actually heard about the show before it even aired its 1st episode) and it still gets me excited every time a new season starts. I have never missed an episode and will continue that streak tonight. I have likes most of the twists, turns, and changes over the years and like how the produces (and Jeff Probst) are constantly changing things up to keep the game fresh. The changes I didn’t particularly like were ones that gave advantages or safety to players that allowed them to continue playing even though the tribes and other players played a perfect game to get them out. (i.e. Extinction Island, and others where people got a second chance, or the fire challenges to get to the final 3). While I liked the ideas, I felt they just penalized good players and gave lesser players a better chance that they really did not deserve. But it it what it is and I am really looking forward to how the mix / change things up for Season 41

Its hard to imagine that Survivor has been on for 20 years and was in production prior to that.  Here is the link to the 1st thing I ever heard / saw about Survivor from 1999 (SlashDot – Survivor to give 1 Million Dollars to winner)

From that point on I was hooked and dreamed of one day being on the show and claiming the title of Sole Survivor. I remember watching season 1 from hospital when my daughter was born – She is now a 21 year old college senior), to franticly setting up a VCR to properly tape the show when I had other things to do when the show was on. I remember when the show would be interrupted by the NCAA Basketball Tournament and was eventually moved from Thursdays to Wednesday (One of greatest move CBS made). The show has been a constant in my life and I am truly grateful for the show and everybody involved (past and present) who have worked to create the gold standard of Reality Shows

I have applied numerous times, from when there was a multiple page application that you needed to download and fill out, and send in with your application video (actual VCR Tape) and a passport photo. I remember running out of work at lunch time to get to the post office and get my application sent out before the posted deadline. As the internet evolved (it was relatively new when Survivor started) and the application changed to where it was on-line and you could upload a copy of your video, I continue to apply. I even posted a video when there was a on-line contest / vote to pick a player (I believe it was Troyzan) who won. I even went to a Open Casting Call in Atlantic City and hade a great time while waiting in line with all of the other Survivor fans

One of my later application videos was done with the help of my daughter for one of her classes (She is studying film in College). She needed to make a short documetary style film, so I went back and found all of my old applications and she put them all together in a time line montage. When she showed it to her class, they all enjoyed it thought I had a chance. I was really happy with it and sent it off to casting. While so far it hasn’t worked out, there is plenty of time left for me (even at 54 years old) to continue to send in applications with the hope that somebody sees it, likes it, and decides to give me a shot (thats all I can really ask for)

So I will again be at my TV tonight (8:00 PM EST on CBS) watching the 2 hour premier and feeling like things are back to normal as Survivor is on and all if good in the world

Be sure to check my older posts about Survivor (Including the list of things I would do with the Million Dollar prize) as well as other things that interest me (Sports, Music, TV, Non-Sport Card Collecting)

I’m sorry I haven’t written in a while. Had other things going on that had a higher priority. But I should be good to go now and look forward to putting my thoughts down on these pages

I do want to give a big shout out the all the members of the Cook Out on Big Brother. They played an incredible game and should be really proud of themselves. Besides guaranteeing an African American will win this season, they showed how the game can be played if everybody works together for a common goal and this will be studies and replicated for seasons going forward. Great for the game

Promise to write more soon

Average Andy


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