Maki Kaji, the ‘Godfather of Sudoku,’ Is Dead at 69

Sad to see that Maki Kaji died at the age of 69. He dies far to young. I am a huge Sudoku fan, and try to complete the daily sudoku puzzle in the Newark Star Ledger News Paper (I am part of the dwindling crowd of people who still gets the newspaper delivered daily).

Maki Kaji, the Godfather of Sudoku (1951- 2021)

Glad to see a tribute to him on the Cracking the Cryptic YouTube Page. If your a fan of sudoku, you should check out Cracking the Cryptic where Simon Anthony, and Mark Goodliffe solve Sudoku puzzles each day

Will give my thoughts on Big Brother tomorrow (I am really enjoying this season), as well as some thoughts on the NY Mets, and some other random thoughts



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