RIP Charlie Watts – Drummer for the Rolling Stones

Sad to see that Charlie Watts, drummer with the Rolling Stones passed away at the age of 80s. While I was not a huge Rolling Stones fan, there is no argument that they were one of the worlds greatest Rock and Roll Band. I never saw them live, but did enjoy a lot of their songs.

Was listening to SiriusXm (Eddie Trunk on Volume 106) and he said what I thought – That people believed the Rolling Stones would be around forever and out last us all.

I have so many memories that involve the Rolling Stones – Their music was played at many weddings I have attended. I remember listening to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” taking the bus from college to NYC and thinking what a great song. And when I think of the Rolling Stones, I think of the scene from “Bad News Bears” where Amanda Whurlitz loses at Air Hockey to Kelly Leak and has to go to the Rolling Stones Concert

I realize that the Stones and lot of the classic rock stars are getting up in age. Hopefully the rest of the band members, as all of the other ageing classic rock starts are around for many more years.

Will right some more later this evening, but wanted to give Charlie Watts his own post



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