Going Camping / Swimming

Start of a busy weekend Getting ready to go camping for the night with a few friends. Should be fun to just hang out and enjoy each others company (and to drink a few beers). Then tomorrow heading to friends house to hang out at their pool (and drink a few more beers).

On Monday I will be up early to go for a walk. I have been getting up and out each morning before settling in to look for a job. Hopefully something will look interesting. Did apply for a few jobs last week and hoping to hear back

I will also be taking some time to work on my next Survivor Video so I can get it submitted early next week. I have jotted down some notes, and now need to whittle things down. Need to pick out the things that make me stand out from other contestants.

I will be mentioning this Blog (Which was created by some of my co-workers about 10 years ago), and how it has allowed me to open up and write about things, as well as give me confidence and the belief that I can and will be a contestant

Here are a few points – If anybody is reading this, please comment and let me know which ones I should focus on

Long Time Super Fan (Have seen every episode starting with season 1)
I find the show fascinating on a human level and how different people handle themselves
I’m kind of quirky and have a good sense of humor
I’m a nice person (I really don’t know anybody who doesn’t like me or consider me a good friend)
I’m king of geek (I collect Non Sports Cards – Star Wars, Star Trek, movies, TV and even attend conventions each year)
I really enjoyed High School and College and attending reunions (My 36th High School reunion is this November)
I have never smoked or done drugs and still managed to enjoy my life
Married with 1 daughter who is in Film School (and is a Survivor Fan)
I’m older than most contestants, but feel I can relate to the younger generation (I don’t take my self too seriously and like to see how others (both young and old feel about things)

More to come



About AverageAndy

An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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