Marillion Album 20 Pre-Order

Marillion have put out information for pre-ordering there next studio album. They have done this in the past and its always been a huge success. If you pre-order the Deluxe CD/DVD you will get your name printed in the credits (as part of a 120 Page booklet).

Here is the link to pre-order.

Marillion – Album 20 – Pre-Order

Remember that Marillion is the band credited for starting the use of crowdfunding.  In1997 they asked their US Fan Base to raise money for a USA Tour.  The fans responded by raising $60,000.00 and the band was able to tour the US – The History of Crowdfunding

I am going to be making another Survivor Video as they are casting for Season 43 and 44. This time I will attempt to tell a story of why I want to be a contestant, and what would make me stand out amount all the other applicants. Looking back on the history of this site, my first entry was published on September 28th, 2010, so I have been writing about wanting to be on Survivor for the last 11 years. I have actually wanted to be on Survivor since it premiered on CBS in 2000. – Actually, Like I have mentioned in previous posts over the past 11 years, I have wanted to be a contestant since reading about Survivor on the webpage in late 1999, months before before the show premiered.  Its was just a short blurb about a new type of reality show where people were stranded on and island and voted out.  And to be honest, that was what I found interesting and fascinating.  The prize money was and still is an afterthought for me.  winning 1 Million dollars would be nice, and I can defiantly use it now more  then ever (being unemployed the past few months), but its still the game, the interaction with others, and the opportunity to dig deep in myself and see what I am capable of that continues to drive me to get on the  show.

More later



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