Keeping my Promise

I said I will try to write something new each day this week, so here’s my thoughts for Tuesday

Been enjoying listing to Lori Majewski and Nik Carter on SiriusXM Volume 106 while getting out for early walks the past few days. Always entertaining and I seem to learn new stuff each day. Also makes me realize there are people out there my age who like a wide variety of music and pop culture. Today they were talking about the band Inhaler. The lead singer is Elijah Hewson, the son of Bono (of U2). Their debut album “It Won’t Always Be Like This” is really good and I highly recommend giving it a listen

I am currently reading the book “Hallow Hill” by John Verdon. Its the 7th book in the Dave Gurney series. I have read them all and they never disappoint. If your looking for a smart thriller that is well written, you should check these out

Will write again tomorrow with an update on casting for the next seasons of Survivor, and other things that I happen to think about.



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An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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