Finally back after some time away

Its been a strange few months with lots of different things going on. From my work contract ending to the death of my Father-In Law, there has been a lot on my mind, and I just didn’t feel like writing anything. But lucky for you, I’m feeling much better and things are looking up so its time for me to get back to writing this Blog. Hopefully it will be therapeutic to write down my thoughts of things that I see or hear.

Its been fun listening and reading about the 40th anniversary of MTV (Premiered on August 1st, 1991). We didn’t get MTV on our cable (Suburban Cablevision in NJ) until the 1 year anniversary. But once we got it, I was hooked and my friends and I (Many who are still good friends), would run home from school and sit around for hours watching MTV. It was a great time to be a teenager and music fan, as we got to hang out with each other and watch as MTV played all sorts of music, across multiple genres.

Its crazy how they would play bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Scorpions, followed by Madonna, Whitney Houston and Michel Jackson. Throw in others like John Cougar Mellencamp, Huey Lewis and the News and Culture Club and it was a great mix of all sorts of music. Sad that this would not happen today, and things are so broken down to specific genres, and people are so close minded that they only like one type of music, and everything else is awful.

I would like to thank MTV for opening my mind to all types of music. If its a good song, its a good song, no matter who sings it.

Big Brother is back and I am still enjoying it after nearly 20 years. Year after year, I continue to watch and am always entertained. I would like to applaud CBS for there promise of a more diverse cast. Its great to see different types of people and players. The show continues to keep my interest, as I like to see how the contestants handle being stuck with each other for around 3 Months. I still find it a fascinating study of people.

I’m also getting psyched for Survivor coming back in September (after a year off due to Covid). I have heard there will be some differences and new twists, and I am looking forward to what CBS has instore. As like in the past, I will be putting together another audition video. I have applied more time than I can remember, and will continue to apply as long as the show continues to air. As I get older (I’m 54 years young), I realize my chance of getting chosen for the show decrease dramatically. But if CBS wants to continue showing there commitment to more diverse casts, maybe along with race, older players can be included as part of the decisions as well.

The New York Mets are in 1st place of the National League East Division as we move to August. They have been a fun team to watch and I like there never give up attitude. They will need to start scoring more runs and winning more games against bad opponents if they want to win the division. The 2 wild card teams will most likely come from the West (Dodgers, Giants, Padres) so its win the division or miss the play-offs. Hopefully DeGromm and Lindor are not seriously hurt and will be back for the stretch run. The Mets do have a 13 game stretch against the Dodgers and Giants in a few weeks. This will go a long way in determining if they are good enough to win the division.

I would have gone in a different direction at the trade deadline (bring in a starting pitcher like Berrios, and try to move Conforto). They need pitching, and Conforto is just to inconsistent to keep throwing him out there every game. He reminds me of Ike Davis, another fan favorite who was given multiple chances but never played up to his potential.

That’s it for today. I will try to write every day this week, so check back tomorrow.

Average Andy


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