RIP Jim Bogan (1939 – 2021)

Was saddened by the death of my Father-in-Law, James D. Bogan, who passed away at home on Wednesday, April 14th. It has taken me some time to write this, as I have been at a loss for words to describe how I feel, and what to say about him. He was a great man and proud father and grandfather to my wife and daughter, as well as the rest of his family. When we moved into our house (which is just a 5 min drive to his house), I remember thinking that this could be crazy, living so close to my in-laws. Boy was I wrong. Having him so close was a godsend, as he was always around to help save us from the many issues that come up from owning a house (flooded basement, frozen pipes,…) He was a great handyman, with all the right tools, and helped to renovate the office I am sitting in writing this post, as well as our main living room.

He left me, his oldest daughter (my wife), and granddaughter (my daughter) with great memories, like coming over Christmas morning to watch us open presents, or coming to over to dinner with my mother-in-law of Sundays (sitting out on our back deck talking about the things he enjoyed)

He loved to travel, and once he retired, traveled to cool places like Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and Chile. Pictures he took hang on the walls of his house, and are always fun to look at.

Going over to his house for family gatherings (Holidays, Birthdays) was always fun and you could tell he really enjoyed having his family closed by and able to come over. A very generous person, he had time-shares in Hilton Head Island, SC, where we he would invite us all to go for vacation.

He loved working outside in the summer, driving his tractor around, and making sure things always looked their best. In the winter, he enjoyed making fires in his custom built fire place, where he could sit back and relax and watch Jeopardy (He was super smart, and got most of the answers correct).

Its still hard to imagine the world without him, but life does go on, and I’m sure he would want everybody to continue on their life’s journey

Rest in Peace – You will be missed

James D. Bogan (1939 – 2021)


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