RIP Luke Perry

It’s taken me a day to write about the passing of Luke Perry on Monday, March 4th due to a stroke he suffered last week.  His death has hit me pretty hard as was the same age as me (52) and is one of the first of my contemporaries to pass.   He has been a part of my life ever since Beverly Hills 90210 premiered on FOX on October 4, 1990.   I had graduated from Lehigh University a year before, and can vividly remember watching the premiere episode and then talking about it the following day at work.   90210 became an obsession and one of the few shows that could not be missed.  It was one of the 1st prime time network shows I can remember featuring an ongoing story instead of stand alone episodes.   If you missed a week you needed to ask around to find out what happened

I always though as myself as Brandon Walsh (played by Jason Preistley).  The kid who always wanted to do what was right, and whos heart was always in the right place.  Unlike Dylan McKay (played by Luke Perry) who was the cool but mischieves type.  But Luke Perry made you believe that even he was a softie and really did care about the uncool people.

As a non sports card collector, I occasionally come across the 90210 card set released by Topps in 1991 at the Philly Non Sports Show.  I may just need to pick up a set in the future.

The Original 90210 ran for 10 Seasons and was always there (like a best friend), as I grew up.  Luke Perry left after 6 seasons, but returned for the last 2 before the show was cancelled.   Thank you Luke for those years and the great memories that I will never forget.  You will be missed

Beverly Hills 90210 Wiki


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