Time to move on

After 6 years as a Data Protection Engineer with CompuCom working onsite at NBCUniversal, the contract was not renewed, so my time here is ending.   Over my years here, I have been able to really enhance my skills and knowledge with Veritas NetBackup Enterprise, as well as learn alot about Windows and UNIX Operating Systems.  I got to work with a lot of great people and learn about SQL, Orale, ControlM, Exchange, SharePoint, as well as Networking and Firewalls.

I got to see the building totally redone a few years back (they did a great job).  I got to sit in many different places, as after they redid the building they moved everybody on the same team together, and recently we went to and open floor plan allowing people sit wherever they want.   During my time here, several people have come and gone including my original boss who taught me alot while he was here.

But it’s now time to move on.   I will definitely not miss the long commute (its 65 miles each way – takes about 1 1/2 each way).   It would be great if my next position is closer and I can take advantage of the extra time.

Things will work out and I will keep everybody updated on my next adventure





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An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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