Great Video on Applying for Survivor

While I didn’t connect with Michaela the 1st time she was on Survivor, I grew to really like her after here Ponderosa Video.   And ended up rooting for here the 2nd time she was on.

As I’m getting ready to submit another Application (I’ve actually lost count on the number of times I have applied),  I came across the following video and thought it was one of the best and honest videos about applying to Survivor that I have seem.   Michaela is sincere and tells it like it is.  It made me realize how much I love the show and how much I would love to be a contestant.

Going to take what she said and make a video explaining what I would bring to Survivor and why the producers need to choose me for an upcoming season.   Then I’m going to make myself a brownie ice cream sundae with a cherry on top and enjoy it to the fullest



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