Midway through Survivor

We are about halfway through Season 35 of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers and I am really enjoying this season.   While there are really no standouts (People I will remember after the season ends), it has been quite entertaining to watch how the game has changed over the years.   I give credit to the producers in continuing to try and change things up to keep the players off-guard.   I think they need to re-evaluate the number of idols available as the game seems to completely resolve on finding idols.  This strategy was good a while back, but not it seems the idols just put a bigger target on your back, and unless you can find one every time you use one, you will be gone.  As for the players, it seems a bit sad that most players are way too far into game mode, and do not take the time to both enjoy the adventure, and the opportunity to get to know  the other players.   At the Outback feast for the merge, several players were still thinking about the game.  In the past it seemed that players were able to put the game on hold for a few hours.   Will be interesting to see if this comes back to hurt some players

Both New Jersey players (Ryan Ulrich and Chrissy Hofbeck) are still alive and playing good games.   It’s been extra fun watching Chrissy, as she’s from the same town as me and there is some buzz around town from people who know of her.  I keep hoping I will run into her somewhere in town.   Not sure how I would react if I did run into her. Would I simply say “Hi, I am rooting for you” and move along, or would I take the opportunity to let her know that I also have been watching Survivor since Season One, and could she put in a good word with casting for me when I submit my next audition video.   Hey, networking is everything these days, so might as well take advantage of any opportunity

Been busy but will write more soon


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