Thoughts for November

What different paths 2 teams have taken.   After miserable starts, both the NY Football Giants and the Lehigh Mountain Hawks found themselves at 0 – 5 and looking at a lost season.   For the Mountain Hawks, they somehow pulled things together and won 4 of their next 5 games (all within the Patriot League) to find themselves at 4 – 6 and playing Lafayette this Saturday for the Patriot League Championship.   Shout be a great atmosphere for the 153 Game of College Football’s most played rivalries

Most Played College Football Rivalries of All-Time

As far as the NY Football Giants, they took the train in the complete opposite  direction and after somehow winning a game in Denver (against what is an awful Denver team), they have proceeded to shut things down for the season and now stand at 1 – 8, and looking at a complete overhaul (Both Coaches and Players).   The be fair, once Odell Beckham got hurt in the preseason, the team started to lose its way, and when they lost Odell and a bunch of other receivers in Week 5, the season was basically lost.    But a bigger issue is that I feel Coach McAdoo has never really gelled with Eli Manning, and that is a battle he will never win.  I understand that when a new coach comes in, he wants to bring in his own players who align with him and his philosophy.  But in this case, with a 2 time Super Bowl winning QB, who basically is the face of the Giants franchise, the coach is going to be the 2nd fiddle.   And if McAdoo didn’t see or understand that, he should not have taken the job (And give some blame to the Giants for not understand this as well.   They probably should have went with a coach who would accept being 2nd to Eli and doing everything to work with him until he retires, and then he could start to build a team any way he wants.  Even though it was time for Coughlin to go last season, and they did go 11 – 5 and make the playoffs,  if you look deep you saw this was a flawed team, with internal issues that were not addressed.    Now they will just be playing out the season fighting Cleveland (and the other perennial bad teams)  for the 1st overall pick.   Big changes will be made at the end of the season, and we will start to usher in a new generation of Giants Football.

Just one more thought.  If I showed up for work, but did a half-ass job, and didn’t seem that interested, I would expect that my boss would  talk to me and see if there was something going on that he could help with, and if not, let me know it’s time for me to move on and find work elsewhere.   And sometimes moving on is best for everybody.  If my boss doesn’t do that, and continues to fool himself / herself that everything is OK,  then he / she is not doing  their job as a boss, and hopefully upper management sees that and takes some action.   Now, I know things are different in pro sports, and money is a big factor, but sometimes somebody needs to make a hard decision.   In the long run the hard decisions are usually looked back on as a mark of a good leader, while the leader who is wishy / washy and never makes a decision is not a leader to long

Back later today with my thoughts on Survivor as we are almost 1/2 though the season


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