Ran the Hoboken City Challenge Obstacle Race on Saturday, October 7th (Thanks Kelly)

Hoboken City Challenge 2017

Went to Elsie Fest at Central Park Summer Stage on Sunday, October 8th (Thanks Katherine)

Elsie Fest 2017

Went to a Vendor sponsored diner at Butter in NYC on Wednesday, October 11th, and had a private demo with Chef  Alex Guarnaschelli  (Thanks DELL/EMC)

Butter – Midtown NYC

Ran in the NBCUniversal 5K on Thursday, October 12th  (Thanks Work)

Hiked 13 Miles of the Appalachian Trail in Vernon on Saturday, October 14th (Thanks Harris)

Appalachian Trail Map (Vernon, NJ)

Lehigh Mountain Hawks have won  2 in a row as they look to rebound from an 0 – 5 Start.   They are looking to run the table and win  the Patriot League for a 2nd straight year.   Next up is at Fordham this saturday

The NY Football Giants went into Denver and came away with a victory over the heavily favored Broncos.  Next up is a home game against the Seattle Seahawks as they see if they can salvage the season.    A must win to get to 2 – 5 before the bye week

The Philly NonSports Show is this weekend (October 21st and 22nd) at the Merchants Square Mall in Allentown PA.   Always a fun time to see what new cards are being produced and to try and try and pick up some older cards that are needed.

Philly NonSports Card Show

Survivor has been fun to watch as usual.   Nobody has really grabbed me as somebody to really root for but still enjoying the season.   Hopefully things will get more interesting this week as the team merge.






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