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Been an awful start for both Lehigh (0 -5) and the New York Football Giants (0 – 4).  Looking at the bright side, things can only get better.   For Lehigh, they start Patriot League play this Saturday against Colgate.   Since the winner of the Patriot League gets an automatic bid to the BCS Play-Offs,  If the Mountain Hawks are still alive and just need to win all their league games.   For the Giants, they just need to take things one game at a time.  While they have not played good football, they have not been awful.  A win against a 0 – 4 Chargers team this week would be a start to try and get back towards .500 and then you go from there.    They need to put all this Odel Beckham stuff and other distractions behind them, and just play so football.

Enjoying another season of Survivor.   Hard to get a read on anyone after just 2 weeks, as nobody has really stood out to me.   I do have some rooting interest in Chrissy Hofbeck as she is from my hometown.   I have heard here kids are in the same schools as my daugher was in (they are a few years younger).  Also from the great state of New Jersey is Ryan Ulrich.

Over the years, three other New Jersey contestants, Michele Fitzgerald of Freehold, Natalie Anderson of Edgewater and Tony Vlachos of Jersey City took first place in their respective seasons.

Survivor Season 35 – New Jersey

Been a strange week starting with the shooting in Las Vegas, followed by the death of Rock Legend Tom Petty.   Both hit me in different ways.

I just felt numb as I read about Las Vegas.   I found it hard to imagine what it must of been like to be there.  Just the sheer terror as things unfolded.   I feel sad for all those people directly affected and wish them the best as they go through their recovery.   The thing I thought about was what it would be like in the police / FBI headquarters.    I imagined somebody standing up and saying “You will not sleep for awhile,  I want to know everything about this guy, every place he’s been, every person he’s talked to, every meal he’s ate for the past few months”  and then seeing people start running to gather information.

As far as Tom Petty,   as the news broke and people started naming their favorite songs, It really hit me of how many hit songs he had.    No wonder he had his own channel on SiriusXm.    I do feel a bit older as the artists of my youth die.  Want to give a shout out to Walter Becker of Steely Dan as well.    Been a sad few years and while the music of all who have passed will live on, and bring happines and joy to people for years to come, they will be missed.

On the bright side this week, I made my way into Washington Square Park in NY City on Sunday to catch the live start of The Amazing Race Season 30.   Saw a message on Facebook about this on Saturday, and showed it to my daugher.  She said we had to go as we missed it the last time they started in NY (Was in Time Square at 3:00 AM).  This time it was in the middle of the day (12:00 PM) so there were no excuses.   It was a lot of fun as we got to see Phil  up close – We were right next to him as he signed the bottom of a Travelocity Gnome that a lad had brought with her.  As far as the contestants, most people were there to see Cody and Jessica from Big Brother.  Other than them (who I had heard ahead of time were going to be on the race)  we got to see Tim Janus and Joey Chestnut (Competitive Eaters), and 2 basketball players (who I looked up and saw were NBA players Shawn Marion and Cedric Ceballos).   Was a lot of fun, and looking forward to watching The Amazing Race when it premiers in the spring.


And finally, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame released its nominees for the Class of 2018

Rock Hall 2018 Nominees

Be sure to check them out and cast your votes

Here is my ballot:   Bon Jovi, The Cars, Dire Straits, Eurythmics and Judas Priest

Have a few things planned for this weekend and will share them with you next time I write (which hopefully will be sooner or later)


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