Quick Update

Big games this weekend for both the Lehigh Mountain Hawks (Home against Penn) and the NY Football Giants (at Philadelphia).   Both teams desperately need a win or their seasons may be over before we even get to October.

I went to see E.T. The Extra Terrestrial on the big screen on Wednesday which was presented by Fathom Events  – They present classic films and other types of entertainment in theaters.

E.T – The Extra Terrestrial (IMDB)

After 35 years, the movie still stands up and really is a great movie.  Was very interesting to see how much the music was a big part of the film.   And I forgot how great Henry Thomas was as Elliot.   If you haven’t seen E. T. recently, I highly recommend you find a way (TV, On-Demand, Blue Ray) to watch it again and appreciate how good it is

Fathom Events – Classics on the Big Screen

I finished reading Curtis Armstrong’s autobiography and will be starting a new book soon.   Will update the site as soon as I find my next book.   Going to try and read more if I can find the time

And finally,  most TV shows return next week with new episodes, including Season 35 of Survivor.    As always looking forward to another great season

Survivor Season 35 : Heroes-vs-Healers-vs-Hustlers

Enjoy your weekend everybody





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