Middle of December

Can’t believe we are only 2 weeks away from Christmas.   With the 1st snow falling on Saturday, I’m finally starting to get into the Christmas spirit.   Work should be pretty slow the next few weeks, so should be able to relax a bit after some busy weeks

Few updates

Lehigh beat Lafayette to win the 152nd meeting between the schools, and claim it 2nd consecutive Patriot League Title.   They then traveled to Long Island New York and lost to Stony Brook in the 1st round of the FCS play-offs.   Was a strange, but rewarding year for the Mountain Hawks

The NY Football Giants screwed things up with Eli Manning, fired their Head Coach and General Manager, while continuing to play awful football.  Even I have come to realize it’s time to clean house and start over.   The Giants have been offensively inept for the last 3 years (with or without Odel Beckham Jr.) and need to completely  change their offensive philosophy.     And they need to move on from Steve Spagnolo after the season as well.    They have had way too many defensive breakdowns for it to player related.  They give up big play after big play and never seem change.   The fan I am, I will do my best to watch the rest of the year but both Christmas Eve and NY Eve are going to be rough.    Last I will write about the Giants in 2017

Both Chrissy and Ryan have somehow survived and made it to the Final 6 of Survivor, giving New Jersey a chance for a 4th Winner.   This season has been a bit crazy with all the blindsides.    It’s also been a weird season, and some of the strategy / decisions have really made no sense.   I really have no idea what Lauren was thinking to give up an idol, and not use here advantage.    Seems almost like she wanted to go home.   Makes me a bit mad when players don’t do everything possible to stay in the game.

Also, its funny that while the producers keep trying to come up with ways to mix things up (secret advantages), they never seem to come into play.   Players have not yet figured out how or when to use them.   When I’m on the Island, I believe I would be able to use these advantages to help me stay in the game.   An extra vote could really flip things if you used it at the right time.

Finally, just a quick thought about the Yankees getting Giancarlo Stanton.   I don’t think it’s a good move.   Way too many negatives;  Long term contracts never work out great (Think Alex Rodriguez with the Rangers, Albert Pujols with the Angles, Barry Zito with the Giants), Teams that hit a lot of HRs do not always win the WS (Cubs were 13th, Royals were 24th – Yankees were 16th in 1996 , 7th in 1998, 13th in 1999, and 10th in 2000), and  pitching usually wins the big games (And right now, the Yankees need pitching).

Will write again before the Christmas holiday




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