Another season of “The Amazing Race”

I really enjoyed this season of the Amazing Race.  Was a bit sceptical about the concept (Blind Dates), but once the race started, I almost forgot about that and just enjoyed the teams run around the world.    While not a big fan of Brooke & Scott, they ran a good race and deserved to win.    I was rooting for London & Logan as they seemed to be having the most fun and enjoying their time on the race.

I am always amazed how all the contestants on The Amazing Race (and Survivor) can so quickly put losing behind them and realize they are lucky to have the opportunity to participate.   Most of the contestants end up long time friends with the other racers or survivors,  which I find really cool.   Also, it interesting to hear that most of the contestants  say the prize money is just a bonus for being able to go on the adventure of a lifetime and they would do it again in a heartbeat.

As a fan of both The Amazing Race and Survivor from the beginning,  I have always felt the same way.   That the prize money would be great, but I would do it for free if I could just for for the experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to get to the end and win as much as anybody, and would probably be upset to be eliminated early or being voted off before the merge.   I want the full experience from start to finish

I have applied in the past, and will continue to apply for as long as the shows continue to air.    Eventually my application videos will hit the right note with the producers and they will realize that I would make a great contestant due to my enthusiasm, and my knowledge of the shows.   The television audience would love me, as I am the perfect fit for what I see in posts of Facebook and online forums.   See a lot of things like “Bring back average people who made the shows so good in the beginning”,   “Love the shows, but don’t  need to see the same people season after season, bring back average people”

So if anybody is out there listening,  who better to cast on a upcoming season season of The Amazing Race, or Survivor then AverageAndy himself –  Just an average guy living the good live who is looking for an adventure of a lifetime.

Have a great weekend everybody and I will write again next week



About AverageAndy

An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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