A Fulfilling Survivor Finale

Note – This was actually writen on Friday, May 26th, but I forgot to hit update, so its been sitting in my draft folder.

Another winner of Survivor was crowned on Wednesday, and I would like to congratulate  Sarah Lacina on playing a great game.   She made all the right moves, and was able to convey to the jury why she deserved their votes.   I was happy to see her win over Brad Culpepper (Who I was not a big fan of).    Also was cool to see Troy “Troyzan” Robertson realize he was not going to win, and sit back and enjoy the fact that he made it 39 days.

Survivor: Game Changers Wiki

I liked the way the changed up the final Tribal Council to an open forum instead of having each individual Jury member ask a question.   Though it gave everybody a better way to determine why moves were made, and who played the best game.   But I thought the Michaela ask the best question to Brad;  “Tell me something that you learned about me”.   As Brad stated to stumble with his answer, my daughter turned to me and said that Sarah would win.  And I agreed.   When I am a contestant on Survivor, I will make it my number one priority to try and get to know all other contestants on a personal level, as it always seems to come down to how much you listened and really payed attention to the jury members while they were still in the game.    They jury seem to forgive you for betraying them more than if you disrespect them.

Survivor will be back and I am already looking forward to next season with a new group of contestants.

Sat down to what I thought was the season finale of The Amazing Race last night, only to realize the final is next week, and this was a regular episode to get down to the final 3.   I was really enjoying this season with 5 teams left but with Becca and Floyd going last week, and then Matt and Redman going this week, I am left with 3 teams that I really don’t care for.    I will be rooting for London and Logan to win, as they seem the most grateful and excited.   Both Brook and Tara just complain and complain and it gets really annoying to listen to.   Should be a good finale and am very happy that CBS has renewed The Amazing Race for next season.   Hopefully they will go back to regular contestants as that is what made the show so good – Real people given the opportunity to race around the world.

Here is a cool podcast from  “Amazing Race” executive producers Bertram van Munster and Elise Doganieri

Amazing Race Producers

Hope everybody has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.   Spend time with family and friends and relax and enjoy the company



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