Where did the time (And April) go

Cant believe its been almost 2 months since I last wrote anything here.   I have been busy, and had a great vacation in Hilton Head Island, SC, but there are no excuses and I should be able to write more often

Since I last wrote, the MLB season started, with the Mets getting off to a great start, followed by a terrible stretch where it seemed somebody was getting hurt every night.  They also forgot how to hit and field, and that is why they find themselves 6.5 games behind Washington.    Injuries to Céspedes (hamstring) and Syndergaard (Lat) have hurt, but the rest of the team needs to pick things up a notch.   Plenty of baseball left to play so no need to worry, but a nice 8 – 2 stretch would help.

Been a very interesting and emotion season of Survivor.    Was quite shocked with Jeff Varner’s comments to Zeke Smith at Tribal Council.   I actually rewound watched again to make sure I heard it correctly.    I was very impressed with the way Zeke handled things, and found it inspiring the way the rest of the tribe stood up for him.   I do not think Jeff Varner is a bad person (actually likes him each time he played), and did not think he deserved to get fired from his real life job.   This is what makes Survivor such a great show.   Its one of the true real reality shows –  Most players do not sigh up just to be on TV and are not looking for fame and fortune.

Of the remaining contestants,  I’ pulling for Troyzan,  but would not mind it Tai was to win.

More to come



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