Another week gone by

Not much more to say about Matt Harvey and the Mets’ except that Matt Harvey is a perfect example of how some of today’s athletes are put on pedestals (by both the media and the fans) before they actually accomplish anything.   They are looking for the shortcut and think they deserve the big payday without putting in the work

Matt Harvey Career Stats

Hopefully Matt Harvey gets the message, starts to focus on baseball, and goes out an throws a solid game against the Milwaukee Brewers tonight.

Just read a good article about Baseball Card Collecting and TOPPS


As a card collector myself,  (Mostly non-sports cards, but do enjoy picking ups a few packs of baseball cards no and then), I enjoyed the article.  Always liked TOPPS as a company, and am a fan of their cards, the TOPPS Card Traded app, what they are doing with TOPPS Now.   While baseball cards and collecting will never be the same as years ago, with 5 cent packs and shoe boxes full of cards in parents basements and attics, its still a fun hobby and I will continue to collect.

This season of Survivor is setting itself up for a crazy finish.   With only 2 episodes left, and with lots of Idols still in play (Tai has 2,  Troyzan has 1, and Sara has 1 which she basically stole one from Sierra, as well as a steal a vote advantage), the last few tribal councils should be really interesting.

Got my fingers crossed that the people at CBS come to their senses and renew “The Amazing Race” for next season.    Still one of the best Reality shows on TV, it needs to continue.    But when it does come back, the producers should forget about all the stuff with having known people (You Tubers and other social Media types), and stop the gimmick of pairing people up (blind dates), and bring back teams of real average players. The show doesn’t need try and force things.   The premise and the production are so good that the show sells itself.   It would be a shame if its cancelled while shows like Scorpion and Superior Doughnuts stick around.  Come on CBS, do the right thing.






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