Hoops and Survivor Part 3

Tough loss for the Mountain Hawks as they fell to the number 1 seed Bucknell Bison in the Patriot League final.   Was a 1 point game at the half but then Bucknell used a 12 – 0 run to open the second half and never looked back.   All in all it was a good season as Lehigh made the Patriot League Finals for the 2nd straight year.   Was really hoping for a win and a ticket to the big dance.   Hopefully next year

Once the game ended, it was time for the season premier of Survivor: Game Changers and this did not disappoint.   With a great mix fo returning players,  Survivor continues to set the bar for reality TV.    It was fascinating to watch how things unfolded so early in the game.  Some returning players immediately tried to make big moves and force the action, while others seem to sit back and see where things lead.    No spoilers here;  Nothing I hate more is seeing or reading about what happened before I actually get a chance to watch

I’m sure there have been studies done on Survivor looking at how they play the game and what characteristics help or hinder one’s chances to do well in the game.   If anybody knows of any studies,  or anybody involved with any, send me an e-mail as I would love to be involved and dig deeper into the psychology of the players and what makes a good or bad player.

I did come across this podcast on the Rob Has A Pod Cast site where some guys analyzed player data of all the contestants that have played Survivor and Big Brother to see if there were any patterns based on things like age or occupation


Was a good listen and had some really interesting information

Quick shout out to U2 and the 30th Anniversary of “The Joshua Tree“, one of my favorite albums from one of my favorite bands.   Looking forward to seeing them play the entire album live this summer (got my Tickets to the show at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey)

Any sadly it was 10 years ago today that Boston singer Brad Delp took his life.    Boston has continued to make music and tour (They put on a great show),  but Brad Delp is surely missed

Boston – Members

Until I write again





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