Hoops and Survivor Part 2

Huge win for the Lehigh Mountain Hawks on Sunday as they beat #2 seed Boston University in 2OT to advance to the Patriot League Championship game against #1 Seed and long-time rival  Bucknell.   Should be a great game to see who advances to the NCAA.

The Patriot League Final tips off at 7:30 PM EST on Wednesday on the CBS Sports Network.  This throughs my plans into a spin as the premiere of Survivor: Game Changers is also this Wednesday starting at 8:00 PM EST.    I will need to figure out a plan as to how to watch both (without any spoilers and not staying up too late).   Will most likely watch the Lehigh Game at 7:30 and hope it ends around 9:30.  Then I can sit down with my daughter and watch Survivor (It’s a 90 min premier), and watch it on DVR and should be able to zip through the commercials and  be done by 11:00 PM

As for Survivor: Game Changers,  I am interested to see how some the returning contestants play this time.  Some (like Caleb Reynolds) never really got to play a full season (He was removed due to medical issues)  while others (Like 2-time winner Sandra Diaz-Twine) never were actually voted off.   Will be fascinating to see how things play out. There is a nice mix of players and I will be rooting for players like Sandra and New Jersey native Tony Vlachos to see if they can remain Sole Survivors.   Would also like to see somebody like Jeff Varner do well.

Should be a great Wednesday in March






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