Been a while since I had the time to write here.    Hope everybody had a happy and safe Thanksgiving and wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hard to believe that Wednesday is the season finale of Survivor.    Its amazing how fast the season seems to go towards the end.   One night they are merging, and the next thing you know their are already 7 members of the jury.    Been a strange season.   Liked the idea of old vs young, and its interesting that of the 6 people left,  3 are old and 3 are young.  Seems that no true alliances were formed where people get together early and try to ride things all the way to the end.   This season is seems that each person (while willing to join an alliance for a short time) were all plying and individual game.   It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Of the 6 left,  Brett has done the least.  The other 5 have made some moves.   I’m rooting for Hannah as I feel she has played the best game both mentally and physically.  I also think Jay has played a good game

I hate to come across as cynical and uncaring, but why is it that everybody seems to have some sort of family tragedy that they use to try and convince others is why they deserve to win.  While I feel for each of them, and wouldn’t wish what they are going through on anybody, enough with the whoa is me.    Everybody who makes it onto Survivor is deserving of the grand prize, no matter if they have personal or family issues, or not.

Will be fun to watch, and I always enjoy the live Reunion show as well.

And before you know it the next season will be starting up and we start all over again.

Big game for the Giants on Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys.  Will be a good measuring stick for both teams.    Coming off last weeks loss to Pittsburgh, the Giants need to play a good game to get their confidence back as they finish up the season.   At 8 – 4 they have a good shot at making the play-offs, but want to go in feeling good about themselves, and not back your way in.

Going to have to record “The Walking Dead” on Sunday.  Hopefully i will be able to avoid any major stories (if there are any) until Monday.   May be tough as some of the people I work with will probably be talking about it.

And finally – My wife got me to watch “This is Us” and I got hooked.  Its the 1st show in a while that I thoroughly enjoy.   Don’t want to spoil things for anybody who has not discovered this yet, but give it a shot and you will not be disappointed.

More to come





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