The times, they are a changing

Not much to day about the Election that hasn’t been said.   Do think people need to step away from the Internet (and Facebook) for a few days and take a deep breath, and just relax.  Most of what is being written and posted is false or outdated anyway

As far as Non-Sport Card Collecting, there have been some Donald Trump Card produced over the years (for The Apprentice, as well as other generic celebrity sets

Donald Trump Non Sport Trading Cards

And as a final note – Donald Trump was the commencement speaker at Lehigh University on 1988 (the year before I graduated)

Donald Trump – Lehigh University 1988

Now onto other things…

Was able to attend 2 Marillion concerts last week  (At the Keswick Theater outside of Philadelphia) and the PlayStation Theater in New York City.   The band was in top form and both shows were awesome.    Glad that the band switched up the set lists so was able to hear a few extra songs.   Here are the set lists per the awesome site

Marillion – Keswick Theater – November 6th, 2016

Marillion – Playstation Theater – November 8th, 2016

Was awesome to hear them play a lot of songs of their most recent album (F.E.A.R).   They are one of the few band who’s fans appreciate the new songs as much as the older material.  With 18 Studio Albums, they have a lot of songs to choose from, and coming up with a set list that pleases everybody would be impossible.  Glad they choose to play what they want and not pay it safe with a set of greatest hits.

I did take a few pictures but I like to enjoy the shows live and am not obsessed with taking pictures videos like most these days.

Already looking forward to there next US Tour which will hopefully will be sooner than the 4 years since their last tour

We have reached the Merge (which is usually considered the 1/2 way point) on the current season of Survivor.   Been a great season so far, and will be really interesting to see which group  (the Generation  X’s , the Millennials, or a mix) will band together and make it to the end.  Been very interesting how each group has been voting off their own members instead of sticking with the numbers.   Looks like everybody is playing much more of an individual game then the past.   And compared to last few seasons where the strategy was voting groups, this season has been a complete change.  Will be fascinating to see how this plays out.

Got a chance to see a bit of Jeff Probst on Facebook Live answering questions about Survivor.   Some questions were interesting and it was great to see that Jeff is still super passionate about  the show and having a great time.

He mentioned at the end that he was heading to a casting meeting for future seasons.   This made me Happy (that we will continue to have Survivor to watch), Sad (As I have not heard anything back from my last audition video), Appreciative (on how much I have enjoyed the show since the beginning), and Motivated (to figure out a way to get cast and have a change to play and win the title of Survivor)

Got me thinking,  If you look at the way people are told to look for jobs today, most will tell you that you can no longer just send in you resume, or submit it through the major job sites.  It will just get lost in a black hole with all the other generic resumes.   You need to get creative and make yourself stand out by doing things differently.   But when applying to Survivor,  I read that you need to submit your video on-line and to not reach out to the Casting Associates, Creators, or Producers of Survivor as they are very busy and it would make you look desperate.

So I will ask any of you out there who read my blog (which is truly appreciated), and have read taken the time to read this far to let me know your thoughts.   If you wanted to be caste on Survivor (or any other show), would you play it save and follow the rules they have laid out,  or would you look to do something different that could make you stand out, but could also make you look desperate.   And if you were casting for a show, what would you look for?    Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hope all is well and wishing everybody the best

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