Another season of Survivor has completed and while I really enjoyed the season, I was not thrilled with the winner.   I never warmed up to Adam and did not think he played the best game.  But I’m here and he is there (with the jury who voted for him) so congratulations to him.   I have read (and even commented myself) how I am not a big fan of players using personal hardships to there advantage.   As I stated, I would not wish the pain and suffering that Adam (and others) are going through on anybody, but sometimes it feels like they are the only ones who have issues.   Everybody has some sort of issue that effects them (be it a serious illness, mental health issues, financial issues, …).   This does not make you more or less deserving to win Survivor.

Based on the jury votes, it looks like Ken would not have come close to winning if he taken David to the end instead of Adam.    So unless both Ken and Hannah were so off in reading the jury,  I think Ken should have seen where the votes were going, stayed true to his allegiance with David, and taken David to the finals and let him win.   If I was in that position, and new I was not going to win, I would rather let the person I liked better win then somebody else

It has been interesting lately seeing the winners pretty much getting all the votes, while the 2nd and 3rd place players get none

Survivor Final Votes

In fact you need to go back to Season 21 (Survivor: Nicaragua) for the last time the votes were even close.

Just like the way that alliances have changed during the recent seasons (with mini alliances, voting blocks and voting clusters taking precedent over true alliances), maybe the thought process of just getting to the end will need to change.   Maybe the strategy going forward is to vote off anybody who makes any sort of big move, and hope to get to the final 3 with 2 other flipper floppers and then hope you can convince the jury that you are the best of the worst.    Seems better than riding the coattails of somebody to the end and then getting shut out.

More tomorrow as we head into the Holidays



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