Still Alive (and doing well)

It’s been a while since I have had the time, (and the motivation) to write something for all you out there.   Sorry for the delay.

We will start with sports.   The NY Mets overcame injures to many of there key players (both hitters and pitchers) and managed to make the play-offs as the 1st wild card team. Unfortunately they ran into the San Francisco Giants and their ace pitcher Madison Bumgarner who pitched a brilliant game in shutting the Mets out 3 – 0.    Cant put all the blame on Met’s closer Jeurys Familia, who was unable to follow up on his regular season and allowed a 3 run home-run which was the difference in the game.   Combine this with the home run he gave up to Alex Gordon in last years World Series, and you have to at least question his makeup in a big spot.   While I will gladly go into next season with him as the closer, I do not want to hear any thing about his saves next season.  He could save all 162 games next year, but until he can retire the side in the play-offs, he will have to deal with the criticism thrown at him.    It’s going to be an interesting off-season with a lot of questions to answer.   I would love to see the Met’s sign Yoenis Céspedes to a long term deal as he has become the face of the franchise.  Hopefully all of there pitchers will be healthy and ready to go next season so should be another fun year.  All in all it was a fun year and and cant wait to do it all again.  Winning and Play-Off baseball is fun and I want to keep experiencing it year after year.

The New York Football Giants continue to frustrate me (and all of there fans).  They should be better than they are, but for some reason, they are missing that killer instinct to put away teams when the have the opportunities.  They should never have lost to the Redskins but instead have allowed them to stay in the mix.   I still believe in Eli Manning  (Us Giants fans don’t realize how lucky we are to have him start every game year after year) and once Odell Beckham Jr. gets straitened out (which he will), hopefully the Giants can get on a roll and win some games.

Lehigh Football got off to a slow start loosing their first 2 games to Monmouth and Villanova.  But since then, they have won 3 in a row while putting up insane offensive numbers.  Hopefully they can keep it up this weekend at home against Colgate as they start  Patriot League play.   Would be nice to see them have a good year and compete for the league title an an automatic play-off bid.

Switching gears —

Was another good season of Big Brother and congratulations to Nicole for taking home the grand prize.   I was rooting for Paul and wad glad he made it to the end.  Glad to see hes doing well for himself after the show

Paul Abrahamian – Big Brother 18

The show sucks me in every year.   I still find it a fascinating study of people

I did not sign up for CBS All Access to watch the Web Season.  I already pay form enough TV services (Comcast, NetFlix, Amazon Prime).   Will be interesting on how it works out for CBS and if it helps or hurts them when the new Star Trek Series arrives in 2017.

And finally Survive is back for its 33rd Season.  Subtitled Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X
it pits generation against generation.

More to come….





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