Survivor Gen X vs Millennials

Really enjoying this season of Survivor (as if that’s something new).   Been there for every season since the summer of 2000.   In fact, I was even a Survivor fan before it ever premiered when I saw the following on the slash dot web page and thought this is the coolest thing.

Survivor on Slash Dot (1999)

I have loved how Jeff Probst and the rest of the Survivor crew have constantly tried new things to keep the show interesting and relevant.

I have applied to the show over the years, from filling out the multiple page applications they used to post on the CBS website, to sending in VHS Tapes and DVDs, to the current way of uploading my application video directly.   Hopefully somewhere along the way, I was able to portray to the casting department that I would be a great contestant and bring a lot to the show and the Television audience.

The last few times I tried to apply, I got a message that “my application was already on file”.    Did some searching to see how often the application process resets, and found suggestions to use a different e-mail address to apply.   Doing this, I was able to upload my latest application so now the waiting starts.

As far as this season,  I like the idea of Gen X vs Millennials.    It really is amazing how much the world in general has changed in the past 20+ years, and to see it played out in Survivor make you realize this even more.   Will be fascinating to see which philosophy (the Gen X way – work hard, more structured way of doing things, or the  Millennials way – just go with the flow, and things will work out) is better suited for the game of Survivor.

It will be very interesting to see how things play out going forward after the two tribes switch, and then when the two tribes merge.   Will the 2 Generations be able to co-exist, or will each generation remain solid with there own no matter what.

Survivor Gen X vs Millennials Cast

As for who I am rooting for, even though I fall into the Gen X side, I am rooting for some of the Millennials to do well.    Will try to break things down in the coming weeks an let you know who I think will win.


Will be attending the 65th Annual Philly NonSport Show (as well as the always fun and informative Card Talk Breakfast Sunday morning) this weekend in Allentown PA.

65 Philly Non-Sports Card Show

Hopefully will be able to pick up a few promos needed and will post what I am able to get

Big week for the NY Football Giants at home against the Baltimore Ravens.    Need to pick up a win before heading across the pond to take on the LA Rams in London the following week.

And hopefully the Lehigh Mountain Hawks can keep things going and go 2 -0 in the Patriot League against Georgetown

And finally,  during my daily commute, I have come up with something that makes me happy.   After every song I hear on the radio (I’m one of the few who still enjoys listening to local radio), I think of the 1st person that comes to mind and wish them a happy day.  No thinking, just the 1st person that pops into my mind.

Wishing everybody a great weekend and will write again soon

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