RIP Gene Wilder (Mr Willy Wonka)

Very sad day as Gene Wilder passed away at the age of 82.    He was in some of the all time classic moves like “Young Frankenstein” and “Blazing Saddles” but stared in countless other movies that shaped my childhood.  I remember watching “Silver Streak” and “Stir Crazy” with him and Richard Pryor countless times on HBO.   And I laughed every time I saw “The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother


But it was his magnificent  portrayal as Mr. Willy Wonka in one of my all time favorite movies of all time “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory“.    I have tears in my eyes as I remember watching it during Thanksgiving at my cousins house years ago.  It has stuck with me ever since (the sign of a great movie) and I try to watch it ever so often.   So many times I will quote scenes from the movie (or have people quote thins to me)  (another sign of a great movie and actor)

And how many times has everybody thought of winning a Golden Ticket when opening a letter or package  – One of my friends once had a party and the invitations were actual chocolate bars with Wonk Wrappers and a Golden Ticket as the invite – pure genius

There is no words for the sadness I feel

Rest in Piece Mr. Wilder – You me laugh and forget about my problems for a while and  for that I thank you



Average Andy



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