Bad New Bears

“The Bad News Bears”, and “The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training” are 2 of my favorite movies while growing up.   While in elementary school, I though Tanner Boyle (Christopher Barnes) was the coolest  kid.   Any always liked Kelly Leak (the great Jackie Earl Haley), who also was in “Breaking Away”, another one of my favorites

I was thrilled a few years back when Panini put out a Bad News Bears Subset as part of their Golden Age Card Set, which included autograph cards of some of the Bears.   I have been slowly adding them to my collection, with only a few more to go.

Panini – Bad News Bears (Golden-Age-Baseball)

Was sad that Tanner Boyle was not included, but not shocked as after the Bad News Bears movies, Christopher Barns stopped acting, and basically disappeared.   Over the years, I have tried to see if there was any way to contact him and thank him and  let him know how his character has stuck with me for over 40 years.

If anybody has any idea how to contact him, please let me know, it would really be appreciated.

Here is a fantastic article from this past April about the movie.   A great read for fans of the Bears.

Bad News Bears 40th Anniversary Article

And finally, here is a clip from one of my favorite scenes of all time.





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