Get out of bed. You’ll feel better

Stealing the title of this post from a story I just read on Facebook.   Very inspiring story about Lisa G,  a radio personality who found herself out of a job,  but ended up finding a new job by reminding herself to “Get out of bed. You’ll feel better”.    Kind of how I felt this morning after staying up way past my bed time (1:00 AM EST) watching the Seton Hall Pirates lose to Gonzaga in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament.  After playing great basketball down the stretch, and winning the Big East Tournament for the 1st time in 23 years, I really thought they were going to make some noise and win a few games.   But they never got into any sort of rhythm and seemed effected by the high altitude in Denver.  No excuses, but the this loss hurt.    Add this to losses by Colorado and USC, and it was not a good day of basketball.

On the positive side, it frees up my weekend to get out side and work on a new Survivor video.   Going to try something different and focus more on telling a story and explaining what I would bring to the show, and why CBS,  Jeff Probst, and the Survivor producers are missing out by not giving me a chance.  While watching Wednesdays episode, I again was reminded why I love the show so much.   Due to Caleb being removed from the game, they switched things up and ended up sending Julie back to camp by herself.   While most saw that as a big disadvantage, I saw it as a personal challenge, and a great opportunity to  reflect on the game and live in general.  Hopefully it helps here when she rejoins the rest of the contestants.    I think it would be exhilarating to spend a few days completely isolated from the world with nothing to do but think and reflect.

As for the Anna getting voted off, I didn’t even really remember who she was before this episode, so no big loss.    I know the show is edited to show certain people in certain ways, but if there is nothing that makes somebody stick out, or interesting to the viewers, there is not much that even editing can do.   She might have been a great person, and played the game really well,  but just didn’t connect with me (or many others from what I have seen and read).     I like Tai, and hope he made the right choice by not playing his idol.  He could have played it to save Anna and had Peter sent home.    It’s allays a tough call,  but I would always lean towards protecting myself, instead of saving others.   You never know who’s telling the truth or who could turn against you before the next tribal council.

As for the Super Idol, was wondering how it will work in situations where they don’t read all of the votes because somebody had enough votes to be eliminated.  I’m guessing they go through the votes and the remaining votes are also for the eliminated person.   But say next tribal, Tai and Neil get together and create the Super Idol.   Then at tribal council, the votes are read and the 1st 4 votes are for Tai ( 4 out of 7 are enough) and Jeff starts to say “The Tribe has spoken” and Tai stands and plays the Super Idol.   He is now safe.  But what of the remaining votes.   If 2 are for Tai, and 1 is for whoever Tai voted for, would that person go home.   What if the remain 3 votes were for 3 separate people?   Just things I think  about.  I guess we will have to wait and see.

I’m up to album 8 (Frontiers) of my journey through Journey.   Really having fun listening to how the band changed from a sort of prog rock band to a pop rock band, all while maintaining a bit of Santana felling (coming from guitarist Neil Schon, who was in Santana band before Journey).   You can really hear the difference once Steve Perry joined and then took over as the main singer.    They really have a lot of great songs, and I have really enjoyed listening.    One thing that this has reminded me of (and I had the same feeling when listening to all the Genesis Albums) is that there is a lot of music out there that does not get any airplay, and probably is only listened to by die hard fans.  Some of it is really good.

Thanks for reading and will be back soon



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