Good News

Both Survivor and The Amazing Race have been renewed for another season.   Makes me happy that we will have at least 2 more seasons of both shows, and I still have a chance of becoming a contestant.

There was no Amazing Race last week and none tonight due to the NCAA Basketball Tournament on CBS.     Did catch a bit of the Villanova game last night.   Rooting for them to make the final 4.

I found last weeks episode of Survivor a little boring.   Nothing much happened as the tribes get ready for the merge.   Hopefully this will get things rolling, and add some excitement.   There are still 3 idols that can be played, and with the super idol, we could end up with some fascinating  tribal councils down the stretch.   I am also looking forward to the Ponderosa Videos once players start getting sent to the jury.   Find them a great companion to the show.     As stated before, I am not a big fan on reading things about Survivor or The Amazing Race on the internet (other than Jeff Probst’s weekly interview with EW).  I like to be surprised and experience the show as it happens instead of reading or seeing spoilers.

Only 2 episodes of The Walking Dead left this season.   While I still really enjoy the show, I feel it has started to become to predictable, and reminds me of some of the 1980 and 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger movies where he enters a room with lots of bad guys all trying to kill him, firing guns at him from all directions, and he casually shoots them all, and walks out without a scratch.   At some point they need to have luck go against some of the Walking Dead characters.   Not that I want some of them to die, but at least get hurt or suffer a little.

Saw this on my way to work.  Thought the logo was kind of freeky


Would you by your produce from this guy?


And finally, here is a picture of Buzzwinkle,  a moose in Anchorage Alaska that would eat crab-apples, get drunk and wander around town.   Heard about him while listening to This American Life on NPR, and it made me laugh.

Remembering Buzzwinkle the Moose


Rest in Peace Buzzwinkle




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  1. Only 1 season of TAR is guaranteed for the next tv cycle (could air mid-season or as late as summer 2017)…CBS always has to specify the amount in the announcement. This has happened before in 2007-08.


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