Sunday in Milwakee in the Rain

Writing on a Sunday night after a busy and exciting weekend.

Congratulations to the Seton Hall Pirates,  winners of the Big East Tournament and NCAA bound as 6 seed against Gonzaga.   They team really came together down the stretch and hopefully they can continue this run in the NCAA.  Also a shout out to Syracuse, Colorado, and USC (schools of friends) for making the tournament. With Lehigh out, will be rooting for them to do well.

Went and saw 10 Cloverfield Lane and really enjoyed it.   I was a big fan of the original Cloverfield and thought they did a great job with the new one.   While not a sequel and not related to the original movie (or maybe it was), it had the same kind of feel and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.   I don’t get to the movies as much as I like but when I do, I am usually reminded how cool movies and the stories the tell are.

Last Wednesdays episode of Survivor was really intense.   Seeing people give their all to the point of passing out shows how much the game really means to them.   It also shows that it is tough to play, and not just some fake reality show where things are staged for the camera.   Its episodes like this that want me to play even more.  I want the experience of being put in a situation to have to push myself farther then ever before.   I liked Caleb and was glad to see he made a full recovery.   The other thing is that despite players passing out and getting evacuated, the game goes on.  I would love to see how I would handle these situations, and how easy (or hard) it is to go from being considered for somebody’s health to game mode and being able to concentrate on strategy and game play.

I also caught up with The Amazing Race.   This weeks episode was one of the best, from both a character and challenge standpoint, and from the magnificent scenery from the French town of  Chamonix.   My daughter showed my where Korey Kuhl posted on his Instagram feed that Chamonix was the most beautiful place he has ever been. (My daughter is a huge fan of Tyler Oakley and has been following him and watching his YouTube channel for years.  Glad to see them doing so well and hope they continue to be near the top when the Amazing Race continues in April (The Race takes a few weeks off while CBS shows the NCAA basketball Tournament games)

There was an article recently that one of the biggest regrets of older people is that they didn’t travel enough.   Watching the Amazing Race makes me see why, and motivates me to want to travel more.   The Amazing Race shows that the world is such a wonderful place with such incredible places and it would be regretful to never experience them.   Hopefully they will come to the conclusion that I would make a great team with my sister, and give us the opportunity to travel and see the world.

Going to try and write more and express myself and opinions better.   Writing can be hard, but hopefully I can continue to grow and get better

Finally, the title of the post is from one of my all time favorite songs, “Sugar Mice”, from my favorite band Marillion.

While the song was released in 1987, here is a awesome live version from 2011



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