Monday Update

Here are a few thoughts for a Monday

Caught up with The Amazing Race over the weekend an cant believe its down to the final 3 teams, and last show of the season.    Its been a pretty good season, but no team really grabbed me.   I’m kind of torn with the Green team (Justin & Diana).   Love there enthusiasm and overall love of the show, but just like Joe from Survivor, they need to realize that other teams and players want to win as bad as they do.  You don’t get extra credit because you are a super fan, or because you really really want to win

Also, the end seems a little to far fetched as all teams took cabs to the pit stop without any issues, except for Tiffany & Krista who somehow got lost (after getting fish on the 5th attempt that should have given them enough time).

Of the remaining  3 teams, I’m pulling for either Logan & Chris or Justin & Diana (the 3rd team of Kelsey & Joey are bland and non-descript to me)

As far as the New York Football Giants, I am beginning to think that its time for a change, and would have no issues if they let Tom Coughlin go at the end of the year.    At some point you need to admit that the team has not been good for 3 years and continues to find ways to lose.  At this point its an attitude that needs to be changed.   Its not just about a call here or there, or a missed pass, or a missed tackle,or missed kick.  Its about an attitude that they are good enough to win.   I have no problems with going for it on 4th down at 20 – 10.  I actually would have gone for it at 4th and 1 in the 1st half at 13 – 10.   But when Tom Coughlin basically states that he figured he need to score to go up 17 because they would most likely lose if they only went up by 13, it shows he has no confidence in the team at all.  This attitude will be picked up by the players and it can only lead to bad things.   As a life long Giants fan, the last few years have been really frustrating,  as I keep thinking that if the team just puts together a few wins, and gets on a roll, they can make a run.  Maybe they will, and I will need to write a post stating I was wrong (Similar to how I would have got rid of Terry Collins last year, and was totals wrong with that)

To stop the negativity I am feeling, I am going to write it down that the Giants will win there last 4 games (@Miami, vs Carolina, @ Minnesota, and vs Philadelphia to end the season).    They will take take the NFC East with a 9 – 7 record and go into the play-offs with some momentum and see what happens.

More to come throughout the week







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