Down the stretch they come

Was surprised to realize that there are only 2 more episodes of Survivor left this season.   It always seems to creep up on me towards the end.   I know I haven’t posted much about this season recently  (looking back is been since episode 6 when Terry was pulled due to medical issues with his son, and Woo was voted off.  Been crazy since them with interesting strategies, and plenty of blindsides.

Here is the chart I originally posted this season, and some update thoughts on those voted off, and those still left


Joe Anglim Was sad to see him get eliminated, but he did become a little to whiny at the end.  In his Ponderosa Video he stated he was upset that he didn’t get credit for hanging in the challenge until he literately passed out.  Needs to remember that others want to win as much as he does
Vytas Baskauskas GONE
Jeremy Collins Actually like the way he is playing and would like him to make the finals
Terry Deitz GONE – Not his fault and happy that things worked out for his son
Ciera Eastin GONE – Liked that she wanted to play hard and make big moves, but not that upset that she got voted off.
Stephen Fishbach Warmed up to him and was kind of sad that he got voted off.  But think he worried and though a bit to much
Tasha Fox Still Neutral – Wouldn’t mind if she got the the finals but really don’t want her to win
Abi-Maria Gomes Still annoying – but have to give her credit for lasting this long.   Think she is smarter than people think
Woo Hwang GONE  – Like him but he was really to laid back for this season and that’s what cost him.   To many really strong cutthroat players this season
Kimmi Kappenberg Rooting for her – She is playing a good game and hope she does well.  Would love to see one of the originals make it far and possibly win
Peih-Gee Law GONE (and almost forgotten)
Kass McQuillen GONE – Liked her a lot – In her Pondersoa Video she seems at peach with how she played and grateful for the 2nd chance.  Seems like a very nice lady
Keith Nale Glad hes still around and rooting for him – Still my daughters favorite, shes rooting for him to win
Shirin Oskooi GONE – Played a but to hard but I enjoyed her time on the show
Monica Padilla GONE (and forgotten)
Andrew Savage GONE – Hot and cold with him.   Was rooting for him early, but he slowly got on my nerve and was not that sad to see him go
Jeff Varner GONE – (weird that I liked him but almost forgot he was even on the show this season)
Kelley Wentworth Have to give her credit.  She has played a great game and continues to survive.  Would actually like to see her in the finals.
Kelly Wiglesworth Likes seeing her and how she reminded me of how much I have loved Survivor since it premiered.    Like how she was honest in he Ponderosa Video that its not always about the money but about the  experience and pushing  oneself beyond you limits

Will be fun to see how this season plays out the last 2 episodes.    Will be rooting for a final 3 of Keith, Kelley, and Jeremy.   And with both Jeremy and Kelly holding immunity necklaces is should be really interesting.

Will write about The Amazing Race after tonight episode with my thoughts and who I am rooting for

Few Random thoughts before I go

Looking forward to the Mike and The Mad Dog reunion in March at Radio City Music Hall.  Going to look to attend in person if possible (hope tickets don’t sell out super fast)

Only 2 more weeks to Star Wars:  The Force Awakens.   Don’t have tickets yet but hoping to figure a out a way to see it opening weekend on the big screen.  Been trying to avoid any major spoilers, but have liked the fact that the old cast members (Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher) seem to be embracing the movie.   Will also try to get myself a box of TOPPS Star Wars: The Force Awaken cards that are being released on the same day as the movie.    Looks to be a cool set with some fun inserts.

Big game between the Giants and Jets this weekend.   Hopefully the Giants can use this game to propel them the rest of the season like they did 4 years ago and rode Victor Cruz’s 99 yard touchdown all the way to the Superbowl.

And finally lets see if Lehigh Basketball can get their 1st wind of the season before heading into Patriot League play.   I know that the regular season has no meaning for the smaller leagues (and especially non conference games), but a few wins would help give the team some confidence.

That’s all for now







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