Finale Night

Looking forward to tonight’s Season Finale of Survivor.  With 6 players still left, it should be a fun 2+ hours before the live reunion show.   Of the 6 players left, I’m rooting for Keith to be the Sole Survivor.   Hes played a great game, doing just enough in the challenges, (even won a few) and seems to be well liked by the other players.  Not sure what his big signature move was, but with the way this season was played with the ‘voting blocks’ instead of the traditional alliances, nobody really made a big move to shake everybody up.  (Maybe somebody will tonight, which would be great to see).    I also think that Kelly Wentworth has played a good game.   Will be fascinating to see how both her and Jeremy’s Idol come into play.   I know if I had an Idol, and it came down to the last time I could play it, I would play it no matter what.  (Taking home an Idol as a souvenir while being blindsided would be awful)

Should be a lot of fun.   Will defiantly write again this week with my “Happy Recap”

Was really torn with the finally of the Amazing Race.    The Green team of Justin & Diana really grew on me, and at the end was hoping they would win.  They just seemed so happy to be on the race, and seemed to really embrace the locations and tasks.   It was much more than a race for 1 million dollars to them.   (As a side note, I was watching Chopped Juniors last night, and one of the kids stated that all he wanted was the title of “Chopped Champion” and could care less about the 10,000 dollar prize.  That’s how I have always felt about both The Amazing Race and Survivor, and how I believe both Justin & Diana felt).    Was wishing for them to win, and if not them would have preferred Logan & Chris over the really nondescript  wining team of Kelsey & Joey.  Had to look up there names while writing this, and will not remember them by next week.

My Daughter is really exited for the next season of The Amazing Race, with her You Tube Idol Tyler Oakley and his friend Korey Kuhl as one of teams.  Looks like next season will be a bunch of You Tubers as well as other social media folks.  Should be fun to watch them going total unplugged from the internet as they race around the world.

More to come tomorrow



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