Its the weekend

Lots of plans for this weekend

Have a party to go to on Friday evening.   On Saturday, once again will be volunteering at the Bourbon Street Blues Festival.  Its supposed to be hot, but thats better than previous years when its been cold and miserable.  Then doing the Mother’s Day thing this Sunday.

Going to try and write more going forward.   Was listening to a podcast and the host said the best thing to do to improve your writing is to write.  Most writers will write 7 days a week just to keep the creative juices flowing.   Now I have no desire to be a professional writer, but would like to improve my writing skills, and this blog gives me the opportunity to write as often as I like about whatever I want, so its a good place to start

Have to say I was disappointed with Wayward Pines last night on FOX.   I have been a big fan of Matt Dillon going back to Over the Edge, and his great performance in My Bodyguard.  (Check it out if you’ve never seen it)

The previews / premise looked promising so I gave it a shot.   Right off the bat I felt like I had seen this before and then I remember the show “Persons Unknown” that aired a few years back, and this was basically the same thing.   Person or Persons wake up in strange town a can’t leave.    Will give it another week, but looking like this my be another promising show that just doesn’t connect with me.

Big series for the Mets this weekend against the Brewers.   Need to put up some wins or all good feelings of the 11 game winning streak earlies will be gone.    Will take 2 0f 3, but really would like a 3 game sweep.   The team just cannot hit (and this has been an issue for a few years now).  They have great pitching, but you cannot expect every pitcher to throw a shutout or give up 1 run each time out.    Would like nice 7 – 1 laugher for a change.

Really enjoyed Dans Ponderosa video this week.   Seems like an average guy who got to live out his dream and enjoyed his time.   Thats exactly how I feel about being on Survivor.  To me it more than just a game for 1 Million Dollars.    I would still love to be on the show if there was no prize other than to see who could win.   Just the idea of the game has fascinated me since it premiered in 2000 (and even before that, I was actually hooked based on a post on in 1999

I really don’t remember how many times I have applied, but do remember sending in VHS tapes and DVDs before everything went on-line.   And while I haven’t driven all over the US to go to casting calls, I did attend one, and plan on attending more.   So between continuing to send in Application Videos, and attending some casting calls, hopefully one day my dreams will come true just like Dan’s

Hope everybody out there has a great weekend and will write more next week. (Reviews of both the Amazing Race and Survivor Finales)



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