My Thoughts on Survivor and The Amazing Race (And Happy Memorial Day)

Both Survivor and The Amazing Race wrapped up another successful season.   Both shows continue to set the standards for reality TV shows.   Here’s hoping they continue for many more years

Don’t know how I feel about Mike winning Survivor.    Didn’t really like him throughout the season, but have to admit he did play a great game.   He gave 100% at the individual immunity challenges (Don’t forget he did throw one of the group challenges), and was always thinking of his best moves.   He worked hard around camp and seemed to genuinely care about the other contestants.   He did come across a bit arrogant and self centered, but you need some of that if you want to win the game (and not just take it as a free adventure).   I probably would have voted for him over Carolyn (who should have realized she was at the bottom of her alliance, and tried to make some sort of move to at least show she had an idea where she stood),  and Will, who really didn’t do much other than not make waves with the wrong people.

At the end, I was actually rooting for Rodney, and it would have been fun to see him in the final 3 and how he would have handled the jury questions.   And I have no problems with him  voting for Will.   He made it to the Jury and can vote any way he wants.  Seen some people who were upset how he voted.   To bad.   Just another reason why Survivor is such a great show, and great study of people

Enjoyed watching the Ponderosa Videos of the players who made the Jury.  Gives you a different perspective, and a good insight on the player’s true views and thoughts about the game.  Was interesting to see how people like Joe were upset, not for not winning, but for not making it to the loved ones part.   And players like Jenn who simply treated this like a free vacation and something to do for a few weeks.    Would really like to see how I would react to making it to the jury.   Would I be happy, upset, or just glad to be there.  Hopefully I’ll never know and never see Ponderosa but instead last all 39 days as a contestant

Always enjoy the live Reunion Show (Still remember how awful the early ones hosted by Bryant Gumbel were – Who ever decided to let Jeff Probst host was a genius)

Liked the way the announced the cast for the next Season  (and happy that some of my favorites, Kelly, Kimmy, Keith, Vitas) were selected.   I did think they spent too much time on Dan and his complaints about the way he was edited (But did like the way the pulled a 60 minutes on him by showing him the unedited footage).   But felt it was a bit unfair to the early players who didn’t get any air time at all.

All and All, it was a great season, and can’t wait for next season to start.

PS – Will be submitting my next audition video in a few weeks for future seasons.   Fingers crossed that one day, somebody will be writing a blog about how great a game AverageAndy played and how he Outwited, Outplayed, Outlasted everybody to take home the title of Survivor Champion

As for The Amazing Race.   Another great season.  Was happy to see Laura & Tyler win Season  26.  They ran a great race and deserved to win.  Do feel a bit sorry for Hayley and Blair.   They put aside their differences and were right there at the end.   Can’t say they would have won if Hayley had seen the Race Flags, but would have been interesting.  And I give Blair credit for not blaming Hayley, but congratulating her on a job well done.  Need more people like that who can see and appreciate the good and ignore the bad

Its so much fun watching each week with my daughter (Who is becoming a bigger fan than me).    The show continues to show how fun and exciting the world can be, and how we all should take any opportunity we have travel and experience things.    Would love the opportunity to be able to see the places and the people along the race.    My sister and I would make a great team, both as competitors and as interesting and fun contestants.

Already looking forward to next season

PS – Was at my In-laws last week, and my Father in-law had a picture of Australia on his wall.   While looking at the map, I talked to him about the trip they took to Australia years ago.  I have always wanted to travel to Australia (and New Zealand) just looking at the map got me excited.   Never realized how big Australia is, and that there are lots of remote areas along the western coast that would be interesting to try and visit.  And I still want to make it to New Zealand and go to Burger Fuel and have a Bastard Burger  (as seen on an earlier season of The Amazing Race)

Thats all for now and thanks for reading

Have a Great Memorial Day Holiday Weekend.   Relax and enjoy the time off with family and friends

Will write more next week



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