Quick Thoughts

Happy to see the NFL hand out punishments to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.   I would have liked a longer suspension, but what’s done is done and time to move on

Hopefully the NY Mets can find some offense and not strictly rely on their pitchers throwing shutouts every time out.  There lineup does not scare anybody right now.  Getting Wright and D’Arnaud back should help but unless they get some production from bit players, not sure how far they can go.

Sad to see CBS pulling the plug on CSI after 14+ years.   Glad that they will at least do a send off move for some closure.   Been a fan since the show 1st debuted and will miss the characters and stories.    I know the ratings have not been the best, and the industry is all about ratings, and making money, but compared to other shows with similar ratings, and a much lesser footprint in society, there should be a space for it to continue (And sorry to say, CSI:Cyber, much like CSI:Miami and CSI:NYC are really not good, and don’t really have the true feeling of the original).

Last few episodes of Survivor a the finale of The Amazing Race before the summer and the return on Big Brother.

Will write again before the Memorial Day Holiday.   Let me know of any topics you would be interested in and I will do my best to share my opinion on them



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An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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